1. YoungDaggy


    I was previously accepted to NYITCOM and was fully planning on paying my acceptance deposit, which is due on Jan 7th. However, I just got accepted into DMU today and now, I’m not sure what to do. I don’t want to make the wrong choice if there is a clear better option. I am from Maryland so NY is...
  2. T

    ACOM vs. NYITCOM (Jonesboro,AR)

    I've spent the last couple of hours reading through threads to get opinions, but wanted to ask here as well. ACOM Pros - 100% residency placement in 2021, heard of students getting competitive residencies incl. derm (not my interest, but good to know its not impossible for a dedicated student)...
  3. T

    TouroCOM- Harlem vs NYITCOM (OW)

    Advice Needed: If you had to choose between NYITCOM (Old Westbury, NY) and TouroCOM- Harlem which would you choose? I know NYITCOM has a longer history, but TouroCOM would allow me to move to NYC and has more feasible housing options?
  4. R


  5. D

    NYIT-Arkansas vs ARCOM

    I’ve been accepted into both schools, and I know there is a thread on this, but it’s back in 2017: ARCOM vs NYIT-Jonesboro These are very new schools so I’m sure a lot has changed since 2017 in terms of info on how strong these programs are. I’m mostly interested in hearing people’s opinions...
  6. L

    2019-2020 Applicant looking for some advice

    Hello all, Long story short I retook my mcat and to my disappointment I got a 499 (first time was a 497) and was looking for some advice. Retaking again before I apply this coming cycle is out of the question since I just have too much on my plate prior to applying and I don't want to risk...
  7. M

    Touro COM Middletown vs NYIT COM

    I need help making a decision by tomorrow. Would love if anyone can give their experience in both!
  8. B

    chances of getting into NYITCOM with following stats

    Hey guys i wanted to bounce off my statistics with you all and see what you think about my chances of getting into NYITCOM are. im looking to apply to the 2019 application cycle My GPA=3.87 (will graduate with honors) i have not taken the mcat yet but my last practice exam i scored a 499 i am a...
  9. lodo.owl

    Why So Much "Hate" Against RVU on SDN?

    Pre-Med, GPA 3.9 (Freshman though, so, doesn't mean much), RVU CO & NYIT Westbury are my two top interests as of right now. Noticed that I've barely seen any threads about NYIT, and RVU threads are overwhelmingly almost always negative? (Not LECOM level, but nonetheless...) I'm assuming this is...
  10. lodo.owl

    RVU-CO VS NYiT-Old Westbury

    RVU Home state w/immediate family close by (I live in Denver, no moving required) $53,380.00 Founded 2006 For profit (this doesn't really make a difference to me, honestly) Avg GPA 3.5 (according to LizzyM) NYiT Extended family in Syracuse though no one in NYC $58,910.50 Founded 1977 Nonprofit...
  11. G

    DO (WAMC) MCAT:506 cGPA:3.84 NY resident

    Hey Everyone! I would really appreciate some help on deciding if I should seriously apply with the stats that I have. I've recently started to look into Osteopathic schools to apply to however, my MCAT is unbalanced 506:127,122,128,129 and I think that might severely deter me from getting any...
  12. HopefulDoc91

    NYITCOM secondary

    Has anyone submitted their secondary to NYITCOM? I just logged in, submitted my responses, uploaded my photo, and paid the $80 but there was no "thank you for submitting" message or email. I just got a confirmed payment email from paypal. When I log back into the secondary, it takes me to the...
  13. N

    NYCOM vs. CCOM

    Helloo! I've been waitlisted at NYCOM for a few months now, but I'm contemplating sending a LOI to them. I know submitting a LOI doesn't mean I'll get in, but I want to stick to my word if NYCOM does end up accepting me, and for this reason, I want to think about which one would be right for...
  14. doctormagic

    Housing Near NYITCOM

    Hello. I'm going to be starting at NYITCOM in August (unless I get into any other schools I'm on the waiting list for) and I'm getting rather frustrated trying to figure out my living situation. I'm looking for an apartment near the school. Anyone have any advice or suggestions?
  15. L

    NYITCOM vs WesternU COMP - Pomona

    Hi Everyone, I know there was a similar post comparing these two schools, but I wanted to ask again since that post is a little outdated and I know things have changed at both schools over the years. How do you compare the rotations/residency matches? Academic support? Clubs and activities?
  16. F

    Touro Harlem VS. NYITCOM

    I have been accepted into both Touro Harlem and NYITCOM. I need to choose between one of these schools and I was wondering if I can get some Feedback. From the posts I have read, it seems that nyitcom is the better school but I was wonder how much better. Am I going to get a significantly better...
  17. FreeRadicals

    If you were offered a seat at...

    If you were offered a seat at NYITCOM (7 year B.S./D.O.) would you take it? ( I am currently a high-school senior that was accepted here and debating whether I should go or not) Requirements to remain in the program and then precede to NYIT's School of Osteopathic Medicine: -Maintain 3.6 GPA...