1. G


    Hello everyone, So i have my step 1 one month from today, and I am thinking about delaying it but not too sure. By the end of this week, I will have gone through UWORLD and will do my first NBME this weekend. I am kind of scared honestly haha. Anyway, my original plan was going to be to do FA...
  2. G

    235 NBME 6, 6 weeks before exam

    I just wanted to ask around what would other people do if they were in my shoes.
  3. TheAberrantGene

    USMLE Retired NBME Forms/Tests (NBME 1 - 7) : Discussion of Questions, Answers & Explanations

    Alright mates, I have been looking at a lot of threads here discussing the more recent NBMEs (Including the NBME 18 thread i made a while back) but can't find designated threads for the older ones.. Like NBME 3 discussion or something like that.. So I wanna start a thread discussing the older...
  4. D

    Hopkins Trained USMLE Step 1 and Step 2 CK Tutor

    Dear All, I am a seasoned USMLE Step 1 and 2CK tutor. I've been tutoring for 3 years now and myself achieved > 255 on Step 1 and > 265 on Step 2CK (Scores are attached at bottom). I am also an IMG and have trained at renowned institutions such as Hopkins, Cornell. In teaching and training over...
  5. L

    USMLE How to do Step 1 Prep with 30% on UW

    If anyone can help it would be really appreciated. I have been stuck for 3 years. I have delayed my step one studying for more than 3 years. I have been on and off with studying because I just could not focus. But now I have finally gotten on the saddle to start my studying again. I have run...
  6. F

    T minus 2 days

    NBME CBSE coming soon in 2 days.... Any last minute tips? Any fellow comrades?
  7. Dental Philosopher

    Please explain the NBME CBSE

    Greetings, I was wondering if someone would please explain to me the NBME (National Board of Medical Examiners) CBSE (Comprehensive Basic Science Examination) that is required for applying to OMFS. Looking on SDN, I realized that some call it NBME while others call it CBSE. Some have posted a...
  8. D

    USMLE NBME 2015

    Hey guys, I'm having my Step 1 in a couple of weeks, so can you tell me which NBME should I use, which ones are the most predictive? Should I also tru UWSA1? Thanks!
  9. A

    NBME Physio Shelf

    Hey! So I have to pass the NBME physio shelf in 6 days. Any advice on what sources to use? I REALLY need to pass and I'm not too strong in physio. So far I've heard: 1-BRS Physio (I'm not a huge fan of the outlines and don't know this will teach me much - it seems better to review) 2- UWorld...
  10. M

    My Step III Experience

    Just wanted to post my exam experience because I have always found it helpful when others did so. Background: I'm a prelim-medicine intern going into PM&R next yr. Step I in the low 200's. Step 2 CK in the high 230's-low 240's. Step 2 CS pass all on the first attempt. Overall definitely not a...
  11. A

    USMLE Determination of best CK score predictors and estimated score (data needed)

    Hi everyone, So there is always the eternal debate about what is predictive of your CK score and which NBME is best etc etc. We all have anecdotal experiences, but as we all know, this can often lead us astray. What I was hoping to do was to determine, with some scientific validity, what is...
  12. M

    NBME 4 for Step III

    anyone take NBME 4 to get a baseline? let me know if you want to talk about some of the concepts, it looks like people aren't openly discussing the NBMEs like they were before..