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  1. Kevin.Mero

    Labor market has pharmacy techs in demand

    The job market just keeps getting better for Techs, pay continues to rise too!! Labor market has pharmacy techs in demand Labor market has pharmacy techs in demand - Drug Store News
  2. P

    Assignment Help!

    Hi guys, I just need some help in developing any ideas for the following assignment, any help would be appreciated: Metapharm based in Westminster, Colorado, has positive results from its Phase IIb clinical trial of Placado (dihydrogenoxide hydrochloride) for patients with atrial fibrillation...
  3. T

    Help: free Pharm tech ce sites (besides powerpak)

    Hello all, I need to complete CE hours to renew my Pharm Tech license in Michigan. Would you please list websites where I can earn free Pharm Tech CE hours? Thank you in advance :)
  4. M

    Gap Year: Certified Pharmacy Technician vs Certified Laboratory Technician

    For someone that just graduated and is taking a gap year due to a late decision to go to med school, how would you advise them in choosing between a Pharm Tech or Lab tech job? Personal Background to potentially influence decision: . 500 hours as a Medical Assistant . 630 hours as an ER Scribe...
  5. P

    Hello! Please help me I have a question for pharmacy-tech-study

    Hello! I'm pre-pharmacy student and also preparing pharm tech for experiences. I heard that site of pharmacy-tech-study is good to study so I am studying with that. If I memorize just Law, Math, Prescription, abbreviation, dosage forms of that site and also top 100 drugs, could I pass...
  6. A

    Fired from one pharmacy, hired at another?

    Hi, so here's the story: I have a friend who works as a Pharmacy Tech at CVS. He recently passed his PTCB and wants to be a PharmD one day. While he was on break, he was checking out his emails and he came across something that was definitely NSFW. He wasn't showing it off to anyone, but one of...
  7. D

    Future Pharmacy Tech Questions

    Hi, I am a high school sophomore who is interested in becoming a pharmacy tech, and I live in Texas. Should i apply for a pharmacy tech trainee, If so what is the age requirements? Or should I wait till my senior year to write the PTCB and become a certified pharmacy technician. Also, is there...
  8. MD_Odyssey

    Should I quit my job as a pharm tech to work as a scribe if I am pre-med?

    Currently, I work as a pharm tech. But I am thinking it would be more advantageous in helping to get into medical school if I attempt to get a job as a scribe. Does having a pharm tech cert have any positive on a med school app? Thoughts/advice? Also, i am pretty sure I will have to take a wage...
  9. M

    How long does it take after application hear back from Walgreens?

    Hello All, I plan on applying to a Pharmacy Tech position at Walgreens at one location that I really like. That's the only location that I feel will even be feasible anyways. They have a job listing on the website, so I thought I'd go ahead and apply. Do they typically respond to these job...
  10. M

    Working way up to Pharmacist Position

    Hello All, So we all know the job market is tough. I met a senior Pharmacist recently and he told me that in my huge city, his (major) chain hardly hired anyone. This goes to show how badly the market has become in major cities (where obviously most people want to work). So my question is...
  11. A

    Experience with CVS

    So, I'm applying for pharm school next year. I've been working as a tech at CVS for a few months now, but all I hear about is the negative stigma CVS has.. I recently got offered a job at Medicine Shoppe and one in a local clinic. (I already volunteer in a hospital pharmacy) Should I switch...
  12. G

    Good places to gain pharmacy experience?

    Hi everyone. I'm currently a rising sophomore and i was originally planning to apply to pharmacy school this upcoming year. But now I'm not so sure anymore because I've been applying to so many places such like cvs, Harris teeter, etc. for pharmacy experience and I've not been able to go through...
  13. youngsoo1269

    I'm studying for the Pharm Tech Exam....

    Hello!! I"m studying for the pharm tech exam right now and I'm confused about what the pharm tech can actually do regarding controlled substances. The book i'm studying tells me I can add info(patients address, med conditions, etc) to the prescription forms except for C-II. So that means I can...
  14. B

    Pharmacy Tech in Undergrad?

    Recently, I had just completed my freshman year in undergrad working in Pre Pharmacy. Although, I have been wondering if it is completely necessary to get a job as a Pharmacist Technician in preparation for the career as a Pharmacist and admission to Pharmacy school? Will having Pharm tech...