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  1. delta-ot

    General Admissions & OTCAS Help! TTUHSC Science Pre-Req

    Hey everyone! I am contemplating submitting my app to Texas Tech for one reason only: my science pre-req is not quite at the minimum 3.0 ! I am retaking Physics and so far I have an 'A'. If I earn an A, my science pre-req will be at a 3.1. I really don't want to waste my money if they will...
  2. U


    deleted sorry
  3. F

    Why I didn't get in

    Hey everyone! This is my first time posting and I was hoping you all can help me understand what went wrong. I'm really feeling down about the way my admission cycle went. I though I had a strong application however many schools didn't think so. How can I improve? Major: Exercise Science...
  4. G

    General Admissions & OTCAS TTU MOT

    Hi, all. I'm kind of just here to see what y'all think about my stats so far, and my chances of getting into a good MOT program. (: My overall GPA is 3.75 (will most likely hit over 3.8 after my last semester is done). In my last 60 hours I think I've made five Bs??? Don't exactly know the GPA...
  5. K


    Forum for applicants who have accepted admissions into TTUHSC OT program for the 2017-2018 start year. Here is the link to the Facebook group for TTUHSC Class of 2019. https://www.facebook.com/groups/986227398176577/
  6. MagPie23

    Texas Tech Interview!

    Hello, I have an interview with Texas Tech in Lubbock December 2nd, and I heard that they do group interviews, where I will not be the only applicant being interviewed at one time. Can anyone who has interviewed at Tech let me know if this is true? Also, this is my first interview for this cycle...
  7. L

    Does TSU require TOEFL score?

    Hi all, As an international student, I wonder if school like TSU/ Texas Tech/ Texas at Tyler requires TOEFL score? I have been studying in U.S. from 2014 and got A's from both English Composite I and II. I saw that some schools will waive the TOEFL if I got my associate degree or completed...
  8. beyoutiful_sunshine

    2016-2017 Texas Applicants

    Hello! I tried to get a thread like this going earlier this summer but hopefully now that more people applied, there will be more response. In the spirit of two similar threads for 2015-2016 and 2014-2015 that helped me A LOT, I thought it would be great to have a thread like this to get the...
  9. F

    Texas Tech Pharmacy Class of 2021

    Hello all, who is applying to TTUHSC SOP for Fall 2017?
  10. mport

    Biology vs. A&P for Pre-Med

    I'm a non-traditional student that is returning to college to get a degree in nutritional sciences and complete my pre-med requirements. When I started this journey last year I thought I wanted to be a nurse, so I completed A&P 1 and 2. The medical school that I want to attend (Texas Tech -...
  11. O

    Below Minimum GRE scores

    Hey guys! just had a quick question for you all! I was wondering if anyone on here has gained admission to Texas PT school (ex: UTSW, Texas State, Texas Tech) with below minimum GRE scores? I haven't taken my GRE yet, but would like some, somewhat good news if I don't get the scores l need...
  12. V

    Texas Tech Pharmacy 2017 applicants

    hey there, I wanted to go ahead and create a post for the application cycle that just opened. any fellow applicants out there for early decision or otherwise? share your stats or just come chat!
  13. H

    Honestly, am I a hopeless case?

    Let's skip all the reasons as to how I ended up how I did and get to the point. I have a GED and just finished my first year of college at a cc. I tried to take the minimum amount of courses I could while at the cc so I can do the rest at a higher level. Now aside from this, I now have a 3.07...
  14. G

    Coursework & Fieldwork A&P

    Hi, all. Here's a bit of info on me: University: Texas Tech Major & Minor: Kinesiology & Psychology TTU GPA: ~3.7 Community College GPA: ~3.1 (Atteneded before starting school at TTU.) Cumulative GPA: ~3.5 (TTU and community college GPA combined.) Pre-req GPA: I don't think I've taken any yet...
  15. Soon2BMD2020

    MATCH Ranking Texas Schools

    Hello :) I have interviewed at a few different schools and need some suggestions/help on making my rank list. These are the schools I need to rank: UTMB A&M UNT-TCOM UTHSCSA Texas Tech El Paso I would love some advice. Thank you!
  16. T

    Texas Tech Interview

    Hey y'all this is my first interview, and it's in about two weeks. I've looked at the practice questions they have online and gone over my resume. Are there any other suggestions for preparation for this interview or other questions to be prepared for?