1. U


    Hello! I was wondering if I could receive some feedback from anybody. I have been studying for my DAT for a couple of months now and I feel like I have hit a plateau. Today I have come to terms I am really tired of studying for this test but, I am not getting the scores I have been studying for...
  2. O Cabra

    Bootcamp QR Question

    So the question asks: A square is quartered into four equal sized triangles, as shown in the diagram. If each triangle has an area equal to 18, what is the perimeter of the square. The correct answer is 24√2. I got it right but now reviewing it, it seems as though the perimeter would be 48...
  3. A

    Quantitative Reasoning on the DAT

    Hey guys, had a question regarding the quantitative reasoning section of the DAT, particularly about the quantitative comparison questions. On the actual DAT, how hard would you say they were on a scale of 5? I'm having a lot of trouble with such questions for some reason. I've never been...
  4. D

    Worried about DAT QR!!

    Hi guys, i was hoping i could have some advice/motivation?? I am really struggling with the QR section of the DAT! Maths has always been a subject i was good at, im not one of the genius maths people, but definitely not bad either! So it came to a shock after taking the BC test 1, i only got a...
  5. HappyPomme

    DAT Finally Done! :D

    Boy does it feel good to get this exam over with! :soexcited: To everyone out there still studying, just know that all of it will pay off and you will soon be able to enjoy the rest of your summer :nod: I also wanted to let everyone know that it is possible to do well on this exam even if you...
  6. J

    QR Question

    Hi! I don't really understand this question and I was hoping someone could explain it to me please :) I'm also struggling a lot with QR and wanted to get some advice for how to study. My exam is in 17 days and I'm still having a hard time with this section. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  7. jya5ab

    Good GRE math book for new QC & Data Sufficiency questions?

    I'm taking my DAT on July 31, and I keep getting like 1/3 of the new QC and Data Sufficiency questions wrong. I have Bootcamp and Math Destroyer, but I'm trying to find a GRE book so I can get more practice with these types of questions. I see a bunch on Amazon that cover QC and Data...
  8. ringofkeys

    Bootcamp change to Khan for QR

    Does anyone know why Bootcamp switched from Chad's to Khan for the QR section? If Chad's was working for so many people, what would the reasoning behind the switch be?
  9. jya5ab

    DAT QR section - I've never taken Statistics before...

    Hello! I'm taking my DAT on July 31, and I plan to study for 10-11 weeks. I am most worried about QR because 1) I haven't taken math since high school and I was never good at word problems, and 2) I've NEVER taken a probability/statistics course before, so I will have to learn that from...
  10. Y

    DAT Destroyer Timing and Pushing back DAT???

    I am about three weeks away from my DAT and about to finish going through Destroyer for the first time. I keep getting lots of questions wrong (averaging about 50-60% on gen chem and QR). :( I'm going to soon start going through it a second time as I follow Ari's schedule but I saw that this...
  11. bentley13

    DAT Done: 25AA, 24 TS, 25 PAT; 3 week study Schedule

    Hey SDN. I took my DAT earlier today, and I just thought I would share my experience with everyone. I used several posts like this to help me throughout the process. There is honestly nothing more helpful than learning from past test takers. I studied for a total of 3 weeks (8am-8pm every day...
  12. A

    DAT QR?

    Hello, I recently took the DAT and my QR section killed my whole AA, so I'm now determined to conquer the DAT when I retake. I have always sucked at math, it is one subject I will never enjoy.. Those who were in my shoes once (the ones that are not good at math) and have gotten a good score...
  13. C

    DATdestroyer math question

    thers a problem about a lamp post and a man standing under it and it asks how much taller the lamp post is the lamp is like 14 ft and 6 inches and the guy is like 5 feet 9 inches.. instead of directly subtracting they convert 14 ft and 6 inches into 13 feet and 18 inches.. i have no idea...