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  1. X

    How do I negotiate my Walgreens job offer?

    I’m currently a licensed pharmacist in MA and am hoping to move to IL in the next month or so. I had a phone interview with someone from talent acquisition and a store manager of a Walgreens in IL and was offered a job. When the person from talent acquisition called me, he offered $100K...
  2. P

    Walgreens Pharmacist Salary

    I recently interviewed for walgreens and everything went well. However, I was shocked at how low the salary is compared to what I have been hearing. I am a recent grad and this will be my first job. The interviewer told me i would be getting $52 an hour. I did some research and the avg is $56...
  3. CENSON Health

    Interested in pharmacy startup management? Join us as a partner.

    censonRX is a looking for someone who wants to make a career statement by driving the growth of this business. This is a partner level opportunity. You can be located anywhere in the US, and be of any age. It would be great if you are multi-state licensed, or at least able to take it on, and...
  4. Kevin.Mero

    "I personally believe we could see another shortage situation"

    Just listened to the following podcast. Lucinda Maine introduced their new joint initiative Pharmacists for Healthier Lives. Skip to 13 min mark for her comments re the direction pharmacy is going. "trust in Technicians is going to alleviate Pharmacists ... Pharmacists are chained to...
  5. I

    Interview for a staff pharmacist position in a rural Area

    Hello all. So I got an interview for a staff Pharmacist position in a rural area. The hospital is a 60 bed acute care facility that use Meditech. The role involves basic staff Pharmacist roles and clinical duties (vancomycin dosing, pharmacokinetics etc). I would like to get advice on how to...
  6. Kevin.Mero

    PharmD Degrees Decline ... (We're finally going mainstream!)

    PharmD Degrees Decline In 2017, the second-largest number of PharmD degrees (14,502) were conferred in the history of pharmacy education—a slight decrease over 2016 (14,556) according to the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP). Student enrollment in pharmacy schools for Fall...
  7. Kevin.Mero

    7 most popular 6-figure healthcare jobs

    7 most popular 6-figure healthcare jobs No. 9: Pharmacists Total employment: 309,330 Annual mean wage: $121,710 The 25 Most Popular Jobs Paying Over $100k | LiveCareer
  8. D

    Pharmacy Job Market in CA

    Hi, I'm Danny. I'm currently a pharmacy student at Midwestern University in AZ. I completed my 1st year already and i have 2 more years left. I was wondering how the pharmacist job market is in California(since i was born and raised there) and any advice to get my foot in the door or set myself...
  9. Kevin.Mero

    Are There Too Many Pharmacists? What do you think??

    Are There Too Many Pharmacists? What do you think?? Are There Too Many Pharmacists? | Drug Topics
  10. Kevin.Mero

    Head of the class: Top pharmacy schools

    "Whether they work for community drug stores, supermarkets or big-box stores, managers have one thing in common: Hiring the right pharmacist is one of the biggest decisions they will ever have to make." Head of the class: Top pharmacy schools - Drug Store News
  11. Q

    Is it necessary to be very smart to become a Pharmacy Professor

    Okay so this is my first time posting here. I just graduated last week and I'm currently attending Pharmacy board review. Until now, I don't really know what`s my future career path since Pharmacy is not really my choice but my parent`s choice. But I`m now inspired and wanting to become a...
  12. Kevin.Mero

    Just in case anyone is wondering if or when Pharmacist pay is going to drop plz see the following!

    State of SC job -- Pharmacist I (State Salary Range: $59,161.00 - $109,457.00 annually) https://bit.ly/2J1oWSC
  13. B

    Landing back on my feet...

    I was let go from a retail chain at the beginning of the month for not following company policy of writing a report for a misfill (i left a note on the floater pharmacist sheet but DM said pharmacy manager didn't find a note and Dm let me go) when I was always instructed to make a note on my...
  14. P

    Pharmacist in Pharmaceutical Sales

    I am interested in a career in pharmaceutical sales. While I know that you do not have to be a pharmacist for this career path, I am wondering if maybe there is a niche for pharmacists to go into pharmaceutical sales? I obviously don't want to start out with only $50k/year when I can make much...
  15. P

    when to apply

    I am a P4 student on my APPErotations for pharmacy school in Pennsylvania. I graduate in May and plan on applying for hospital/nonresidency jobs in North Carolina. How early can I start applying for jobs?
  16. NCliving

    Should I pursue pharmacy school vs pa school?

    First off I want to say hey to everyone since I am new to these forums. To give a little background, I just graduated with my bachelors degree in exercise science over here on the east coast. My plan for the longest time has been to go onto pa school and hopefully work more in the sports...
  17. michikun

    Supervising Pharmacist Wanted

    Looking for a SP for an independent pharmacy in Long Island, NY (Suffolk). System is BestRx. Current schedule M-F 9:30am - 4:30pm but may change soon.
  18. auntjemima

    Is Pharmacy still a viable career?

    Hello SDN. I'm a high school student who is considering becoming a pharmacist. I still have a ways to go, so I decided to do some research, and found a plethora of information about the pharmacy market saturation. I'm here to either confirm or deny my suspicions, and this looks like a trusted...
  19. L


    Hello:) I am currently a full time retail pharmacist. Unfortunately having major health issues that has affected my legs & feet. Its gotten so bad I can barely stand or walk. :( As of right now, they believe it may be an autoimmune disorder. Does anyone have advice for me as to what my next...
  20. AllyLynnn

    Pharmacy Technician hiring process

    Hey! So I went to the interview for pharmacy tech, it went well and a couple days later he called me to offer me the job. The manager asked for my email and said I should recieve an email shortly. It has been a week, I called the manager and he said they are having a problem with the emailing...
  21. truerx

    Learn About 22 Types Of pharmacy Jobs And Job Openings

    Pharmacy is an evolving profession. Over the years pharmacists have found new ways to leverage their status as experts in medication therapy to create new pharmacy careers that have significantly improved patient care and advanced the pharmacy profession. Learn about 22 jobs and careers for...
  22. WestTXisGr8

    Retail Pharmacist Needed in Williston, ND

    No longer have openings