1. moonlight1342

    Stressed please help!

    Hey guys I am applying to this current cycle unfortunately I applied a bit late like around December 1st, because I wasn't sure to send with my old OAT scored from August which were 260 AA/250. I retook it on December 11th and got no difference basically with 270AA/260. My gpa after the...
  2. V

    Transportation in Optometry School

    Hello all! I wanted to see if any schools have reliable public transportation that can help with transportation between clinicals. Or that have clinicals within a walking distance from campus. I will most likely be moving out of state and don’t want to worry about the extra expense and stress...
  3. V

    No more grade replacement OptomCAS

    Hello everyone, I submitted a few applications and relialized that my gpa on the verified application is way below what I originally had from my official transcripts. I spoke to an Optomcas agent and was informed they are no longer accepting only the final attempt of a repeated course. Does...
  4. O

    OAT Reading Comprehension

    Hi everyone, I'm struggling with reading comprehension section of the OAT exam. Do you think if we are allowed to used Cntl+f for searching keywords during the actual OAT? Please let me know if you have any suggestions for improving my reading section.
  5. M

    Help with studying habits? Chances for optometry school?

    My GPA keeps dropping! I’m scared to death. My GPA before I took Physics 2 & Organic Chemistry 2 was 3.34. I got C’s in both of those, then it dropped to a 3.31. Once I took Biochemistry, for a C in that, and got more B’s than C’s in my other classes that semester it dropped to a 3.28. I just...
  6. T

    RSO white coat

    I was wondering does RSO have a white coat ceremony?
  7. C

    is optometrist still a good profession?

    My name is sonali. I am thinking about optometrist as a career. I recently gave OAT exam and my score is 320 and my gpa is 3.6. i have applied at Oklahoma, Michigan, california and north Carolina. I wanted to know that how is optometrist as a career because while doing my research I came...
  8. S

    Midwestern- CCO Class 2023

    Anyone accepted into the class of 2023?? I just sent in my deposit and can't get over how amazing the campus and especially with how modernized and technologically savvy the school is!! I never imagined to be so in love with an optometry school as I am now that I have seen CCO. It honestly...
  9. S

    Letter of Evaluation Question

    Do you have to have all your letter in before submitting an application? I still need a letter from the optometrist but everything else is done. Does anyone know if you can submit the application and put the optometrist in at a later time to be included?
  10. E

    question about BCP and science gpa

    Hey! I'm trying to calculate my own science and bcp gpa...is there a minimum bcp gpa for optometry schools? when I go on the school's websites, majority talk about the science gpa. I'm confused on which on they focus on? My BCP is lower than my science GPA.
  11. S

    OAT Gen Chem help

    I'm studying for the OAT and have just finished the Gen Chem section from the kaplan book with using youtube videos for sections. When I try doing questions from the destroyer I feel like I have no idea what's going on or how to go about it. Is there any advice on how to study for the gen chem...
  12. W

    GPA for Optometry School

    Hi everyone, I am applying to optometry school this upcoming cycle. As an undergrad, I went to a community college for 3 years before I transferred my four-year (UC) school. I took all of my lower division requirements like biology, chemistry, ochem, physics, and calculus at my community...
  13. S

    Question about application process

    So I was wondering when would I start my application on the OptomCas? If I plan to apply for getting into fall of 2019? Does starting an application get deleted when new cycles begin or are they saved to be submitted into the cycle when you're ready?
  14. T

    Wanting to learn Optometry Info

    Hello SDN! I’m a freshman in high school and I’ve been thinking of pursuing a career in optometry. I know I may be a bit young of thinking of life time career choices, but I am passionate and confident to make a career in optometry. I’ve been scouring the internet reading and learning about “the...
  15. M

    Online Anatomy/Physiology Courses?

    Does anyone know an institution I can take Anatomy and Physiology online? I’ve graduated and have yet to take this course sequence. I’d prefer everything being online and no requirement to go to campus. Also, would I have to apply to the institution, or is there some way for me to just take...
  16. E

    OptomCAS address

    Does anyone know if this is the address I have to send my transcripts to? OptomCAS P.O. Box 9119 Watertown, MA 02471 Tel: 617-612-2888