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  1. D

    Do Me A Favor?

    I am applying for Internship this year and I was hoping I could get someone's(preferably a doctoral level clinician) eyes on my APPI essays? They are all completed, but I was just hoping for some initial thoughts, reactions, feedback. And obviously, if there was something blaringly wrong it'd be...
  2. M

    Question about asking for a letter of rec for internship at a practicum I'm starting next week.

    Hi all, I was looking for your expertise on a question regarding a letter of rec for my predoctoral internship. I am starting a practicum next week and I'm planning to apply to internship this year (2018-2019). Would it be appropriate to ask my supervisor to write a letter of rec for...
  3. P

    Help with direction and advice

    Hello! So, a little bit of background: I am 33. I spent most of my 20's as a teacher in a foreign country. While there, I became involved at an orphanage and volunteered for 6 years there. During that time, I became interested in psychology and decided to pursue it. Because I was in a...
  4. S

    LAST 60 CREDITS: Phd or Psyd Clin Psych Programs

    Hello, Going to be applying to schools in the fall. Haven't been able to consolidate the information on which programs (both PhD and PsyD) look at only the last 60 credit hours for the undergraduate gpa.... Bombed freshman year courses, but did well in my classes all other years. I know...
  5. H

    Debating Career Path

    I am a psychology major with pre-med and English minors with a cGPA of 3.84. My Psych GPA is a 4.00 and I am debating Medical School/Psychiatry or MD career versus a Psych PhD/Clinical Counseling career. I have not yet taken the MCAT or GRE but am planning to do so this spring. I had B in both...
  6. M

    Which Path is right for me: school psychology or clinical psychology

    Hi, so I am currently a senior in undergrad. I am a double major in Spanish and Psychology. At first I wanted to be a school psychologist because I like being in a school setting. when i learned that if I get my Ph.D in school psychology I could also do research on the side, that made me even...
  7. L

    PhD in clinical psychology (UK)

    Hey! I finished my undergrad in Neurobiology this year in the United States, and my future goal is to be a child psychologist. I wanted to know what are my chances of getting a license to practice in the United States, if I go abroad (mainly UK) to do a PhD in child psychology. I also would...
  8. E

    Trying to switch into a research psychology but feeling stuck

    Hi all, so I got my Bachelor's in accounting but after several years of working in the field, I realized that I really hate it and that it's not what I want to do with my life. Once I graduated and actually began working in the real world, I realized I was way more interested in the...
  9. P

    What are PhD counseling psych programs REALLY like?

    What is it REALLY like to be in a Ph.D. Counseling psychology program? I'm trying to do online research to get some insight on people's different personal experiences, but I can't seem to find much. Is it really gruesome and tedious and miserable as everyone makes all PhD programs out to be? Or...
  10. CanadianCounselor

    Counseling V. Clinical Psych (CPA or APA?)

    I am sitting on a big decision here and would love some help :) I am a dual citizen (US/Canada) working as a school counselor in Canada. I was recently admitted to a CPA accredited PsyD program, but may want to work in the US one day (perhaps NY, CA, FL, MA). I have my MA from a non-CACREP...
  11. CanadianCounselor

    CPA-accredited PsyD Program

    I am sitting on a big decision here and would love some help :) I am a dual citizen (US/Canada) working as a school counselor in Canada. I was recently admitted to a CPA accredited PsyD program, but may want to work in the US one day (perhaps NY, CA, FL, MA). I have my MA from a non-CACREP...
  12. H

    Future externship question

    Hi- I was wondering how many externships typical PhD/PsyD students complete before applying to internship? Some program's I see have students in externships Y2,Y3,Y4 but others just Y3,Y4. Why is that? Are the programs with just Y3,Y4 at a disadvantage? Thanks!!
  13. P

    Looking for a journal to publish in

    Hello, I am looking for a journal that accepts case studies/ has accepted papers with small sample sizes (think under 10). Impact factor isn't a huge concern, but data looks great and it would be great to get it out there. If you know of any such journals please let me know asap!!! :) Thanks
  14. F

    Do PsyD Grades Matter for Internship?

    I'm a first year PsyD student trying to get the lay of the land regarding grades. I keep hearing from countless faculty members and alumni that "grades don't matter" in grad school, but I have also heard they are part of the "point system" for APA internship applications. My goal is to obtain...
  15. P

    Difficult situation- how could I improve my chances (PhD in clinical Psychology)

    Hello everyone, I am new to this site and would like to ask for your critique and guidance! I am an undergraduate student (going into senior year)majoring in psychology and minoring in survey research and natural sciences, who has had a rough few years in college(many reasons) and ended up with...
  16. R

    Midcareer PhD/PsyD Psychology Hopeful

    Good morning all. My first post on here, and let me preface that with my painstaking review of current posts to find an answer to my question. I'm in need of some advice as I apply to various Doctorate in Psychology Programs. I'm in my early 40s, have a MBA and decent GPA in both undergrad...
  17. D

    Doctoral Student Seeking Participants (Ages 19-24)

    Hello everyone! I'm starting to collect data for my dissertation and I could really use additional participants to complete my doctoral requirements. I'm looking for volunteers ages 19-24 years old to complete a brief online survey regarding cyberbullying and intimate relationships. The survey...
  18. D

    PhD/PsyD Psychology Student Pregnancy Rights Concern

    Hello, I am nearing the end of my 3rd year in a Clinical PsyD program. Next year will be my last year of classes and my advanced therapy practicum before going on to internship. My school also requires us to defend our dissertation before going on to internship 5th year. My husband and I...