1. D

    Is being a dentist really that bad? This post makes it seem like being a dentist is horrible. The the points that scare me the most are the financials. Do you really only make $100,000? I don’t particularly plan to open a practice, and I will be going to a dental school that is...
  2. C

    Which areas of pharmacy are most "unsaturated"?

    I've been perusing through the forums the last couple of days, and i've noticed some of the largest discussions being about job market saturation. I suppose for the sake of discussion, which areas of pharmacy do you think are growing, or least saturated, or least undesirable to your average...
  3. 7

    Commuting to avoid Saturation

    We all know the whole schpiel, don't practice in a metro area. Competition is tough and getting tougher by the millisecond! Is a way to get the best of both worlds to simply take an hour long commute to your dental practice? Suppose you really want to live in LA, or any other big desirable...
  4. I

    University of Arizona c/o 2022

    University of Arizona Pharmacy c/o 2022 Just wanted to start this thread for the class of 2022. How many people have had interviews? Is the class size really going to 160?
  5. kadeking

    Dental vs Pharmacist?

    I am choosing between dentistry and pharmacy. My gpa is around 3.4. What are the advantages of both? Pharmacy seems like an easier job which is something im looking for, although I hear the market is becoming saturated. On the other hand, dentists have the highest suicide rate, so that job...
  6. P

    Your real career options with a PharmD

  7. K

    Pros and Cons... PA vs PharmD

    I am almost done with undergrad (I will finish in the summer), but I am currently torn between applying to PA school or Pharmacy school... I enjoy both professions (maybe pharmacy a little more since it's heavier in problem solving with math, chem, bio). I've shadowed one pharmacist and a couple...
  8. Pharmd = Phake Doctor

    Fred Wilson School of Pharmacy - "THE PHARMACIST IS LYNCHPIN"

    I decided to chill yesterday night, so I browsed the websites of the new schools set to open and further ruin this once noble profession. One of these schools caught my attention with this video: Watching this video was the most painful two-minutes of my life.:barf: The college president (who...
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  11. X

    UPR PY1 thinking of dropping out of pharmacy school for dental school

  12. X

    Do NOT go into Dentistry - Trust me it is SATURATED

    So - I'd like to begin by first saying that this is a throwaway, because I don't really feel like having any of you discover who I am - (never underestimate the power of the internet. Dentistry is a very “front” facing profession. Your mug will be plastered on the website of whatever office you...