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  1. H

    Where To Apply???

    Hello SDN, I'm a first time poster so I apologize if the format or anything else is wrong! I'm an Black woman from NC with a 504 (129/125/126/124) and a 3.7cGPA and ~3.5sGPA. I have loads of campus involvement (club sports, NAACP, ambassador), over 200 shadowing hours, pretty decent LORs, and...
  2. K


    Hi everyone! I'm really torn between these 2 schools and thought I'd try posting on here for some more input :) Here's my train of thought so far: ACOM pros: - brand new facilities - loved the area - great weather - already paid the admissions deposit and put down a deposit at an apartment -...
  3. 9

    Need to remove some schools!

    Hi, I’ve been getting more stressed than I should be about deciding what schools to apply to. I have a list but it is too long as it will be expensive and doing so many secondaries will be killer. 3.7c/3.5s, rough freshman year but 3.9 over last year. 518 MCAT good variety of volunteering /...
  4. C

    DO School Stats

    Hi all, I'm trying to set up an excel sheet for myself so I can tell which DO programs I could realistically get into. I'm having trouble, however, as most of the schools' websites post the minimum GPA & MCAT scores needed to get in, not the average accepted scores. Does anyone know if there...
  5. LindaAccepted

    Medical U.S. News & World Report’s 2019 Best Medical School Rankings

    In reviewing the med school rankings, they were pretty predictably ho-hum. After all, schools don’t change a ton in one year. Most changes were minor and amounted to a shuffling of the deck chairs. However, there were a couple of big jumps that meant new members in the Top 10 for Research and...
  6. D

    dental school selection/ personal statement help

    -Hi so I'm applying to dental school this cycle I got a 23 AA, graduated from UTSA with a 3.52, have done around 100 hrs shadowing, and just got a job as an RDA I need help on a couple of things and would really appreciate some help So 1st off, can someone please look over my personal...
  7. E

    School Selection Spreadsheet

    Hi All- I'm in a fortunate position to be selecting between a few acceptances, and I am definitely not complaining. However, my acceptances are all to schools that seemed similar up front (with similar "gut feelings"). So I did what I do best when making tough choices-- analyzed the crap out of...
  8. P

    Help with school list- problem might be ECs?

    This is my first time ever posting on SDN after years of lurking so please bear with me! I want to make my school list now that way I can prepare over this semester for the 2018-2019 app cycle. I have used the LizzyM (76.4) and WARS (88) scores but I feel like my stats put me at a higher tier of...
  9. P

    Help me pick reach schools

    My mcat is a 511 (128, 130, 125, 128), cGPA is a 3.897 (not 100% sure exactly what the sGPA is right now but before the end of last semester they were both 3.88, so sGPA is probably about the same). I have guaranteed acceptance somewhere (non-binding), so I'm only planning to apply to reach...
  10. N

    What I learned from applying to MD schools this cycle!

    Warning... I'm an insane rambler and this post my have nothing of substance. Also I have no idea how post organizations work... so Idk if this is even in the right place. Anyways... Hiya! I'm a longtime lurker on SDN and applied this past application cycle. I really liked having a resource/...
  11. J

    Does the level of university prestige matter when applying for jobs/internships post-graduation?

    Is it better to pick a school that has a strong reputation/prestige over a newer-established veterinary school program? How much of a difference will it make when applying for jobs, internships, or residencies?
  12. J

    What are my chances? Help with school selection :)

    Hello everyone, long time reader here. So I just received my mcat (509, C/P 129, CR 128, BIO 127 and 125 Psych??) and would ask all the good souls here with school selection. Very shorthly, I'm 26, IL resident, BS in math from UIC (cGPA 3.8, sGPA including math around 3.7) worked on two...
  13. H

    3.61 cGPA, 3.53 sGPA (?), 513 MCAT

    Hi all, I am here to ask, given my stats, what I should be looking for in terms of Safety, Target, and Reach schools. About me: I am currently in the process of finishing up my primary application. I am a re-applicant for medical school, having had one interview last year. About me: I am both...
  14. Judson

    MD cGPA=3.57, sGPA=3.51, MCAT=509, but one Red Flag

    Help me pick out my schools / WAMC! Below are my current stats and even further below is a list of schools I am considering applying to. Keep in mind that I have a non-violent, non-drug related misdemeanor (offense date = Jan 2010). I was a stupid kid that turned his life around. Please...
  15. scrublyfe21

    Tailoring School List Based on Application Items