1. P

    WAMC: Fall 2023 MD.

    First post here so I apologize if I did anything wrong or I formatted incorrectly! I would appreciate any and all advice, the more realistic the better. cGPA: 3.75 (should be 3.8+ by end of Spring 2022 when I graduate) and sGPA of 3.587 MCAT: 510, 78th percentile (128/127/127/128) Ohio Resident...
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  3. chano

    MD & DO WAMC-3.54c 3.4s 517 MCAT CA ORM Extreme non-consistent GPA trend

    As the title says I'm a ORM with a 3.5c and 3.4s with a 517 with a non-consistent GPA trend. I attended a mid-tier UC. I went from ... 1st year 3.8, Second Year 3.5, Third Year 3.4, Fourth year 3.2 fifth year to 2.8( no science classes here and barley any units taken) and than DIY Post...
  4. Rif90

    3.6/512/CA/Asian WAMC school list help please?

    Undergrad at mid/low tier UC school State of residence: California ORM/mid SES GPA: 3.6 (upward trend) MCAT: 512 ECs: 50h shadowing 100h clinical (low numbers due to covid, all hospital programs closed, may have 200 before applying) 1000h+ nonclinical 200h research (bio, no pubs) So far my MD...
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  6. J

    WAMC-ORM / School List

    Hello! I hope everyone is doing well with these circumstances. Please advise on my school list, I plan on taking a gap year and applying during the 2021-2022 cycle. I'm planning to scribe during my gap year and save up for applications, but if there is anything else that I could improve upon...
  7. W

    In the event of a hypothetical war/conflict, should an Iranian-American candidate apply as "white" or "other-Iranian" or "other-middle eastern"?

    Hi all, I hope this isn't a stupid question but the recent political turmoil between the USA and Iran has got me on edge. I know in an ideal world your ethnicity shouldn't matter but we all remember Japanese interment and I am worried about bias against middle eastern (specially Iranians)...
  8. C

    Chances for DO - Canadian with uneven application

    What are my chances with the following stats as a Canadian: s/cGPA - 3.35 (2 years DIY: 3.9) MCAT - 517 EC: Hospice, DO shadowing overseas medical volunteering University first responders work with at risk youth work with homeless shelter LOR: weak faculty LORs Ethnicity: ORM Thanks
  9. fishzebra

    MD WAMC pre-mcat

    Hi all! I haven't taken the MCAT yet (taking it april 5) and don't have a great gauge on my score yet. Looking to see what kind of MCAT score might make me competitive at mid- to high-tier schools like northwestern, cornell, mt sinai, BU, SUNY downstate, loyola stritch, UIC, rush. Also seeking...
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  11. T

    MD & DO 3.0 GPA. 520 MCAT. SMP Texas Resident

    hi guys! first of all thank you for reading this and helping me out! I struggled my last two years of high school (dual credit program) and first two years of college so my GPA tanked completely. I have many F's, D's, C's, and 3 W's. (Gen Chem, bio, and Ochem have F's) I was going through...
  12. R

    MD Help with school list and chances!

    I just really need help either narrowing down this list or refocusing my range to increase chances for interviews/acceptance! Year: Senior (ORM) BS in Biomedical Engineering at top 30 school Country/State: Virginia Cumulative GPA: 3.82 Science GPA: 3.86 MCAT Scores: 516 (129/127/129/131)...
  13. Bernoulli

    MD & DO What can I do to improve? #Non-trad

    Background: I screwed up pretty badly in my first few years of undergrad. I made a few less than stellar grades in Chemistry 1 (D+), Physics 1 (D+), and Calculus (D) at my first university. Lots of withdrawals in the first two years post-high school. I have retaken coursework in Chemistry (A)...
  14. R


    So I am an Asian Indian freshman at a top 25 LAC with pretty decent 1st semester gpa. Already have my NREMT. Thinking of majoring in neuroscience with a minor in Hispanic studies. I know getting into med school is an uphill battle for me as an ORM so for those of you who were accepted what did...