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  1. B

    Summer course needed for older non-traditional applicant?

    Hi everyone - I’m a 40 year-old non-trad in the middle of a DIY post-bacc. As an undergrad 20 years ago, I majored in neuroscience and took most of the premed courses, but my sGPA was a less-than-stellar 3.31 at a top 5 liberal arts college. Based on past advice of SDN and others, I’m in the...
  2. lemonxlime

    Graduated 5 years ago and deciding to retake courses. Need help!

    Hi All, I currently work full-time and am trying to take a couple courses before applying to medical school. I graduated from undergrad in 2015z Prior to graduating, I received As and Bs in all of my bio and chemistry courses. Physics was the only course I received a C in. Though I took...
  3. G

    In a Pickle: Advice on low GPA, Masters, and gap year?

    Hello, I am an undergrad junior who would really appreciate some advice. Due to a combination of personal reasons, I did very poorly (an average of B's and C's) on multiple courses in sophomore year, many of them prereqs such as Orgo and Biology. I currently have a GPA of ~3.4, an sGPA of even...
  4. PositivOT

    Other OT-Related Information Getting OT-related experiences & working to make myself and stronger applicant

    Main Questions: 1) I really don't want to have to take two gap-years, but since I have to retake some classes and take two more pre-reqs, I feel like I have no other choice and would need to apply for the 2020-2021 application cycle. Does anyone have advice on what I should be doing this year...
  5. D

    have to retake my first premed class

    I am a First Semester Freshman who is about to start up school again in 2 weeks, and I just got an email from my academic advisory saying that I need to retake Principles of Biology 1 in either this Summer or in the Fall Semester (Have a D+ while the grade to pass is a C-). Being from fresh...
  6. try1ng

    UTSA Dental School Course Retakes

    Hi, I am thinking about retaking Biochemistry 1 as a postbacc at a different school from the school I got my bachelor's at. I heard that UTSA takes the highest and most current grade if you retake a course, but I'm not sure if it applies if you retake the course at a different school. At the...
  7. V

    Retaking prerequisites transferred from other countries or upper level courses?

    Hi, I am an international student in my junior year at a public university in the U.S and plan to apply after junior year. I transferred from a university abroad last year. At my previous university, I took some prerequisites and transferred credits to my current university: Gen Bio(cell and...
  8. I

    Posting Pre-reqs to schools

    I had to retake a prereq course and am unsure if I should add the second attempt, the first attempt, or both to the prereq section under each individual school. Please help! TIA
  9. TragicalDrFaust

    How will retaking Biochem II as a biochem major affect my chances?

    I'm a 2nd semester senior already planning on applying to mainly lower-tier and DO schools, pending my MCAT scores. I'm an ORM. I have a 3.67 as it stands. I'll have 600+ clinical hours as well as 200+ hospital and other volunteering by the time I apply. I'm currently looking for undergraduate...
  10. M

    Calc based Physics retake?

    Hi, this is my first post so I apologize if this has already been asked. I got a c+ in calc based Physics 2. Otherwise all my sciences are b+ or higher. I was thinking about retaking physics 2 without calculus. Is that worth my time? Edit: I'm pretty sure if I took the normal class I would get...
  11. dwarfplanet

    Bad Year

    I started this year with a cumulative GPA of 3.76 and finished with a 3.64. I got a C in Orgo 2 and a B- in Biochem. I have other B’s sprinkled throughout my transcript. I’m taking the MCAT in a few weeks, so I don’t have a score for you. I feel very defeated. I’ve never gotten grades like this...
  12. E

    Question about Retake

    hey guys! I wanted to retake my Orgo 1 class over the summer but the class I took at my university is 4 credits. And I was thinking of taking it at another university over the summer to save a little money. But at every other school it’s 3 credits. How will OptomCAS calculate this?
  13. D

    Retaking freshmen prereq?

    So, last semester I got mainly A's and one B. I withdrew from chem I and am taking is this summer along with chem II. This semester I can already tell I'm going to screw up calculus, probably get a C. Would it be better to withdraw from calc or retake it? How do med schools view this? My goal...
  14. E

    Question about prerequisite courses

    hey guys! I have a few C’s in some of the prerequisite courses for optometry school. Would I be asked to retake those classes even if I passed them?
  15. R

    Retaking General Chemistry

    Hey everyone, I don't post often so I hope I'm posting this in the right place. I'm a junior, pre-med at a Top 20 university (if that makes any difference). I took Chemistry my freshman year at an accelerated level and got destroyed in Chem 2 with a C-. I understand that means I'll have to...
  16. R

    Optometry Grade Repeat confusion

    Hey! I had a question that I tried looking for but can't seem to find an answer for it. So basically I got a D in physics in my local community college, then Transferred to a university and got a B+ in physics. The D is really hurting my GPA so I was thinking about retaking it at that community...
  17. P


    I got a B- in chem II at my undergrad institute, and now I'm doing a post-bacc. Does it even make sense to retake for a B-, or would adcoms see that I improved and take that into consideration on my app later on (assuming I get an A)? Thanks in advance!
  18. H

    General Admissions & OTCAS Retaking Anatomy/Physiology?

    Hello! I'm a reapplicant for the upcoming year. I originally got lower grades in A&P, but I retook the first semester and got an A. My second semester of it is a B-, and now I'm debating on whether or not I should retake that (AKA spend the time and money). A little about me/my application...