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  1. S

    Research Assistant vs Medical Assistant for my two gap years?

    Hi! I'm currently a senior and I have two gap year offers, one for a research tech/assistant and the other is for a medical assistant for a private clinic. I'm going to take two gap years, and I'm split on which one to take. Research Assistant -- The lab is very productive, and the PI wants...
  2. D

    Sending Out Cold Emails

    Hello! I'm a recent B.S. graduate that's trying to look for work in a research lab in the interim of trying to get into a masters, then further on Med School. It took me about six years (an extra two years after I walked at commencement) to officially graduate because of financial issues and...
  3. H

    Need Advice: Research Assistant vs Postbacc

    I am about to graduate in December and I am going to pursue a career in research. I just began applying for research assistant jobs that interest me when I got some discouraging advice. My current plan is this: 1. Be hired as a research assistant starting as soon as January. 2. Work as a...
  4. R

    Plastic Surgery/Hand Surgery Research Position

    Apply Now Research Assistant - MedStar Health MedStar Health Research Institute · Research-MCRC Baltimore, MD Research Full Time, Day Shift, M-F 8a-4:30p Hours/Week: 40.00 Posted 03/17/2020 Req # 29210 Job Summary Under direct or close supervision, provides...
  5. D

    Quit Research Position?

    So, I've been a research assistant in this public health organization for about 9 months (12-20 hours a week depending on my course load). I initially joined because I met the PI who's fairly notable in his field. He encouraged me to apply, but since joining I've had no contact with him. I just...
  6. M

    Gap Year When to apply?

    Hi everyone! I recently decided to take a gap year, so I need to find a real job during that time. I was wondering when I should start applying for jobs to put me at the best advantage for getting a job that I want for my gap year? I would like to do something research related. Are there any...
  7. Fishy fish

    Update the School or Nah?

    I recently got a research assistant position at an ivy league school. I'll be doing some pretty cool work. Is it worth submitting an update to my top schools to let them know about this? Or won't make much of a difference?
  8. G

    Research at Another Uni

    Rather new to this forum so I apologize if I mess this whole thread deal up. My question is pretty much as the title explains. The current uni I study and do research at is located in my hometown so I’ve never had a chance to venture out far. After a recent vacation I realize this was a mistake...
  9. KidatHeartMD

    What should I do for my two gap years?

    Hello everyone I wanted some opinions on what would make the most sense for what I should do for my next two gap years coming up. I just graduated with my bachelors in biomedical sciences and have yet to take the mcat so I intend to spend some time working on that, in addition I am independent...
  10. C

    Post Bacc Research During Gap Year

    Hi everyone! This is my first time posting on SDN, so I hope this works out. I'm currently a junior at a well known state university (won't specify for security reasons lol), and I have been a research assistant in one of the psych labs on campus since the summer going into my sophomore year...
  11. L

    PhD/PsyD Need some advice on how to be a better PsyD candidate

    Hello everyone. I am an international student, and I want to get into university-based Psy.d programs. Sadly, almost no student (less than 10 I guess) in my country ever applied/attended Psy.d programs. Therefore, I couldn't find any useful guidance. My plan is to take one year off after...
  12. E

    Post-grad research assistant salary

    I'm going to be graduating in May with a bachelor's in psychology. I want to go into a Clinical Psych PhD program, but several professors that I have emailed basically told me there's no chance they would accept someone straight out of undergrad and I should try to work as a research assistant...
  13. H

    NYC Research Assistant position - Hospital for Special Surgery

    Research Assistant opportunity working for top orthopaedic trauma surgeon in Hospital for Special Surgery/New York Presbyterian. Great opportunity for post grad/pre med gap year. Interest in orthopaedics is a plus. Please respond with interest to forum. CV and cover letter will be requested by...
  14. K

    MD Wet Lab vs. Clinical Research?

    Will it be at my disadvantage to not have wet lab experience when applying to medical school? I am currently an RA at a UCSF clinical research center. My plan is to continue to work in this sphere, but should I also have wet lab experience? Does it matter?
  15. R

    research assistant

    I have a job for persons who has medical background with research experience who are trying for residency and looking for a job. You can work from home. I am planning to write case reports and some research projects. I need a person who has written case reports or research projects in the past...
  16. R

    Interested in writing case reports?

    I have a job for persons who has medical background with research experience who are trying for residency and looking for a job. You can work from home. I am planning to write case reports and some research projects. I need a person who has written case reports or research projects in the past...
  17. H

    Year off research experience help

    Hi all, Eventually, I want to become a pediatric neuropsychologist. I am graduating soon and beginning to look for a full-time research position to begin sometime in the middle of July. I am hoping to provide assistance in some kind of clinical research specifically studying neurodevelopment...
  18. A

    Denied to Clinical Psychology Programs. How to be more competitive?

    Hello everyone, Looks like I won't be getting into a clinical psychology PhD program this year. :( It sucks because you work so hard on those damn (expensive) application. I wanted to go into clinical psych with an emphasis in neuropsychology. Any who, what should I do until application season...
  19. I

    Quitting research during application cycle

  20. P

    Undergrad research trouble

    Hi everyone!! I've been working in a lab for about 1.5 years and recently was reassigned to work with a post doc. She's really nice, but when I screw up she's not very understanding and doesn't really supervise me. I've gotten a lot better. Recently though, I made a really huge mistake and she...
  21. P

    Research Assistant - Pediatric Hospitalist Workforce Survey

    Seeking pre-medical student interested in a career in Pediatrics for workforce research project. Research assistance needed for a national survey of pediatric hospitalists. On behalf of the AAP Section on Hospital Medicine Subcommittee on Community Hospitals, we are conducting a census to...
  22. M

    I want to do research but as a foreign student I don't have any experience!

    I'm looking for research experience, it would be like a volunteer thing. That would be a research assitant position right? I have been looking how to write the intention letters and they all need your experience and how you have been working in different labs . I did had lab classes at school...
  23. D

    Dermatology Clinical Research Assistant Position at Northwestern University

    Research Assistant, Section of Dermatologic Surgery, Department of Dermatology, Northwestern University Qualifications: (1) 2nd or 3rd year U.S. medical student seeking a “gap” year (2) Recent U.S. medical school graduate seeking research experience prior to dermatology residency application...
  24. E

    Post-bacc paid research assistant jobs

    Hey! I'm graduating in May with a B.A. in psychology. I intend on one day pursuing a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. I only have about 1.5 years of research experience so I wanted to take time off to work as an RA before applying to Ph.D. programs. I've been applying and keeping an eye out for...
  25. Garurumon

    Full-time research assistant/technician

    Hey everyone, I'm hoping to get some lab experience this summer after I graduate in May. I don't qualify for a lot of the undergraduate summer research programs anynore. Because they're so selective, in past years I've tried without success to apply and get in. I'll be attending a formal...