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  1. A

    Residecy Interview: PD didn't interviewed with me

    Hi all, I would like to get your opinion on this. I had the interview with my top choice program last week. In the email they send, it was saying I will be interviewing with the PD and a faculty. On the actual IV, I interviewed with the chief resident and a faculty. I didn't interviewed with...
  2. P

    Tools for Scheduling Interviews

    I'm using Gmail and Google Calendar right now, but it seems a little overwhelming being attached to my phone 24/7 (or at least during working hours on weekdays), especially when I'm on interviews. Is there an app or program or something to help with this?
  3. Bobbbyyyy

    Greatest weakness; Residency interview question

    @aProgDirector @Shinken @LATigers @GoSpursGo Having much debate between friends about greatest weakness question. Do you like it when an applicant mentions their strength as a weakness or do you like it better when an applicant is more genuine and actually mentions their actual weakness and...
  4. D

    Opinions about Rosalind Franklin Residency Program?

    I recently interviewed at this program and seemed to like it but the PGY3 that showed us around seemed extremely jaded and didn't really have anything nice to say about the program (mentioned that this program wasn't even on his top 5 while ranking and it was his backup!). The other 2 PGY1's we...
  5. Z

    MD-PhD student with medical leave of absence

    I am an MD-PhD student that took a medical leave of absence for one year during my PhD portion- for very personal reasons- to get sober. I will have a great publication once I am done with my PhD- but I am very worried about how the medical leave of absence will affect my residency application...
  6. R

    Interview switch

    Help! I have an interview date with Baylor on 11/30. If anyone is willing to switch for one of the earlier dates (11/09, 11/10, 11/13), please let me know. Thank you!
  7. Alezam

    IMGs Applying to Internal Medicine. 2018

    Hi guys. I know there is another thread for IM 2018, but I thought it was a good idea to make one just for IMGs so we can keep track of how we're doing and kind of try to predict our realistic chances this year. Please post your basic info like USMLE scores, year of graduation, migratory status...
  8. C

    Position Wanted Still hunting

    Hi y'all, So here's my story. I was let go from my OB/GYN residency program after completing 2 years in good standing. I had family issues that kept me from studying successfully for USMLE Step 3 and didn't pass it within 3 attempts at the time I was in the program. A year has gone by and I...
  9. L

    General Surgery Program Reviews/Interview Impressions

    Now that the official interview invites thread is dying down, I thought this would be an appropriate time to solicit candid opinions about your interview experiences at different programs. I also wholeheartedly welcome any anonymous program reviews from current residents. I am aware of...
  10. S

    Interview swap Duke/Hopkins

    Hi there, I'm currently scheduled to interview on Dec 2nd and looking to swap. My preference would be Duke -> Dec 9th, but I would consider the Nov 18th option as well for either programs. Please message me if this would work for you!
  11. BigSib

    What residencies CANT ask during interviews.

    There are new NRMP/ACGME regulations that further restrict questions that faculty, program directors, and residents can ask applicants during the interview day: What other specialties are you applying to? What other programs did you apply to in the area? The following are always questions that...
  12. 2

    Official 2016-2017 Internal Medicine Residency Interview Thread

    Just setting this up now so people can post when they get interview invites for IM programs. Steps for success: Click on the blue "REPLY" button at the bottom right of the last post (don't copy and paste since it will not pick up the HTML code for boldface fonts). Remove the bracketed things...
  13. A

    470 on COMLEX, interested in Peds, chances?

    Hi I couldn't find a recent post on how to gauge COMLEX scores for Pediatrics. I scored a dismal 470 because of an unfortunate situation. My practices were >500. I know I'll do better on COMLEX 2. What do you think my chances are for ACGME Peds residencies? I am hoping to do a neonatology...
  14. reviliver

    LOA from med school for valid but tragic/uncomfortable reason

    So basically, I took a leave of absence from med school at the end of third year and will end up graduating a year later, and I'm wondering how to talk about it with residency programs and address it on my application. The reason for the leave is that I had a complicated pregnancy, my baby was...
  15. D

    Position Wanted PGY1 Internal Med. Sound Record!

    I,m looking for any opening, unfilled position or other opportunity arising in any Internal Medicine Residency Program. I,m an ECFMG Certified IMG having internship experience abroad including UK. Done with Step1,2 & 3. Decent Scores. US Clinical Experience US research Experience + Abstracts...
  16. Shaikhoo

    Richmond University Medical Center, Psych Interview.

    I'm a US- IMG. For this year's match I only have 1 interview and that too in RUMC. Anyone with an experience giving an interview here please let me know what to expect? How many people take the interview? What questions are asked? I would really appreciate the help. Thanks
  17. P

    Thoughts on BIDMC path residency?

    Hi, I'm new here but currently interviewing for pathology residency. Having gone to a number of places already and not really liking any, I just went to BIDMC and liked it. They seem to be going through a lot of changes. Does anybody have any thoughts on their path residency? Any red flags I...
  18. L

    Sending handwritten letter to Program Director showing interest?

    Hi, I have not received interview from bunch of programs where I applied. Is sending a letter to program directors at those programs a good idea? It will briefly explain why the program stands out to me and why I may be a good fit and will be grateful if considered for an interview etc. Thanks!
  19. H

    Ask a Plastics Resident Anything

    Hey guys, I'm a current plastic surgery resident in the US. I thought it might be nice to start this thread in an attempt to answer any questions applicants may have as I know information can sometimes be difficult to come by. I'm happy to answer any questions pertaining to the application...
  20. MedTG

    Are you obligated to interview where you did an away rotation?

    I hope this is not redundant, as I was unable to find a similar topic via search. I am currently applying for residency and did an away rotation. Going into the rotation, that program was high on my list (hence why I did the rotation), but after rotating there I am not interested in the...
  21. S

    Interview season

    Anyone have general advice for the interview season with regards to keeping track of programs and pros and cons for each? Anything to look at in each program (ie number of shifts worked, amount of peds experience, etc.)? Anything you wish you had known at the beginning of interview season...
  22. Rogue Penguin

    2015-2016 Interview Reviews

    I think it's about that time. I know some people have done interviews already. If enough people have the guts to post their reviews early, we can help each other prepare, etc. Here's the format that's been used previously: Program Name 1. Ease Of Communication: 2. Accommodation & Food: 3...
  23. 1

    Braces in residency interviews?

    Hello everyone, So I'm an IMG from Great Britain; I am currently in the process of sitting the USMLEs, in the hope of applying for a US residency in radiology. Aside from my ambitions in the medical field, I am also considering getting braces to correct some dental issues that arose in...
  24. 2

    Family Medicine Residency Interview Question Feedback

    Hello Everyone! My first interviews are coming up soon for Family Medicine Residencies. Is there a resource equivalent to the "Interview Feedback" on SDN but for specific residencies programs? Any real questions you guys have received, particularly for AOA residencies? Thank you in advance!