quantitative reasoning

  1. S

    Difficulty of QR on DAT 2021

    Hello! I was wondering how those who recently took the DAT felt about the QR section? I've been preparing using Booster and I have been struggling quite a bit with scores ranging from 13-19 (about 19/40 to 25/40). My exam is in a few days and I have been going through questions and making sure...
  2. H


    This is from the Princeton Review second edition which was released October 2018. Can anyone tell me how accurate this is considering it says there are about 10 questions of trig and geometry? The ADA doesn’t list anything about those topics. I know they still appeared in some people’s exam but...
  3. DrMDeezy

    QR on DAT????????

    With my DAT 2 weeks away, I’m still scoring 16-17 on QR. I have no idea why — I go over all my questions and am doing the destroyer but I still can’t seem to get more than 25/40 correct. Any suggestions?
  4. A

    Quantitative Reasoning on the DAT

    Hey guys, had a question regarding the quantitative reasoning section of the DAT, particularly about the quantitative comparison questions. On the actual DAT, how hard would you say they were on a scale of 5? I'm having a lot of trouble with such questions for some reason. I've never been...
  5. D

    Worried about DAT QR!!

    Hi guys, i was hoping i could have some advice/motivation?? I am really struggling with the QR section of the DAT! Maths has always been a subject i was good at, im not one of the genius maths people, but definitely not bad either! So it came to a shock after taking the BC test 1, i only got a...
  6. T

    2017 DAT Quantitative Reasoning

    Hello all! I am taking my DAT very soon and was wondering if using GRE math practice questions would be a good way to get some extra practice for the quantitative reasoning section on the DAT due to the implementation of quantitative comparison questions. For those of you who have taken the DAT...
  7. D

    MATH Destroyer vs. DAT BC QR (specific question type)

    Math Destroyer and DAT BC have similar QR question, but the answers that they have for this specific type of question always differs. Someone please tell me the correct approach, thank you! Ex: 30% pop. loves cheese, 70% (or like 50%) pop. loves yogurt, 11% loves cheese and yogurt, what...
  8. J

    QR Question

    Hi! I don't really understand this question and I was hoping someone could explain it to me please :) I'm also struggling a lot with QR and wanted to get some advice for how to study. My exam is in 17 days and I'm still having a hard time with this section. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  9. jya5ab

    Good GRE math book for new QC & Data Sufficiency questions?

    I'm taking my DAT on July 31, and I keep getting like 1/3 of the new QC and Data Sufficiency questions wrong. I have Bootcamp and Math Destroyer, but I'm trying to find a GRE book so I can get more practice with these types of questions. I see a bunch on Amazon that cover QC and Data...
  10. A

    QR Calculator

    Call me crazy, but this is going to my 2nd time taking the DAT and last time I know I used the 10 key on the keyboard for the calculator. I'm reviewing QR with Chad's videos and he says you can't use the 10 key. I assume Chad's videos are a few years old. What have you all experienced? 10 key...
  11. jya5ab

    DAT QR section - I've never taken Statistics before...

    Hello! I'm taking my DAT on July 31, and I plan to study for 10-11 weeks. I am most worried about QR because 1) I haven't taken math since high school and I was never good at word problems, and 2) I've NEVER taken a probability/statistics course before, so I will have to learn that from...
  12. uhds

    Use Chad's video or Khan Academy for math (quantitative reasoning)?

    Hey guys! Has anyone used Chad's videos for the quantitative reasoning portion of studying for the DAT? What are your thoughts? Is it enough? Is Khan Academy better?
  13. J

    DAT Destroyer Math Section

    I started to work on the math section of dat destroyer and wanted to know how much is it like in comparison to the real DAT. I have also been doing math destroyer which is giving me a very difficult time. I just want to know which is the best representation of the test.
  14. starsbeneathme

    qr on datbootcamp: the difference between these two rate questions?

    first question states something like: average speed of skater down hill is 23 mph. for the first 1/3 of the hill, average speed was 17 mph the average speed of the second 1/3 was 15 mph. ..what was the skier's average speed for the final 1/3 of the journey? for this question, it could be...
  15. P

    DAT QVault, Bootcamp, Genius Subscriptions Selling Cheap!

    Finished studying for my DAT! Selling my online subscriptions for cheap. Message me! DAT Genius: Expiring October 25, 2016. Asking $65 DAT Bootcamp: Expiring August 31st, 2016. Asking $40 DAT QVault Biology expiring October 16th, 2016. Asking $30 If you want to bundle up and purchase all...
  16. Crithu

    Chad's QR Test 1

    This is from the first QR tests from Chads Videos. Can someone explain to me why he solved it this way. I thought you would have just multiplied 1/3 and 3/4. Thanks!
  17. Teenythainy

    QR Mean, Median, Mode Questions

    When changes are made to a dataset, how you know when the mean, median, and mode increase or decrease or are above or below a certain number?
  18. briggsinator2

    Crack the DAT for QR Math?

    Question: If I just use the tests in crack the dat for the mathematics section, go over the video explanations and make sure I understand them, should I be good for that section? I went over the DAT Destroyer math section (not MATH Destroyer), and thought that a lot of the questions were pretty...
  19. D

    DAT: 23 TS 20AA but low Qr?

    Hey guys, this is my first post on SDN and I am really confused and do not know what to do. I took the DAT recently and here are my scores: PAT/ 17 QR/ 15 :( RC/ 18 Bio/ 24 GC/ 23 OC/ 21 TS/ 23 AA/ 20 As you can see, I did horrible on QR...I don't really know what happened, I got 22s in...
  20. J

    Math refresher

    I'm studying for the dat any my math needs a good refresher. Does anyone know what is good to use for the math section?
  21. C

    Advice on QR Section

    I'm just starting out but I am pretty nervous about the QR section. I have the DAT Destroyer already and i'm going to subscribe to Chad's but I was wondering what else you guys would recommend for the QR section? Is the Math Destroyer worth it? Thank you!
  22. B

    Question about arithmetic on DAT QR

    Hi all, I've worked through the QR section on DAT Destroyer and a few practice QR exams in Math Destroyer. As of now, I'm taking some of the QR quizzes from Chad's website and I notice that all 3 have basic arithmetic questions, usually concerning the square root of some decimal. I know the...