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  1. J

    Any Non-traditional 40+ just beginning to study for MCAT?

    Hi, Looking to network with other non traditional students just beginning their med school journey. Hoping to form a group where we choose a topic, study and then teach/share to reinforce. Planning on taking the MCAT next year. Best wishes everyone and stay safe!
  2. PapaGuava

    *~ MCAT Study Buddy Mega-thread ~*

    The volunteers at SDN have decided that it was time to create ‘Study Buddy’ mega-threads for those interested in linking up with other people in preparation of exams, such as the DAT, MCAT, and PCAT. In the past, most of these threads were moved to the Classified section or were left behind...
  3. N

    Looking for a study buddy in Toronto/Richmond Hill/Northyork?

    Helloo, I’m just starting to prepare for the AFK exam February 2020. I live in Richmond Hill, ON. Txt or email me if you also need a study partner/group! [email protected] 6472835090
  4. G

    NYC MCAT Study Group?

    Hey guys, So I started studying for the MCAT recently, but I'm really the only one of my friends going for MD right now so is anyone in the NYC area currently studying for the MCAT that would want to study together occasionally? If you would, feel free to comment on the thread or DM me! thanks
  5. D


  6. ThisIzBajwa

    BCSE Study Group.

    Hello there, I am a veterinarian from India, currently preparing for BCSE and if anyone else is also preparing for the same comment down if you are willing to be part of a small study group. I reckon it will be good to share some study material and maybe some tips as well.
  7. E

    Anybody in the halifax area looking to form a DAT study group?

    I've been looking for a while now for students in the Halifax area who are studying for the DAT as well to form some sort of a study group. I find I can cover more content and I stay more on track when I work with others. I have a couple of resources including the DAT destroyer to use and if you...
  8. Wynnn

    Looking to form an online study group!

    Hey guys! I am going into my third year in the pharmacy program and would like to find others to start a weekly casual study session to prepare for the NAPLEX. I am super nervous about it and would like to start prepping if anyone wants to join me! Please let me know and we could exchange...
  9. C

    Boston-area MCAT study group?

    Anyone in the Boston area want to get together for an MCAT summer study group? I'm taking the exam on June 30th
  10. mandyads

    MCAT Study Group San Antonio, TX (Summer 2018)

    Hi Guys! I've recently moved to the area and am looking for colleagues who are also studying for the MCAT right now. Though I feel like I work faster during self-study, but having a partner or group to review practice tests and difficult questions can create way more efficient review process...
  11. J

    Looking for MCAT study partner(s) in South Florida- Delray/Boca/*Coral Springs*/Fort Lauderdale Area

    Tulane 2016 graduate with a BS and 3.64 GPA. Been studying for 2 years now (on and off), scoring around 50th percentile composite. Goal score is 510+. Looking to start a study group that wants to meet at local library or a University library in the listed areas. Planning to study long hours 8-10...
  12. Ama4

    Online or In Person study buddy or group Needed - Rochester NY

    Looking for an online study buddy or group, I don't think I'll find one close to me here in Rochester NY, and online works great for me too. Just having someone who's going through this would be great. I am not yet done with my content review, but I'm doing both content and practice...
  13. Future Molinator

    DAT Study Group!!

    Hey Guys!! I will be taking the DAT in May. I am just about to start with DAT Bootcamp, and I was wondering if anybody is eager to form a study group through Whatsapp? Or use another outlet in order to prepare for the exam. I am pretty comfortable with the biology section however I need to...
  14. H

    DAT Study buddy in Houston, Missouri City, or Sugarland Texas area.

    Hello guys! Having a study buddy/group can be very helpful getting ready for the DAT. So if you’re interested in studying with me, inbox me :) Houston, Missouri City, Sugarland Texas
  15. T

    Looking for study partner(s) written and oral exams

    My best learning experiences have been in study groups. It's been a while but I would like to set up a study group for the plastic surgery boards starting now for the written exam and extending through the oral exam. We'd use Skype +/- phone. If anyone has experience with the exam and...
  16. M

    PHILADELPHIA: Spring MCAT Study Group

    Hi everyone! I'm currently studying for the MCAT to take at the end of April 2018 and am looking for a core group of people to study with 2-3x a week. I live in the University City Area in a building that has awesome study spaces but am willing to travel within Philly. Hoping to do mostly...
  17. N

    MCAT Study Group

    If anyone is interested in being in a online study group, I have formed one in which I give lectures on certain content topics and then we plan to do a new thing where those interested could do passages together and review explanations together. For those interested let me know and I will give...
  18. Z

    Looking for a Study Buddy for the January 2018 NPTE

    I just recently took the Oct 2017 NPTE and unfortunately failed it, but i am planning to take the Jan 2018 NPTE and would like to know if anyone has a study group or is looking for a study partner. I am foreign educated, btw. Anyone interested please hit me up :)
  19. F

    Looking for MCAT 2018 study partners in Northern Va Area!

    Looking to meet at least once a week to tackle tough MCAT topics (preferably Saturdays or Sundays)! If you are in the Northern Virginia area message me! -4 years post undergrad -self study
  20. F

    MCAT 2018 study partners in northern Va area needed!

    If you are in the Northern Virginia area and can meet at least once a week to tackle tough MCAT topics (saturdays or sundays preferably) I need to hear from you asap! -4 years post undergrad -self study -ready
  21. E

    Atlanta Study Group MCAT August 2017

    Hey! I'm looking for a study group in Atlanta for the summer for anyone taking the MCAT, preferably in August or before.
  22. D

    BCPS - FALL 2017 (Seeking 2 study partners...possibly 3)

    Hi All: I am seeking two organized and reliable study partners to study together to take the BCPS (Pharmacotherapy) exam this fall. I would like only two partners as a study group that is too big does more harm than good...but maybe I can consider 3 (4 total) My plan is as follows: - We would...
  23. F

    BCSE 2017 - Retake

    Hi everyone, I just basically wanted to blow out some steam over here with others that might be on the same situation as me. I have taken the BCSE exam 3 times now. My last attempt was April 6, 2017 and I failed it again. I really cannot understand the mechanism of this test as my score went...
  24. N

    Study Group August 2017 MCAT date

    Hey All, I am attempting to retake my MCAT in August and I was wondering if any of you would like to join a online study group since I've heard they can be really helpful. We can hold them twice a week and go over questions we all found confusing or review concepts together. If any of you are...
  25. W

    Chapel Hill/ Raleigh MCAT study

    Hey guys, I'm taking MCAT in June. I'd like to have someone to study with. I'm currently working in a research lab full time in Durham, so probably few hours a week studying together would be good. If you're interested in, please send me a private message. Thanks, Wendy
  26. wimma

    StudyingMed.com - free Med Student encyclopaedia

    Hey guys, please check out my free site : StudyingMed, a massive portal for medical notes where any user can edit! Contains everything you'll need for your degree. Made by and update by doctors! Upload your own notes to contribute to the perfect database! We've recently been doing a whole lot of...
  27. halo1789

    MCAT Study group in the Memphis, TN Area

    Starting a new study group in the Memphis, TN area! Message below if you're interested. I've been utilizing the public libraries and the prep books they have in the neighboring cities as well.
  28. mashmetoo

    CCFP Study Partner/group For Spring 2017 Session

    Hello everyone. I'm looking for a study partner, or create/join a study group for the CCFP exam for Spring (April) 2017 (The Canadian family medicine specialty board exam) Everyone welcome - IMGs, Canadian/US grads. I have a lot of review material, but would ideally want to run a session once...
  29. C

    Chicago MCAT Study Group Spring 2017

    We are a team of three highly dedicated students looking to add another student or two to our MCAT study (read: "support") group. If you are in Chicago and want a group to analyze your practice tests with. Please join us! We are taking full lengths every other week for the next couple months...
  30. B

    Boston MCAT study group!

    Anyone interested in getting an MCAT study group going in Boston? I just registered for a May test date.
  31. ivey0126

    Study Buddy for May 13th Test date

    Hi Everyone, I am in San Diego looking for anyone who is interested in joining a study group. Either online or in the San Diego area. It would be great to have someone to go through this hellish experience with.
  32. Singerpremed

    *Official MCAT January 2017 Thread*

    Hi, I know there are many people who are also studying for the MCAT in January and I would like to connect with you guys and get insights. I'm currently taking a live online Kaplan MCAT course. I go to the University of Florida.
  33. Singerpremed

    Anyone taking the MCAT January 2017?

    Hi everyone, this semester I'm studying for the MCAT for January 2017. I'm using the Kaplan MCAT Live course and I live Gainesville, FL (University of Florida). I was interested in creating a study group here and connecting with you guys. I also have one on Facebook. :)
  34. B

    Female Study Partner

    I've just started preparing for Step 1, i'm looking for a serious female study partner to review/discuss Kaplan notes and First Aid. My Skype ID is: Carib.doc I plan on taking the exam in 2017.
  35. M

    Houston Area DAT Study Buddy

    I'm in the Southwest Houston area, and I'm looking for someone who is also studying for the DAT. It's nice to be held accountable and also test/quiz each other and/or have someone to offer clarification if need be. I'm looking to take the DAT by the end of this year. If you're someone who...
  36. N

    Study partner for AFK 2017 in vancouver

    Hi~Is there anyone preparing AFK 2017 in Vancouver? Currently I live in Burnaby~ Plz contact me and we can help each [email protected]
  37. JMed7

    Study Partner SF Bay area (East Bay) for September MCAT

    Hello, Im looking for a study partner or small group to study with for the summer.I'm located in San Leandro but can meet in the East Bay, I'm also open to Skype sessions.
  38. osky309

    MCAT Study Partner in the Quad Cities

    Hello, I will be studying for the MCAT this whole summer and will be taking the MCAT in late August. If anyone in the Quad Cities would like to meet up possibly a few times a week to study together and motivate each other please send me an email [email protected]
  39. M

    MCAT Study Partner in PHX

    Going to start studying the week of May 16 in PHX. Hmu or dm me if you're in the area and pysched to tackle this exam. More details upon request.
  40. D

    San Diego MCAT Study Buddy for May, June, July, August

    Hi All, I will be studying this summer non-stop for the MCAT and taking it in August. I do well with study partners, groups, etc. so if anyone wants to meet up and study let me know. I also will be meeting with a tutor a few times a week. Thanks, Michael