1. D

    DAT in 2 weeks! Help and Recommendations please!

    Hey SDN, So my DAT is in two and a half weeks and I have a few questions. I have been studying for a couple months with Chads, AP Bio, Cliffs, and Destroyer. Now that I have roughly 16 days left, I wanted to know what is the best thing to be doing in the upcoming weeks. I have done destroyer...
  2. SweetMelonPreDent

    Actual DAT vs Bootcamp/qVault/DatGenius

    Hi guys, Just wondering from people who took the actual DAT: Which of these practice exams feels to be the best representation of the percentile you would get, difficulty of question, etc etc. and would the precision of these practice tests be more exact per section? like, do you recommend...
  3. Dental_Dream101

    Second Time DAT Taker

    (scroll down for update) Hey guys, I have been lurking on this site for a long time and decided to finally make an account. So i studied for the DAT during summer and didn't do too well. I studied using the DAT destroyer, DAT genius and DAT Q Vault. Growing up i never really had a great...
  4. P

    DAT QVault, Bootcamp, Genius Subscriptions Selling Cheap!

    Finished studying for my DAT! Selling my online subscriptions for cheap. Message me! DAT Genius: Expiring October 25, 2016. Asking $65 DAT Bootcamp: Expiring August 31st, 2016. Asking $40 DAT QVault Biology expiring October 16th, 2016. Asking $30 If you want to bundle up and purchase all...
  5. J

    Reading Comp practice material

    I am currently study to retake the DAT and my largest obstacle is the Reading Comp section of the test. I went through all of bootcamps test and was averaging around a 17. I am still working on a method that works as well but I want to make sure that I am practicing with the most realistic...
  6. D

    Anyone selling DAT Genius Account or DATQvault bio.

    ran out of practice exams so looking to try a couple random ones. if anyones selling it not trying to pay 100. exams in a week any last minute advice?? Thanks :) also maybe if anyone is selling DATQvault for bio tho only
  7. T

    Doing worse on QVault than Bootcamp and Destroyer?? (Bio)

    Hey guys! For bio practice, I've been using Qvault, Bootcamp and Destroyer. However, my scores/percentage correct for Qvault are much lower than Bootcamp and Destroyer! This is really confusing and worrying me since I've seen that Bootcamp and Destroyer are much more difficult than Qvault. What...
  8. Minions2015

    DAT Qvault

    Hey guys, i know a lot of people are using bootcamp/genius/destroyer but for those of you that are also supplementing Qvault in your studies, can you guys tell me how you are scoring? also if anyone has taken the DAT already could you please provide your feedback on your scores compared to the...
  9. Minions2015

    DAT QVault Bio

    hey guys, my test is in two weeks and i am a bit concerned. I finished all of destroyer bio and made note cards on all of the topics i missed. i review them daily. I also go through feralis bio notes frequently. i took have bootcamp and Qvault. my scores are DAT BC T1 - 17 (21/40) T2-17 (22/40)...
  10. F

    Qvault question HELPP :(

    This question is really confusing, is there a mistake? I understand Down Syndrome results in an extra chromosome 21, causing those individuals to have 47 chromosomes. Although where I get confused in this question is that it is asking for SOMATIC cells, I thought somatic cells are 1-22 and 23...
  11. F


    Guys, I feel like I suck at bio, no matter how much I read and study either I forget or I just don't know the terms. How difficult is the DAT bio section on the real exam? Is it as specific and random, what kind of questions should I except. I've read on here that bootcamp is on par with the...