studying advice

  1. N

    Should I take the MCAT earlier?

    Hey everyone! Since mid-Sophomore year I've decided to take the MCAT during Summer 2023 for a variety of reasons: More time to study, will be done with the pre-reqs, yada yada yada. However, by taking the MCAT next Summer, I am automatically taking a gap year since I will probably be graduating...
  2. O

    USMLE path for an IMG, can I do it?

    Here is my story , I am an IMG that graduated in October 2020. Our program is basically 6 years. 3 years of basic sciences and 3 years of clinical rotations. I graduated from the best Uni in my country, it’s really hard to enter there and nearly every graduate end up doing residency and...
  3. M

    Special Master's Program Outside Resources

    Hey all, What outside resources have you used for your SMP? Like you do buy First Aid, watch videos on a YouTube channel, etc.?
  4. O

    How to study for a biochem course

    I'm going to be taking biochem this summer but I have no idea how to approach it. How did y'all study for it when you were taking it?
  5. shihfoodie

    Study Tips for Organic Chemistry

    Hello everyone, this is my first time posting in SDN. I have found some really helpful stuff on this website. I am currently a second-year student with a business management major and pre-med courses. As everyone knows, organic chemistry is one of the requirements for pre-med students. I...
  6. doctorstrangerthingz

    240+ scorers, what were your study habits during classes?

    I’m currently an M1. I was wondering, for the people who scored 240+ on step, what specific study habits did you find helpful in learning the material from class? Would anyone be willing to share their routines/strategy/resources? (pls be specific if you can). I can’t help but think of how...
  7. V

    MA/MS Masters in Counseling

    I recently started a graduate program in counseling. I love the program but I find myself feeling intimidated by the program. I often feel like I am not a good fit after all. I have doubts about whether I will make a good LPC or not. I am wondering if these feelings are normal for new graduate...
  8. L

    Taking notes from Kaplan books

    Hello everyone, I was just curious about those who used the Kaplan books to study with, would it be better to read the chapters and then write the notes based off the end chapter reviews instead of taking notes as you read? What has helped you? Thank you
  9. kalf

    How do you study during Uro residency? And what resources do you use?

    Hi! MD graduate here, planning to match for Uro. I was wondering how do residents study during the uro residency? What strategies do the use to cope with the demanding hours in work and studying? Also, if possible, what resources (textbooks, qbanks, review questions, uptodate, other apps...
  10. A

    When To/How To Study For MCAT Help

    Hey guys! I went to premed advising at my university and it wasn't very helpful. I plan on taking my MCAT at the end of this summer (Early August). I'd like some help knowing how to study. When should I start studying? Do you recommend taking a prep course? How many hours a day is sufficient...
  11. D


    Hi guys, What are some of the good surgical podcasts that you listen to? I would like to know those that are available for Android phones but so that it helps everyone maybe we can list all available ones? Free iPhone ICU doctor Android Paid
  12. AdenineThomasPhosphate

    Taking MCAT January 2018, lots of questions about studying

    I graduated with my Biology Degree in 2016. I studied incredibly hard in college so I'd say my knowledge base WAS deep, however it's been over a year since I was in school. So that's 2-3 years since some of the beginning subjects (I changed majors to Biology in the Spring of 2014). I picked up...
  13. Lever09

    Practice case studies...

    Hello everyone! I apologize if this has already been asked but I searched and didn't see anything similar. I have already gotten into a DPT program, I started last fall but was required to take. Break around Christmas 2016 due to medical issues with a return a year later. I've been meeting with...
  14. kozmo1994

    Australian Med schools for American students

    Good evening I am an American citizen who just graduated with a BS in Health sciences and I am planning to apply for med schools in Australia. I want to live in Australia after graduating so I am not really concerned about practicing in the US. Med schools in the US are really expensive and...
  15. wndrwomn

    DAT is in a little more than a week...Need Advice

    Hi there, I have my DAT scheduled for June 5th. I took a Kaplan course-- I needed the structured studying while I was finishing up my semester, but I am still scoring 17 in Bio and 15 in QR. Which makes my AA usually between a 16-18 depending on how the other sections go. PAT has been 19-20. I...
  16. B

    Critique my study plan please?

    I'm planning on taking the OAT around the middle of July, allowing myself 7 weeks to study for it. I'm only working a few hours a week in order to be able to spend most of my time studying. Assuming I study around 4-6 hours per day and give myself weekends off, will it be possible to thoroughly...
  17. T

    Rewriting MCAT Study Tips

    I took the MCAT in September 2016 and did not do nearly as well as I had hoped. I'm retaking it this summer and plan to spend ~2.5 months studying. I don't think I knew the material as well as I should have (i.e. organic chem) so I definitely want to spend some more time on that. Could I get...
  18. N

    MCAT Retake Advice?

    Hey guys, So I am planning on taking a Masters degree in the Fall starting in late August which is meant to last a year long and I want to retake my MCAT before my classes start. i am graduating from undergraduate next May and this is the third time I am retaking the MCAT and i need to do...
  19. K

    Time effective studying?

    I know that studying methods need to fit each person specifically, and have explored many this first week, but still find myself feeling as though I'm not using my time as effectively as possible. I work 20 hours a week (able to do some studying here thankfully) and have classes Monday-Thursday...
  20. C

    Study Tips?

    Okay, so I'm a senior in high school taking AP Chem, and I find it quite hard. I'm planning on majoring in chem when I go off to college, and I know it's only going to get harder. I believe part of my problem is that I'm not studying effectively. Any study strategies/tips? Thanks!
  21. M

    How to study in medical school?

    hey everyone, Im starting medical school in a few months and want to what were some effective studying strategies you guys use/used in med school. I naturally just like to attack the material and read lectures over and over for hours. I know that will be problematic in med school with just the...
  22. ayothen

    More time on practice tests or practice questions?

    Hey guys! I'm looking for extra practice tests and I'm stumped on which to try. I already have TPR box set and only one test left. I'm also going to buy the AAMC test. My plan was to take a test every week (not sure if I'm going to do this now haha) until my test day which is May 6th. I'm...
  23. Daniel M. Pitta

    How long did you take to prepare for the GRE?

    I am looking to apply in the summer for Fall '17 admission. My goal is to begin preparing for the exam this week, focusing primarily on the math portion because writing and reading comprehension are my strong suits (Print Journalism major in undergrad). I have spoken to a few people that only...
  24. doe_eyed

    NAPLEX studying - love slides? Try this combo that isn't titled "RxPrep is awesome"

    DISCLAIMER: I have not retaken NAPLEX yet, so this is just how I feel thus far. I will obviously comment at a later date with a score update. I believe my problem stems from applying information and connecting the dots. Classes at my college were taught higgledy-piggledy. Monday- PMS...