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  1. Zhra662

    cgpa & sgpa 3.05 MCAT 500, international student

    so I’m an international student, and I finished my undergraduate from US. My cgpa & sgpa are both 3.05. The major dip in my gpa occurred in the junior year there was death of multiple family members including my sister, dad, uncle and my best friend, all within a period of 7 months, moreover I...
  2. postponemastudentloan

    Personal Experience with Kaplan MCAT prep instructors?

    Hi, I've decided I want to take a Kaplan class to help prepare for the MCAT. I've heard mixed reviews & most people say it depends on the instructor. I have a list of possible dates with different instructors and I just wanted to know if any of you have taken a class with one of these...
  3. M

    How many hours of clinicals, volunteering, and research are a competitive amount? Also how should I keep track/log my hours?

    In a previous post I mentioned that my GPA isn't exactly ideal. I can end off my bachelors degree with a decent GPA somewhere around sGPA 3.8ish and cGPA 3.6ish. This is obviously not that competitive of a GPA, not too bad either but when they see my transcript and see how awful I did the past...
  4. D

    Recommendation letter PLEASE help!

    Hi everyone, So, I'm planning to apply this cycle but I have some concerns regarding ROLs. I have 2 professors who know me well and agreed to write me a good letter. My concern starts here: I'm currently working in surgery at the hospital so I interact with number of surgeons. I'm really...
  5. F

    Choosing an MD vs DO Path..

    Can really use some input! I am a senior premed student extremely interested in pursuing forensic pathology. I have high GPA, research + paper, shadowing, and awesome extracurriculars. The only thing is my MCAT score is sub-average. I did not have enough time to study for it, and my score...
  6. F

    should i retake the MCAT?

    have a 3.9X, multiple pubs, heavy leadership Got 510 with low CARS was aiming for 515+... what should i do? Retake or apply? as well, had a low CARS (sub-125). Really not sure what to do
  7. S

    Applying to MSTP (MD-PhD) Programs Advice?

    I plan on applying to MD/PhD schools cycle 2022-2023. Hi guys, I just wanted to post this hear for feedback on how I should improve my application before I apply (will be applying in 2022), as well as any advice anyone has. I've put my stats down below and if anyone could give some advice, it...
  8. A.MC94

    FIU HWCOM Graduate Certificates

    Greetings! After some serious research about the FIU HWCOM Graduate Certificate in Molecular and Biomedical Sciences program, I finally found a thread on personal experiences with FIU and their programs. But I am still having some difficulties regarding what decision would be best for me, so I...
  9. S

    UAB vs WashU Undergrad

    I am a current high senior who wishes to eventually go on to medical school. I am in-state for UAB and can go there for free. I can also apply for the early medical school acceptance program; however, this is far from a guaranteed acceptance. I have a 35 ACT and feel confident in my ability to...
  10. S

    SMP in progress while applying during 2019 cycle

    Hello all, I've been planning on applying to a 1 year SMP for the fall semester with my MCAT score, but unfortunately I didn't do as well as I hoped. They have an option to apply for spring semester which will probably start in January and end in December. If I apply to medical schools in the...
  11. M

    Overwhelmed by shadowing

    So today I had the opportunity to shadow a pediatric ortho surgeon and it was really awesome going into the OR but I have been really overwhelmed by the experience. There was a scheduling issue so the surgeon did not know I would be there so I had no introduction to what would be happening...
  12. F

    Double Major?

    Hey guys, Quick question regarding double majoring vs majoring. Currently I am getting a degree in chemistry and am potentially interested in getting a double major in biology. This would make me take 6/7 more classes and would put a lot more stress on my schedule, whereas with just the...
  13. AutoclaveGuru

    Update Help! Is sending GRE worth it?

    In the process of submitting an update with the following 1. Fall Grades 2. Publication 3. New Volunteering hours 4. GRE score?? Before the cycle started I took the GRE in case I didn't secure any acceptances and needed to apply to some SMPs. Is it worth submitting my GRE Score to medical...
  14. P

    What are my chances of getting into MD, or MD/Phd program?

    Chemistry Major BCM Gpa 3.59 AO GPA: 3.88 I haven't taken the MCAT but what would be a good score for such GPA? I have one more year before I apply to medical school and I'm hoping to raise both GPA's by then. I have over +200 Hrs of volunteer work +3 Years of research ( working on my 3rd...
  15. C

    Nursing or Premed?

    Greetings! (-: I'm currently interested in nursing, but I want to be eligible to apply to med schools. I've looked up a couple of top notch medical schools and the requisites consists of organic and inorganic chemistry, bio course(s), foreign language (particularly at UCLA and USC), statistics...
  16. T

    MD & DO Please Help- WAMC, GPA:3.63, ScGPA:3.43, MCAT: 501

    scGPA 3.43 and cGPA 3.63. MCAT score= 501, but will take again My recommendations will be fair, with a couple strong ones. Excellent clinical and nonclinical experiences. Basically, I plan to do a post-bacc or masters in biomedical science, but I'm wondering if this is even all worth it...
  17. T

    What are my Chances? Which schools should I be focusing on?

    I am graduating college this year with a scGPA 3.43 and cGPA 3.63, mainly because my fall junior year, I received a D in Calculus due to poor circumstances. MCAT score= 501, but will take again My recommendations will be fair, with a couple strong ones. Good clinical and nonclinical...
  18. MO Bal

    Pre med Four Year Plan ......

    Hello everyone, I am gonna be a junior this fall and I wanna make sure that I am taking all the courses that I need to do well on the MCAT and in med school as well. Do you guys think I should stick with this plan or minor in gerontology (or philosophy) instead of taking immuno,histo, and A&P...
  19. B

    MD In need of ADVICE Please

    Personal Info: I am currently a 4th year undergrad at UT Austin. I currently have a science GPA of 2.7, and a cumulative GPA of 3.34. I had received 2 Fs, 3 Cs, and 1 D for my basic sciences courses (Physics 1, BIO 1 and 2, CHEM 1 and 2) early on during my 2nd and 3rd year of undergrad and had...
  20. T

    Pre-Med concerns

    Hi guys, I am an English Pre-Med...and I am currently taking Gen Chem 1. Idk how I'll do (not so well but I'm determined to do better), but I feel the urge to retake the class with a different professor just to learn more in depth about the topic. Of course I would do better the second time...
  21. D

    BSc to MD??

    I was just wondering if I did my BSc in Canada or USA , what countries other than the US, Canada or Australia can I go to for medical school to do MD.I am an international student and I think that chances of getting into medical school into the US or Canada are very low, other than its expensive.
  22. DRHRT

    DUKE MBS 2017-2018

    Hi Guys! Any reviews on DUKE MBS program? Success Rate? Housing? Anything you guys would like to ask or share about this program this is the place.....:)
  23. T

    Research advice

    Hello, I am planning on applying to medical school this summer and I could really use some advice about my path in research. I am currently doing research with a professor in the medical physiology department at my university, which is right where I wanted to be in my preparation for medical...
  24. F

    Is this true about premed forums?

    I don't use Premed101 (never even heard about it). But this link also talks about SDN. Mainly, is it true that students could be traced back and get in trouble for what they've asked on these forums? I...