multiple acceptances

  1. B

    Please Advise - switching schools past deadline?

    Hi everyone, I’m in a bit of a sticky situation. I was fortunate to get 2 As this cycle (school A and school B). I was planning on attending school A, and so I selected “plan to enroll” for school A back in April and figured school B would remove me from their upcoming class roster. Turns out...
  2. bubble21

    Holding Acceptances, But Holding Out For Waitlist Question?

    This might be a dumb question, but I am a bit of a neurotic pre-med, I can admit and would really appreciate some help clearing this up :) I currently hold two acceptances, but will be withdrawing one of them today. However, this is after the May 15th deadline. I'm a bit confused as to how the...
  3. C

    2nd deposit for DPT school

    Hi everyone, Does anyone know if PT schools have a final decision day or a second deposit due? I currently have multiple deposits paid and haven’t decided where I want to go yet and I’m wondering if I can wait a little longer to make a decision or if I have time.
  4. LindaAccepted

    Medical Encore: Accepted to Med School in Mid October: How Did He Do It? [Episode 308]

    I am taking a week off for family time this week and we are airing an encore of our most popular med podcast so far in 2019: Accepted to Med School in Mid-October: How Did He Do It? It’s an excellent time for this podcast. Many of you are planning to work on your med school applications over...
  5. B

    Overlap in AMCAS/AACOMAS Traffic Guidlines

    I’ve been accepted at a DO program since November but have interviewed at three allopathic programs as well. I’m currently waitlisted at all three schools, with two of them informing me that they expect to have a lot of waitlist movement around or after April 30th due to the AMCAS traffic...
  6. OchemOficionado

    2018-2019 "Commit to Enroll" Deadlines

    This thread was suggested so that applicants can view this information in one place so let's see if we can compile a list. Please feel free to make additions and corrections where necessary. Selecting "Commit to Enroll" at a school means that you're agreeing to communicate to your other...
  7. E

    Accepting Multiple Offers

    Hello, I recently got into an MD/PhD program that wants me to reply back to them in two weeks. I have other offers that I want to hold on to, and I am scared that if I accept the MD/PhD offer, I will be bound to that school, and thus can't accept any other offers. Can anymore who has experience...
  8. A

    How often do medical schools give financial aid before April 30th?

    Question is pretty self-explanatory. I'm holding on to multiple acceptances since finances play a huge role in my decision-making, since I come from a very low-income family. I know schools are not REQUIRED to provide financial aid letters before April 30th (the day you're supposed to choose...
  9. B

    What Happens With Multiple Acceptances?

    My question is, what happens if you are accepted to multiple medical schools? Most schools require a decision within two weeks of the acceptance, so how can people hold onto multiple acceptances at once. Doesn't the two week notice make them have to choose a school, or does saying yes just say...
  10. LindaAccepted

    Medical Choosing Between Multiple Medical School Acceptances

    You’ve taken the MCAT, completed all the pre-reqs, and maybe shadowed a physician, done some research, and volunteered. Now it’s time to make sure you’re all in for the last legs of this long journey. In this series, we’ll discuss how you can continue to navigate your way to a med school...
  11. Apple_1

    choosing between medical schools, thoughts welcome and appreciated!

    Hi everyone, I know this is a good problem to have and I'm very blessed with this opportunity to choose between schools, but it would be nice to have a few people give their insight. I'm deciding b/w 3 schools: RWJMS, AECOM (Albert Einstein), and NJMS. Biggest considerations: 1. Proximity to...
  12. libertyyne

    Subform School Choice

    The individual school subform does not work for this function as people go there for specific schools rather than talk about decisions regarding multiple schools. Can we get a subform for this purpose or be allowed to debate the merits in the main pre-allo form?
  13. W

    Class of 2021: Holding multiple seats.

    I started this thread to discuss those who hold multiple seats before committing to one school. If you can post what schools you are holding a seat and reason. In addition if you are interviewing soon at a school you would drop your current acceptance to, please share. PLEASE do not be specific...
  14. B

    No Deposit to Hold Spot...Affecting Acceptances?

    I've been told that schools deciding to not make students pay a deposit to hold their spot is a fairly new thing. I've also heard rumors from people that this might be screwing up some schools acceptances. For instance, I know of an applicant who is currently holding onto 6 acceptances so far...
  15. M

    Wayne state or MSU

    So I am in a bit of a pickle. Was just accepted into 2 medical schools. Both great with different styles of education but I feel that I would be fine in either. The total cost of attendance to both schools is similar at ~$53,000. Wayne state : Pros offering me $14,000/year in scholarship...
  16. M

    Is $14,000/year difference enough to justify one Med school over another?

    So I am in a bit of a pickle. Was just accepted into 2 medical schools. Both are mid-tier, different styles of education but I feel that I would be fine in either but I do like one over the other. The total cost of attendance to both schools is similar at ~$53,000. School A: Pros offering me...