summer course

  1. N

    Summer session courses: count in GPA during application year?

    Basically, since I'm applying for this upcoming cycle, would the courses I take over the summer (summer '22) also be counted in the GPA calculations even though I'd be (ideally) submitting my app by early June (prior to summer courses finishing)? Would I send an update about the grades after the...
  2. B

    Summer course needed for older non-traditional applicant?

    Hi everyone - I’m a 40 year-old non-trad in the middle of a DIY post-bacc. As an undergrad 20 years ago, I majored in neuroscience and took most of the premed courses, but my sGPA was a less-than-stellar 3.31 at a top 5 liberal arts college. Based on past advice of SDN and others, I’m in the...
  3. HappyPomme

    DAT + summer school

    Hey everyone! So a few months ago when I first learned I would have to be studying for the DAT while taking a summer class, I have to admit that I was really worried and tried looking for some comfort in SDN threads from others who have done this in the past. However, reading some of the posts...
  4. J

    Online Biochemistry Course Offered During the Summer

    Hello! I've been searching for an online biochemistry course that I would be able to take during the summer. So far I've heard of UNE and the Berkeley Extension (which my school said it will not accept credit from). Are there any other schools that offer biochemistry ONLINE during the summer?
  5. W

    Taking intensive Organic Chemistry 1 & 2 and Cell Biology at the same time

    Background: I completed my first semester of undergraduate school and just started the second semester. I took Gen Chem 1, Calc, Physics, and some gen ed, but I found myself going crazy because it seemed like I had nothing to do. I finished all my work well before deadlines and it got to the...
  6. D

    Predental Predicament- Would appreciate any advice

    I have a 3.55+ gpa and around a 3.1 sci GPA as of now. 1. Given my spring course load I will be able to pull my sci GPA to around 3.2. I have room to add genetics into my schedule, which could increase my sci gpa a bit more. I am also planning to take the DAT this (spring) semester. Should I...
  7. G

    Physics 2 is not going too well

    So sorry if this has already been posted, this is my first time hanging out here. I'm a rising junior currently taking Physics 2 over the summer at Georgetown University (have not taken physics 1) and I'm consistently doing badly in the class, particularly on the exams - I'm guessing I might...
  8. J

    Where should I take my summer classes?

    Hi everyone, so I am choosing to take both orgo 1 and 2 over the summer. My plan is to take them at the university I am currently enrolled in but it is a far way from home. I would like to take them at a university close to home, I do have the option to, to be with my family. There is some...
  9. J

    MCAT in Sept 2016 and apply in summer

    Hi, I am currently a junior and this Spring I will have finally finished all of the pre-reqs for the MCAT. I'm interested in taking - the MCAT in September while submitting my application to Med-School before - as soon as they open this summer. I have two questions - 1) Am I allowed to...
  10. Melezour

    PhD Is Public Health still attractive in the U.S. ?

    Hey there! I'm a French med student (5th year), and I'm planning to get a PhD in Public Health in France (within 5 years or so), and I'll probably try to specialize into health politics and management. Public Health has a bad reputation among med students in France, and many people choose this...
  11. M

    Dental School Rejection. What next?

    Hello. I am currently a senior who goes to NYU. I was rejected from NYU dental school which was my top dream school so.. I feel very hopeless. I am eager to try again in the next cycle but until then, I need to raise my sGPA and DAT for sure. I am not a science major (social work) but I did...
  12. T

    Pre-Requisite Timing: Biochem Before O-Chem 2?

    Background: Appreciate any and all advice. I'm finishing up my bachelor's in a non-science major this Spring so I'm taking a year to finish pre-requisites and get some additional ECs. I'm going to take classes in all 3 summer, fall and spring semesters, but I'm also going to take the MCAT after...
  13. B

    Does this schedule sound impossible?

    I'm taking summer classes to catch up on all the courses I need to get done on time. I have a shadowing/internship opportunity for a dentist in a city other than the one I am going to college at, and I was going to take these courses at a easier 4 year university, since my school is pretty...
  14. B

    Should I wait to apply next cycle? Help!

    Hey friends pls help I committed to wanting to go to dental school last year, my sophomore year of college (a little late, I know) . I have finished most of the courses and will be almost done by the end of this summer if I take summer school. My friends are advising me to apply next cycle...
  15. P

    cold spring harbor course

    I am still an undergraduate medical student with only limited lab experiences, and I would like to know that if the courses from Cold Spring Harbor are suitable for me? I am interested in this course "Mouse Development, Stem Cells & Cancer", but I don't have any experiences in like all of the...