study partner

  1. T

    Study partner for heme/onc boards

    Hello, I am currently in third year of Heme Onc fellowship and will be taking hemeonc boards in nov 2022 looking for a study partner to do questions and go over board review material (who is interested in shared accountability to sit and read on a daily basis)...
  2. N

    NBDE part 2 study partner

    Hello guys.. I m looking for a study partner for NBDE part 2.. Mine is scheduled in January .. do contact me if interested.. Thanks in advance
  3. A


    Hello everyone, I’m planning to take my INBDE by the end of this year and was looking for a study partner. I’m in LA.
  4. N

    Looking for a study buddy in Toronto/Richmond Hill/Northyork?

    Helloo, I’m just starting to prepare for the AFK exam February 2020. I live in Richmond Hill, ON. Txt or email me if you also need a study partner/group! [email protected] 6472835090
  5. sehazem

    USMLE Looking for a study partner in san jose

    Graduated in 2016, studied kinda for step1 last year but couldn’t continue , starting from start again . Need a study partner with timeline for step one around june of next year. Resources are kaplan, first aid , pathoma , bnb
  6. A

    Study partner for UW revision

    Hi, I am taking Step 3 in the first week of September. I am looking for a study partner to revise UW concepts. If interested, please DM. Thanks P.S. I am Eastern Time Zone.
  7. A

    Looking for a study partner for CA1- ITE

    Looking for a study partner for CA1- ITE. Please reach out to me those who are interested.
  8. S

    Looking for a Step 2 CS Partner in Brampton, Ontario or the GTA

    Hi, I'd love to practice CS cases with someone in the GTA area. If interested, please message me
  9. H


    Looking for a study partner for upcoming 2019 ABEM - American Board of Emergency Medicine board exam. Please message me if interested. Thanks!
  10. Dr. Retro

    BOTH Chicago-Based Study Partner

    Hello there! I am looking for a Chicago based study partner who is well into their dedicated study period. Doesn't matter to me if you're studying for Step 1, 2 or 3, as there is overlap to the material and we can all help each other. I have a NBME comp scheduled in a month, with Step hopefully...
  11. N

    Hem/Onc fellow looking for a study partner.

    Hello, Im currently in the first year of Heme Onc fellowship and as expected feel overwhelmed with the amount of information. Over the years Ive realized that i do better when reading or discussing material with a study partner or group. An hour a day over Skype doing questions or discussing...
  12. W

    USMLE Step 1 study partner in India.

    Hi, I need a sincere study partner for usmle step 1 who is in the middle to last stage of prep. Preferably from India to avoid time zone differences. Inbox me here. Thanks.
  13. L

    Study partner needed step2 ck Dallas

    Hello! Anyone need a study buddy?
  14. sehazem

    study partner in california

    Hi , Iam an IMG living in san jose . I graduated in 2017 from pakistan , starting my step 1 preprations my target is to give my exam around july next year . I need a study partner with whom I can plan , study and target goals
  15. M

    2CS study partner in Chicago

    Looking for a live female study partner in Chicago for the CS exam! Exam is in early September.
  16. O

    USMLE CS partner near LA, exam early august

    Hi! I am looking for a live SP in the area of LA. I have my step 2 CS exam on august 6th and want to practice as much as possible. I recently did the Kaplan prep course. Hope to hear from you soon!
  17. K

    Need serious Study partner!

    Hi. I just started preparing for my MCAT and am planning to take it by September, in 10 weeks or so. I would like to have a serious SP over Skype so we set a time and sort of discuss hard topics, go through materials and keep each other motivated! Let me know if interested! Thank you!
  18. J

    Uworld Full time Atlanta EST (skype/in person)SP-step 2CK

    Looking for SP to meet in person in atlanta or on skype. Would prefer either gender. I am on Eastern Standard Time. Meet daily to complete a first review of uworld questions and help motivate each other. Please PM me your skype ID or message me for my number to coordinate study times. At least...
  19. M

    Step 1 Study Partner

    Looking for a step 1 study partner to review concepts, questions etc. through skype. I plan to take my exam in mid May, so looking for someone who is also well along in their studying. Or any students who have already passed step (and did fairly well) I'm open to reasonably priced tutoring, or...
  20. H

    DAT Study buddy in Houston, Missouri City, or Sugarland Texas area.

    Hello guys! Having a study buddy/group can be very helpful getting ready for the DAT. So if you’re interested in studying with me, inbox me :) Houston, Missouri City, Sugarland Texas
  21. T

    Looking for study partner(s) written and oral exams

    My best learning experiences have been in study groups. It's been a while but I would like to set up a study group for the plastic surgery boards starting now for the written exam and extending through the oral exam. We'd use Skype +/- phone. If anyone has experience with the exam and...
  22. C

    Study Partner in NJ/Philly area

    Hey guys! I was wondering if anyone living in New Jersey/PA area would be interested in studying together? I am taking my DAT in less than 2 months, and plan on studying everyday consistently. It would be really great if anyone wants to join in. Thanks!
  23. N

    Los Angeles - MCAT Accountability /Study Partner

    Hey, I'm from NY, but here in LA. Message me if this is something you're seriously interested in. We can Facetime and determine if our goals are aligned and go from there. Thanks! Location (City, State, Country): Los Angeles, CA, USA Test Date (Anticipated) (Month AND YEAR): April/May 2018 MCAT...
  24. C

    Study partner for step 1

    Hey everyone, I am an IMG from Fresno, CA, and I am looking for a study partner to start the Step 1 journey with. We can either meet in person or do skype. I'm starting Kaplan and Sketchy now for micro and I plan on taking the exams around August 2018. Let me know if you are interested!
  25. M

    Serious CK study partner. Exam January 15

    Serious CK study partner. Exam January 15. Just passed step 1 and CS. I need a skype partner for Wednesday-Saturday all day on skype to keep each other accountable. We don't have to communicate the entire time but its just so that i can keep a 8-10/day schedule with reasonable break time. I...
  26. Z

    Looking for a Study Buddy for the January 2018 NPTE

    I just recently took the Oct 2017 NPTE and unfortunately failed it, but i am planning to take the Jan 2018 NPTE and would like to know if anyone has a study group or is looking for a study partner. I am foreign educated, btw. Anyone interested please hit me up :)
  27. F

    MCAT 2018 study partners in northern Va area needed!

    If you are in the Northern Virginia area and can meet at least once a week to tackle tough MCAT topics (saturdays or sundays preferably) I need to hear from you asap! -4 years post undergrad -self study -ready
  28. H

    I'm looking for a USMLE CS Step 2CK and Step 3 study partner

    Hi i am desperately looking for a USMLE Step 2 CK CS and Step 3 study partner. Please contact me as soon as possible. My email address is [email protected] Have a nice day and I hope to hear from you soon =)
  29. O

    study patner needed

    hello every one: looking for a study patner to discuss FA from beginning to end, if interested, pls contact me via email [email protected] we can work out a "do-able" schedule and timing..
  30. T

    NBDE Part 1 Study Partner

    Hey, I am a dental student from India, in my internship year. I'm planning to give my exam in October or Mid-September. Anyone interested to study together? Via emails, or Whatsapp. Basically just looking for someone who is also giving their exam around the same time and can help push...
  31. N

    NPTE NAVLE Dec 2017 study group

    Hi there, I am a foreign vet graduate in Canada planning to take NAVLE in Dec 2017. Any one like to be a study partner or add me to a study group? Thanks.
  32. D

    BCPS - FALL 2017 (Seeking 2 study partners...possibly 3)

    Hi All: I am seeking two organized and reliable study partners to study together to take the BCPS (Pharmacotherapy) exam this fall. I would like only two partners as a study group that is too big does more harm than good...but maybe I can consider 3 (4 total) My plan is as follows: - We would...
  33. S

    MCAT Study Partner September MCAT 2017

    Hello All, I'm writing the MCAT early September(solid 4 months to study) and I'm looking for a study partner over Skype. I live in Ontario, Canada btw. These are the books I'm using: Kaplan Review Books for all subjects Kaplan FLs 1-10 EK CARS + 1001 Passages AAMC Section Banks AAMC...
  34. lightandwaves

    USMLE CS Study Partner in Boston or Skype

    Hi everyone! I'm looking for a SP that would be willing to practice cases on Skype either daily (anytime after 6-7pm EST) or at least several times a week (even if it's only a couple of cases per day). If you're in the Boston area we could also meet on the weekends to practice more cases in...
  35. J


    I am taking my MCAT in May 18th, anyone wanna study together via Skype? So we can go over the content and keep each other motivated?
  36. Hands4Surgery

    NEED study partner for CS in the Washington, D.C. area - Exam 3.20.2017

    Hi all, I NEED study partner for CS in the Washington, D.C. area. My exam is 3/20. If anybody needs to take this thing, lets ROCK IT! I'll be checking this site constantly for replies. Thanks peoplez!
  37. OdysseusMD

    USMLE STEP 2CS SP in Boston

    Hello everyone, A few things about me: Graduated from a European med school a few months ago, done with STEP 1 and CK (260+ both) and I'm starting a postdoc research fellowship in late January. I'm looking for a STEP 2CS study partner in Boston. My exam is in early April. I can devote around...
  38. D

    MCAT Study buddy online or in California, Ventura County

    I'm taking my MCAT Exam May 18th, and I am looking for someone to keep me accountable! Please message me if you are interested. Let's Goooooooooo!!!
  39. P

    MCAT 2017 Study Partner in MD or online

    Hi guys, I'm looking for a MCAT study buddy preferably in Maryland (but online might work too). I am enrolled in the Kaplan online mcat-prep course, so I'm familiar with most of the content & test format. I will be taking the test on March 31st this year. I basically need help staying motivated...
  40. A

    Study partner in Cary NC for nbde part 1

    Hi, I'm preparing for nbde and planning to give it around February/march. I'm from Cary NC. Looking for a study partner. Can do online or in person but Prefer in person.