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Jul 31, 2017
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I am sitting on a big decision here and would love some help :)

I am a dual citizen (US/Canada) working as a school counselor in Canada. I was recently admitted to a CPA accredited PsyD program, but may want to work in the US one day (perhaps NY, CA, FL, MA). I have my MA from a non-CACREP accredited MA program in Psychology (in Canada). I have called Psychology and Counselling Licensure boards in NYC, Florida, and California, and all have different requirements (for Counselors, as well as Psychologists) so it would seem that it would take me some time to meet the requirements in any of those states from where I stand now (only 2 years of work experience without supervision).It is also worth mentioning that the program I am considering is very low-cost

I am seeing here that it is difficult to obtain an APA-accredited Psychology doctoral internship coming from a CPA accredited program.

I am also looking into working as a counsellor in the US- I am checking these counselling boards and I am seeing that counselling jobs seem difficult to come by? I am also noting that MA-level counseling seems to vary a lot by state in terms of how people title themselves, and that it seems there is quite a bit of red-tape around the profession of counselling as well.

I am also wondering about the main employers of psychologists in the US- it seems the VA and Kaiser have come up? It would seem that some employers require APA accredited programs, but I did read on this thread some people saying that they attach a note about how CPA is equivalent to job applications. I am as well wondering about the major employers of counselors in the US, and if School Counselling is seen as separate and distinct?

My hopes for the future are to have my own practice, continue working with teenagers, perhaps work at a counseling centre, hospital, addictions facility, or any combination of these.

My options right now are basically to accept the offer to attend this program (it's 4 years) or work for another year as a school counselor and then consider my options.

I feel like I am literally drowning with indecision and the information I am reading is overwhelming…any help would be so appreciated! I can give you any info about anything Canadian should you require in thanks!!
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