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  1. C

    University of St. Augustine Fall 2021

    Hi y’all! So I am actually new to SDN and I wanted to make a thread for those who are applying to St. Augustine Fall 2021 cohort. I just turned in my application today and I am beyond nervous. I just wanted to share my stats with those who are applying so we could all see where we all stand at...
  2. M

    University of St. Augustine Fall 2019 Thread

    Hi all! I've been lurking for a good while and decided to start a thread for those applying for Fall 2019. I just got an email for an interview at the Miami campus on Feb. 1st. Can anyone who has gone through the interview process let me know how it went/questions that they asked. Also would...
  3. F

    Program-Specific Info / Q's USA Miami Campus MOT May 2019 start

    Hey guys, I just interviewed at the St. Augustine campus in Miami on 11/9.I thought I would make this thread to notify each other when we receive letters!
  4. E

    General Admissions & OTCAS St. Augustine OTD May 2019

    Hey, everyone! I applied to St. Augustine's OTD program for the May 2019 entry date (San Marcos). I was told that I'd hear back from them in about 6-8 weeks after applying. It's been a few days after the 8 week mark, and I wanted to know if anyone else has heard back yet. - Erin W
  5. F

    Program-Specific Info / Q's U of St Augustine vs. U of St.Augustine Miami

    I am looking to apply to one of these two campuses and I'm not sure what the main differences are. Also, I was wondering which one is easier to get into. Also since the Miami campus isn't accredited yet is that a problem?
  6. T

    Climbing a mountain with no gear, I could use some guidance!

    So I have a really tough road ahead. I graduated with a BS Kinesiology in 2012. cGPA: 2.68 But I retook some classes at a community college and got B’s (chems and physics) but gpa in community college is a 3.0. I then went to vocational school to become an X-ray tech and hated it the...
  7. P

    Program-Specific Info / Q's St. Augustine MOT - Miami

    Did anyone apply to St. Augustine's campus in Miami? I have an interview there in January. I know they are waiting on their accreditation, which makes me nervous, but the Miami area appeals to me so I applied to multiple schools there. Any insight/feedback on this campus or Miami program would...
  8. J

    Program-Specific Info / Q's St. Augustine MOT Curriculum More Online or On-Campus?

    Last year, I was in contact with someone from St. Augustine who said that on-campus lectures will transition to being held primarily online. As stated: Can any current students (or those with updated information) in the traditional MOT Program tell me how much of lecture is online and on...
  9. D

    Accepted GREs and GPAs at University of st Augustine dpt

    hi! would anyone who was admitted to USA for a dpt program mind sharing there GPAs and GREs... I have 3.2 overall 3.1 science and 298 combined GRE ... is getting accepted (anywhere... thoughts?) realistic?
  10. E

    Program-Specific Info / Q's St Augustine Austin MOT

    Has anyone heard back from st Augustine Austin? I haven't heard a thing from them and the status of my application still says under review.
  11. hannieOT

    Program-Specific Info / Q's St Augustine Florida

    Hey everyone. I applied for USA's Fall 17 in FL. The deadline used to be 12/15 but on OTCAS they moved it to 2/1. I am just curious as to if we will have to wait an additional 6-8 weeks now! Today marks week 7 since 12/15 and I am going crazy! Anyone know anything?
  12. J

    St Augustine GPA calculation?

    I have been roaming the website a while and have a question regarding St Augustine's DPT program. I've called numerous times and I haven't been able to get in touch with admissions. Anyways, I am curious if USA recalculated the GPA in anyway when they are reviewing my application. For example, I...
  13. E

    Program-Specific Info / Q's St. Augustine San Marcos Fall 2017

    I was just accepted to the MOT program at St. Augustine's San Marcos Campus for Fall 2017!! I just want to connect with anyone else who got in :soexcited:
  14. DPTMessi

    St Augustine Flex

    Hey guys, I was just wondering if anyone had any info on the University of St Augustines Flex DPT program. I like the idea of having 4 years to complete the curriculum. I feel I could really master the material with less course work per trimester and meeting up for labs on weekends. I also...