1. drfishfood


    So I have been fortunate enough to be accepted to both WVSOM and MSUCOM. I am not sure where to go, but, deposits are coming up so I am trying to decide which one to choose. I have received the HPSP and plan to use it to pay, so tuition costs don't matter. Would anyone be able to provide any...
  2. Sage of Pale Bones

    How do I become a PM&R Doctor?

    Hello! I am an incoming OMS-1 who is leaning heavily towards PM&R. I am starting med school soon and could use some wisdom as my biggest fear is going unmatched, so I am trying to get a head start on this. I am attending MSUCOM which has it's own AOA recognized PM&R program and a lot of...
  3. N


    Hello, I was recently accepted to both MSUCOM and ACOM and trying to decide what the better choice is. I saw the old thread from 2019 but didn’t know if people had newer information. I’ll have to move to attend either of the schools. Thanks I’m advance!
  4. Samc263

    Torn between KCUCOM and MSUCOM

    Hello. I was accepted into MSUCOM in April but I found out today 5.8.20 that I moved up on the waitlist at KCUCOM and now have an offer. From what I understand you can only hold 1 acceptance until may 15th and then must make a choice. I am from jersey so both schools are out of state for me, so...
  5. H

    MSU accreditation problem vs LECOM-B

    Accepted to LECOM-B; trying to decide if it is worth interviewing at MSU. Originally a no-brainer! I was really excited to receive the invite. When I went to look up if MSU has an exceptional accreditation, I was dismayed to find they are in the same boat as LMU-DCOM and under “heightened...
  6. K


    Hi everyone! I'm really torn between these 2 schools and thought I'd try posting on here for some more input :) Here's my train of thought so far: ACOM pros: - brand new facilities - loved the area - great weather - already paid the admissions deposit and put down a deposit at an apartment -...
  7. Sage of Pale Bones


    Hi all, please bear with me if this is a stupid question. I know that in most cases an MD will give you more opportunities than a DO but I have been hearing that MSUCOM ( one of the best DO schools ) is better than MSUCHM ( a mid-tier MD school). What is your take for: -Someone who wants to...
  8. MichAAGC

    Left respectable uni for lesser- consequences?

    Hi All, I'm a Michigan resident (somewhat obviously). Close to 10 years ago, I left undergrad at MSU because something simply wasn't working. After a year, I departed with a 2.9c GPA. I then transferred to a lesser university in the state and did somewhat better, graduating from the second...
  9. C


    Hey all, I just want to say I appreciate your advice/input in advance. I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to make a decision between the two, I just want to be making the right one. RVU-CO Pros Curriculum/Board Scores Location (SO, Family, Skiing) UltraSound Emphasis in curriculum...
  10. C


    Hey all, I just want to say I appreciate your advice/input. RVU-CO Pros Curriculum/Board Scores Location (SO, Family, Skiing) UltraSound Emphasis in curriculum Cons Unclear on what rotations look like, quality? Reputation? (I read a lot of issues with CU and "for-profit status", I'd like to...
  11. H

    Cental Michigan vs MSUCOM

    So I know this has been done soooo many times but just hear me out because I am really struggling. SOO I do understand that the unspoken (or highly spoken) rule of thumb is that MD schools will give you more opportunities when it comes down to residencies vs a DO school and with the new...
  12. F

    MSU COM interview

    Hello! anyone at MSU COM wanna chip in and talk about how they like the school (or dont)?
  13. Asclepius293

    Multiple Acceptances: Thoughts Appreciated!

    Hey all, I was fortunate enough to receive multiple acceptances this cycle and would be grateful for feedback as I deliberate them. I am a Michigan resident and will be doing the HPSP scholarship through the Navy (unless I decide on USUHS). The schools I'm deciding on are USUHS, Thomas...
  14. A

    MSUCHM vs. MSUCOM vs. Wayne State

    Hey everyone!! I was recently accepted MSUCOM, MSUCHM and Wayne State (btw I am from Michigan) and am looking for input from anyone who knows anything about the schools, attends them or has a friend who does! The deadline for my answer to MSUCOM is coming up really soon so any input at all would...
  15. S

    MSUCOM stats good enough?

    Hi guys! This is my first post on SDN. I'm applying to med school this year and I'm taking the mcat in April. I just wanted to know for anyone that got accepted to msucom or any DO and MD school if my stats are good enough. cGPA 3.5 (should be higher since I've attended other colleges and those...
  16. I

    MSU COM Waitlist 2015-2016

    Has anyone else been waitlisted by MSU's COM program? I've been tier one waitlisted and was curious as to what I should do next and if anyone had any idea on when I should expect to hear back from them? Thanks for the help.
  17. M

    MSUCOM (w/ scholarship) v. CCOM

    Was wondering if anybody had an opinion on which direction to go? I'm a CA resident and here are my thoughts! MSUCOM Pros: Great interview day, felt awesome about the faculty that I met, and there seemed to be a great sense of camaraderie with the few students on the panel, but I have to take...