personal statement critique

  1. L

    Feedback for my personal statement!!

    Hello, guys. I'm currently working on my PS, and need any feedback for my PS! Since my experiences are not as unique, I've focused more on my reflection. Also, since English is my second language, some of the sentences may seem weird (I will appreciate if you can tell me about this) I don't...
  2. L

    Personal Statement Review

    Hello, guys! I am currently revising my personal statement and am so confused now. After writing my first draft based on the information I found online, I had my pre-health advisor reviewed it. Basically, I used my teaching experience as the introduction to show my love of problem-solving...
  3. R

    Willing to Review PS and/or Work/Activities

    I am down to read personal statements or work/activities lists and provide feedback related to content and delivery if that's of use to anyone. Feel free to PM me.
  4. YourFutureMD

    Personal statement readers please? Also need someone in OB/GYN field to read a particular paragraph?

    Hello guys! So this is my first time posting. I am going to be turning in my application for this cycle and I'm in need of help from current medical students, or people who have some sort of experience with reading personal statements! There is also a part of my statement I would like someone in...
  5. J

    Personal Statement Feedback

    Hello! I was wondering if anyone with experience in critiquing personal statements would be willing to read mine and give feedback on content/flow/grammar/etc. Thank you!
  6. R

    PS editing services

    Hello, I applied last year and did not get in but am reapplying and was thinking about finding a personal statement editing service. Has anyone here used these or have any suggestions regarding editing your PS?
  7. K

    Could someone read my 3 half-done personal statements

    I am nowhere near being done. and I'm pretty much stuck. I have an intro I like and need help going from there. If anyone who has a little experience would help, I would really appreciate it!
  8. fionaapples

    Personal statement help

    Hello, would anyone be willing to read my personal statement and offer feedback? I would really appreciate it!
  9. Jonesam91

    Personal Statement

    Does anyone have any free time to look over my personal statement? I have literally beat myself up about it for days now, but I finally think it is halfway decent. :)
  10. G

    Personal Statement Exchage

    Hi all, looking to do a PS exchange with other applicants applying in 2018/2019. Have a couple of drafts right now of statements that I wrote two months ago, but upon further inspection, I'm cringing a bit. If you'd like to proofread mine and I can do the same for yours, feel free to PM me!
  11. P

    Personal Statement draft for review

    Hello! I have a draft of my statement and I’m looking for people to critique its content (grammar and flow also help though). Please let me know if you are able to or if there is a post you can redirect me to with possible reviewers. Thanks in advance!!
  12. Q

    Personal Statement Help Please?

    Hello! I just finished my rough draft of my personal statement and was wondering if anyone would be able to look at it? I wasn't sure if my statement fully answered the AMCAS prompt and I'm not sure if the 2018-2019 thread has been made. Thank You!
  13. H

    PS Read

    Hello everyone, I have posted on here before and got GREAT feedback that I think really helped my Ps. For that reason, I wanted to try again with my new draft (really my sixth lol). Would anyone be willing to read?
  14. K

    Looking for personal statement feedback

    Hi everyone, I'm applying for the 2019 cycle and I just finished a draft of my third different personal statement. However, I know that this one is much more non-traditional and I'm not sure if it would just be better to not consider using it. I was hoping to find someone to read it through and...
  15. J

    MPH Personal Statement

    Would someone read and edit my personal statement? I'm so confused as to what the difference between a good one and a great one. Please I'm super desperate.....
  16. N

    General Admissions & OTCAS Help with Personal Statement

    Hello all, I am looking to submit my personal statement within the next few days. I was wondering how long everyones personal statement was. Mine was a little over 3 pages. I was also wondering if anyone wrote about reasonings for low gpas at any point in their academic career. I stayed away...
  17. D

    Personal Statement

    I decided to apply to DO schools for this cycle even though it is pretty late. I made a personal statement, but honestly I am a terrible writer, and I was looking to see if anyone could edit and go through it . Thanks for any help
  18. AdenineThomasPhosphate

    Review my Personal Statement?

    I will be applying to Medical School this Spring, but I prepared this one for the application of my University's Pre-Health Advisory Committee. I am applying to it as a alumnus. This is my first go at one, and will certainly revise it to nauseam/ write new ones for the real Medical School...
  19. HeadedSOuth

    Personal Statement Help?

    Hi everyone, I'm nearly complete with my application for Anesthesiology Assistant (AA) programs, but I'm unsatisfied with my personal statement. I've requested help from an english professor I've got along well with in the past to help with grammar/conventions, but I want to solidify my content...
  20. G

    Help editing residency personal statement

    Anyone willing to read my personal statement and provide some comments?
  21. bears1992

    Help trimming down personal statement?

    Would anyone be willing to take a look at my personal statement and let me know what parts would be best to cut down on? Right now it is 1300 words and I need to cut to down to 890ish words for AACOMAS. Just FYI, my technical writing is great (engineering major) but my descriptive writing is...
  22. Dentin Tubules

    Personal Statement Editing and Proofreading

    Application season is in full swing! Don't let your personal statement be the only factor that's holding you back! I am offering editing and proofreading services for those that are applying to health professional schools, summer programs, masters programs and post baccalaureate programs. I...