1. Murican76

    Aultman Hospital Orthopedic Surgery PGY-3 Opening for 22/23

    Aultman has just received ACGME accreditation. We now have one available PGY-3 positions in orthopedic residency program beginning July 1, 2022. This is a small community residency program located in Canton, OH and at a hospital with several other ACGME-accredited residency programs...
  2. 1

    Should I try for ortho?

    Hi everyone, just wondering if I should try for ortho, do a research year, or just scrap it altogether and pursue something else. Stats: Step 1: 226 Step 2: Haven't taken yet, but shelf scores are looking promising Clerkships: School is all P/F, but evaluations are great and supposedly I'll...
  3. N

    Programs that accept DO applicants

    Hello everyone. I am a fourth year osteopathic student interested in pursuing orthopaedic surgery. I am competitive as an applicant in all fields and have had MD peers tell me that if I was an MD I would have an easy time getting a residency spot. I'm not here to debate anything prior to this...
  4. A

    Ortho Match Questions

    Hi everyone, I am a third year medical student from a US MD program who would like to match Ortho next year. Before medical school I was a professional musician, which lead me to the idea of being a hand surgeon so that I could help other fellow musicians or craftsman who rely on their hands to...
  5. WorkingTowardsMD123

    Orthopedic Surgery or Neurosurgery??

    Hello all, I'm new here-- I am just a student in college who wants to eventually become a doctor. I struggled with health complications for 4 years as a result of anorexia and now that I am recovered I want to be a meaningful person in others' lives. However! -- I do not want to go into...
  6. bonbon89

    Nontraditional Student - Aiming for Ortho, Need Guidance

    Hey guys and gals, this is my first post on SDN but I've been lurking the forum for nearly 10 years now. Over that time period I've fallen off the path to medicine, worked in finance (mainly mortgage banking) and headed straight back to medicine after I realized that I don't care much for...
  7. I

    Paid Opportunity for writing research paper

    Hi there, I am looking for a medical expert particularly in Orthopaedics speciality who can conduct a retrospective study on one of our shoulder prosthesis (implant) based on post-market data and submit it to one of the Orthopaedics journals. Thanks and look forward to hearing from the expert...
  8. ResidentSwap

    Position Available Orthopaedic Surgery PGY-4 or 5 Residency opening in California

    Featured Opening by Resident Swap, Inc. ( ResidentSwap.org ) -------------------------------------- 1/22/2017 Orthopaedic Surgery PGY-4 or 5 Residency opening in California Click here to check if this opening is still available Program Director: Alexandra K Schwartz MD Coordinator: Joy Dinius...
  9. M

    What are the highest paid medical/dental specialties PER HOUR?

    Not considering yearly salary, what are the highest paid hourly med/dent specialties? I’ve heard orthopedics, plastics, dermatology, orthodontics, endodontics, and oral surgery all make a killing but some work fairly more hours/week.
  10. MedAvenger

    Ortho Scribe Looking for Info

    I'm a scribe in an orthopedic practice and work with a few different specialties, ranging from podiatry to spine surgery. My particular program is heavy on scribe responsibilities, relatively low on training. I've learned a ton by asking questions, but I'm trying to get up to speed ASAP. So, are...
  11. R

    Scope of Practice in Manual Therapy for a Physical Therapist

    I am an undergraduate student currently looking into the PT profession and I am most interested in manual therapy/ortho. I've read the APTA manipulation/mobilization articles and they state that there is conflict between chiropractors and physical therapists in that area. I have been to a...
  12. T

    Step 2 CS Scheduling Conflict Advice

    I am scheduled to take my Step 2 CS exam in Houston during August, but received & accepted an orthopaedic surgery away rotation offer in the Southeast. I am excited about this rotation and would like to do well on it, but my CS exam falls on the first Friday of my rotation there. There are no...
  13. I

    Rewriting Personal statement after not matching. Need advice.

    I did not match to any program this year. I delayed graduation for a year to do research. Here are my strengths/weaknesses summed up: Pros -Top 30 medical school US -Top half of class overall -Top quartile clinically -Step 2 250 -Letters of rec from my Ortho chair, and 2 others with whom I've...
  14. Majd Abderahman

    possibility of Orthopaedics in UK for IMG

    hello guys.. i hope you're doing great ... i am currently a final year medical student from Jordan ... i will graduate in about two month and i'll be doing the foundation year here ... during this year i plan to study and take the Plab tests ... so i fancy studying Orthopaedics surgery and...
  15. G

    Suggestions for a good textbook on the ward managment of the orthopaedic patient?

    Hello, I'm starting my orthopaedics pre-specialisation in Belgium in a few months. The evaluation during the pre-specialisation greatly determines wether I will be granted a placement in the orthopaedics program. During my medical training I've had a 3 month rotation in different surgical...
  16. B

    IMGs at Ortho

    Hi, I'm a (soon to be) IMG and plan on applying for Ortho next year. I'm trying to find out what are my chances (realistically) on getting a residency. So far, things I've done that I think could help: - Research in general surgery and ortho. - Away rotation at very prestigious hospital (in the...
  17. M

    HPSP & Orthopaedics

    Thanks for the view! I have a very strong personal conviction for orthopaedic surgery, and I don't much see that changing as I progress through my medical education, but I remain open-minded that it might. In any case, my question is in regards to the match rate for DO students who wish to...
  18. OrthoTraumaMD

    ortho attending AMA

    Hi SDNers, I have some free time and so am happy to answer any questions you may have about the myths and realities of orthopaedics, resident life, and general questions. Just avoid the "what are my chances with score X" questions-- so many better posts and options on this site for that...
  19. Z

    Orthopedic Surgery Research - Good or bad idea?

    Hi everyone, My dilemma is that I am trying to choose my first research topic (I am eager to get started in research) and I am not positive of my interests. I had an interest in orthopedic surgery coming into medical school but I am nowhere near ready to decide that is what I want to do...
  20. medhopeful131

    NYU Orthopaedic Summer Research

    Hey everyone, Has anyone ever participated in the NYU Orthopaedic Surgery Summer Externship program? I'd love to hear anything and everything about it, and whether you'd recommend it. I am currently deciding between that, or doing independent research with a pediatric orthopaedic surgeon. Any...
  21. S

    Girls in orthopedics?

    I am very interested in orthopedics and have been for years and I have realized it is completely dominated by males. I know this field is very competitive and I love that honestly but are women in this field considered ¨not strong enough¨ or do women just not make through residency? I would like...
  22. S

    Do orthopedic fracture specialist still do surgery often

    I am really considering orthopedic surgery but I don't want to do hip and knee replacements all the time. I really want to specialize in fractures and trauma. Would I still get OR time daily or would I mostly be do consults? Third year med student here any help appreciated.
  23. E

    Academic Orthopaedic surgery vs Academic dermatology

    MS3 here. So before you start judging why I am choosing between 2 of the highest paid/most competitive specialties (And I wonder about that myself all the time, too). Here is a little about me: 1) MD/PhD, PhD in bone metabolism. Would love to continue basic science research in some way in the...
  24. TAMUstu

    History of limb amputation

    Hey guys, Any suggestions on a book detailing the history of amputations? I saw one on amazon.com for like 279.00 called the history of limb amputation.way to much on the price, but looked interesting. Thank you!
  25. TAMUstu

    Upper extremity orthosis for sled hockey. Any experiences?

    Hello! A current player on a sled hockey team in Southeastern Minnesota, is seeking to become more independent on the ice. He has a cervical level spinal cord injury and requires a pusher to propel himself forward, because of the fixed position of the stick, he cannot use both ends (In a...
  26. J

    Loan Repayment

    Just curious if residents could give feedback regarding loan repayment options and which ones are realistic during residency and into your career as an Ortho Attending or in private practice.
  27. Spikebd

    Which specialty to choose?

    Hi SDN, Been a member for awhile now and I've gotten lots of good advice from here over the years, and now I'm looking for some more feedback. Im a 3rd year DO student stuck between a few specialties. I have a top 3 or 4, but can't commit to any single specialty yet. Step 1 >245, COMLEX low...
  28. Cheyenne2313

    Interested in Orthopedic Hand Surgery: Will I be selling my life force/ soul to make this happen?

    I am currently a graduate student in occupational therapy, wrapping up my "book based" learning in preparation to go out on clinical fieldwork rotations. I am very interested in hand and upper extremity therapy, and this has translated into a very strong medical interest. I have done some...
  29. ApolloCME

    Orthopaedic Surgery Board Reviews

    Update for 2016-2016 Orthopedic Surgery Board Exam Orthopaedic Surgery Board Review Credit Hours: 31 Credit Type: AMA PRA Category 1 Format: Online Video, CD, MP3 DVD MP4 Expiration Date: January 31, 2018 Summary: Orthopaedic Surgery Board Review offers a comprehensive preparation for both the...