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  1. A

    MCAT Books for sale!! Exam krackers, Princeton Review, AAMC guides

    1. Princeton Review Complete MCAT 2015 (good condition) = $15 (plus shipping) 2. Princeton Review MCAT Biology and Biochemistry Review 2015 (good condition) = $15 (plus shipping) 3. Princeton Review MCAT Biochemistry Review (very good condition)= $15 (plus shipping) 4. Princeton Review MCAT CARS...
  2. N

    For Sale Berkeley Review, Princeton Review and Kaplan MCAT books for sale.

    Hello, I have various MCAT books and study prep for sale. Berkeley Review: ( Biology Part 1 &2, Chemistry part 1&2, and Physics part 1& 2) These are the new ones published in 2018. I only used them briefly so they are still in brand new condition. There are no markings or highlighting in these...
  3. vikhloe

    For Sale TPRH verbal workbook

    Selling “CARS BIBLE” - TPRH verbal workbook No highlights or notes or marks. It’s the best and most classic practice for CARS section. Selling it for $145 (I initially bought it for $160). Message me if you’re interested!
  4. joe7456

    Selling New MCAT books; EK, Princeton, and NS!

    Hello, I just got into medical school and no longer need these books. I will use venmo for shipping costs and payment; I send you a text with picture of tracking number and date, then you just send me the money via Venmo app. I am selling all the books listed in the pictures, which includes...
  5. J

    MCAT Books for Sale! Need them gone ASAP! PM for prices!

    Examkrackers - Never used Examkrackers - older version used Kaplan TBR Verbal Reasoning - never used Princeton Review - Verbal Reasoning and Psychology/Sociology - both brand new never used Examkrackers Mini MCATs Examkrackers 1001 Questions - Physics, OG Chem, Gen Chem Examkrackers 101 Verbal...
  6. P

    Kaplan or The Princeton Review or Something Else?

    I've decided to dedicate the whole summer to studying for the MCAT and I'm trying to find the best resources. Unsurprisingly, most of my pre-med friends are no longer pre-med and the ones that have taken the MCAT have differing opinions about the review books and classes. Plus the sample size...
  7. J

    Is the Med Flix from the TPR adequate for MCAT prep?

    The title basically says it all. I started by reading through the TPR books and working through the problems, but I noticed that I can hold my attention better with the MedFlix videos. They also give helpful tips as to how to approach certain problems on the MCAT. So I guess I'll reiterate my...
  8. G

    Gold Standard Reviews Please

    Hello all! I am thinking about what prep materials to use for my MCAT test date at the end of this summer. I was wondering what everyone or anyone thinks of Gold Standard MCAT prep materials. Has anyone used them in the past and had success? If anyone is currently studying with Kaplan or TPR...
  9. CaneMD2022

    FULL MCAT PACKAGE SET: Kaplan, The Princeton Review, Barron's

    A great MCAT score opens great opportunities to medical school. This is what I used to increase my MCAT score from 65 percentile to 91 percentile, from zero acceptances to three: FULL MCAT PACKAGE includes: Complete Kaplan 2015 Review and Lesson Books from Kaplan MCAT Course, includes High...
  10. Silver378

    MCAT Books- TPR CARS Workbook, Examkrackers, etc.

    Selling my MCAT books since I don't need them anymore :) The Princeton Review 2015 Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills (CARS) Workbook - $50 Excellent condition, no writing or highlighting. I bought it brand new. Examkrackers MCAT 101 Verbal Reasoning Passages - $12 Excellent condition, no...
  11. Silver378

    For Sale Berkeley Review Set(New), TPR CARS, EK Verbal & 1001, Next Step

    Selling my MCAT books, no longer need them :) The Berkely Review Set - Sold The Princeton Review 2015 Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills Workbook - $70 Excellent condition, no writing or highlighting. I bought it brand new. Next Step MCAT Psychology and Sociology Strategy and Practice -...
  12. neutralobserver

    Retaking March 24th and used all AAMC resources already.

    So I had intended on taking the Jan 25th exam, and I still am, but voiding it due to practice FL scores not at my target (510+). :( I am planning on going for the March 24th one, but I have an issue. I have used all the AAMC resources (3 practice FL's, SB's, OG, etc.) and I used most of my TPR...
  13. B

    Other Materials I Might Need For The MCAT

    I am wondering what other materials I might need for the MCAT. I plan to take the MCAT in July or June if I feel that I am ready for it at that time. Materials I have: AAMC: Official MCAT Critical Analysis and Reasoning Question Pack, Volume 1 The Official Guide to the MCAT Exam (MCAT2015)...
  14. Tyrone.

    Thoughts on MCAT timeline

    So, my school only offers biochem 1 and 2 in certain semesters, and that pushes my mcat and applying timeline back a cycle atleast. Considering, I would need proper time to study. I found that my school offers a summer (May-July) monday-thursday in-person MCAT course by The Princeton Review and...
  15. joe7456

    Selling MCAT 2016-2017 TBR, EK and more!

    Hello, I just got into medical school and no longer need these books. I will use venmo for shipping costs and payment; I will show you a receipt of the book shipment with tracking, then you just send me the money via Venmo app. I am selling all the books listed in the pictures, which includes...
  16. D

    A whole lot of MCAT books/prep resources- mostly unused

    Hi All- New MCAT Prep Books and Many Other Resources Looking to sell all of MCAT materials. They're basically in brand new condition minus a few pencil markings on less than 3 pages. Check out my ad on craigslist because that includes pictures. I will give you the ENTIRE set of resources for...
  17. browneyes1000

    For Sale Princeton Review MCAT 2015 Books

    Selling the books that came with my online course for $50.00 plus shipping to your location (I'm from MA, fyi these books are heavy). There is some minimal highlighting/writing (which I did before I realized I might want to sell these at some point). Otherwise books are in very good condition...
  18. V

    What content is missing from The Princeton Review review books?

    I have the full set of TPR books, but I heard that TPR doesn't have all the content covered on the MCAT. Do y'all know which specific kind of content is missing? And if y'all do, which specific books should I seek out to fill in those gaps?
  19. Joemm426


    Hello, I will be taking MCAT in summer of 2018. So far, I have taken most courses tested on MCAT, except statistics and biochem, both of which I will take before the test. Currently, I am receiving weekly, one-hour tutoring lessons for MCAT. During those lessons, my tutor and I go over the...
  20. B

    For Sale MCAT books for sale (Kaplan, TPR, Examkrackers)

    TPR (2015) books: MCAT psychology and sociology review (comes with 3 full-length online practice tests) MCAT biology and biochemistry review (comes with 3 full-length online practice tests) TPR books are LIKE NEW. No writing/highlighting except for 1 single page in psychology and sociology...
  21. T

    For Sale MCAT Books: EK 7th, TBR, and TPR Science Workbook (2012) and Bio Review (2010)

    Selling books written for the old MCAT. Although for the old test, they are a great resource and provide a lot of really great content and practice. The books are/were part of the SN2ed MCAT study review package, and are all in great shape and include: EXAM KRACKERS (EK) COMPLETE Exam...
  22. M

    For Sale Selling Princeton Review Set, Kaplan Set, Next Step books, and Berkley-Good Condition

    I am willing the sell these sets at the BEST PRICE for you! These books have minimal to n0 markings or highlights. I can send pictures if needed :) 2015 MCAT Sets that I am selling: The Princeton Review Kaplan Book set Organic Chemistry-The Berkley Review Chemistry-The Berkley Review Next...
  23. medicaldalliance

    Highly competitive pricing! TPR Gen Chem

    Hello! I'm selling The Princeton Review (TPR ) General Chemistry Review -- It is in great condition and entirely unsullied by writing. OBO! Please feel free to PM me for additional information and ask for additional photographs. P.S. The three practice exams weren't used and are still valid...
  24. XWolfX

    TBR, EK, and TPR recent versions

    I am looking for: TBR General Chemistry TBR Organic Chemistry TBR Biology TBR Physics EK Biology EK 1001 Series EK Verbal 101 TPR Hyperlearning Workbook or TBR Verbal
  25. F


    Hey Guys, I'm currently debating between Kaplan and Princeton Review and want to order my books tonight/tomorrow as I'm currently registered for the June 1 MCAT and my mentor recommended I change it to a late April/Early May date instead. What do you guys think- Kaplan or Princeton? I work full...
  26. afterallthistime

    For Sale Selling Brand New Complete 2016 TPR MCAT Set $60 (for whole set)

    Selling complete 2016 BRAND NEW set of TPR books! Never been used. $60 CARS Workbook SOLD PM if interested!
  27. joe7456

    Selling 2015 TPR Science Workbook & NS Psych/Soc. practice book!

    Like New 2015 TPR Science Workbook- 100$+shipping. Like New 2015 Next Step Psychology & Sociology Strategy & Practice-20$+shipping. Absolutely No writing or highlighting in these books. The TPR has 100s of passages. NS has 40 passages. PM me or text/call to purchase.
  28. S

    MCAT Books for sale - all companies

    EK MCAT Practice Tests Books 2016 version. 85 for whole bundle not including shipping. Also have Sterling, Next Step, & The Princeton Review.
  29. L

    MCAT Prep, schedule, applying this cycle w a *terrible* GPA

    Hey everyone, Hope your semester is off to a good start. So just need some advice/insight, especially if you have already taken the MCAT.... please + thank you! I've going to be taking the MCAT in April (tentatively) + was wondering the best route... I had my eyes on The Berkeley Review...
  30. M

    For Sale Selling TBR 2015 set, Examkrackers set, TPR Psych/Soc

    No markings/highlighting. I bought everything brand new and took good care of them. Took it in June, pretty solid score - 95 percentile. Feel free to PM me. I'm selling: -2015 TBR science books (8 books total - Bio I & II, O Chem I & II, Gen Chem I & II, Physics I & II) -9th ed Examkrackers...
  31. joe7456

    For Sale Selling MCAT books; The Princeton Review, Examkrackers, Kaplan, and more

    Hello, I have for sale a variety of MCAT books including; 2015 Examkrackers complete package 9th edition- 120$ (some highlighting/ no writing; all passages are clean) Examkrackers 1001 questions in biology- 10$ (no writing/no highlighting) 2007 Examkrackers complete package 7th edition- 5$...
  32. N

    Trying to figure out a good schedule. Am I doing this right?

  33. T

    MCAT Books For Sale: BR, EK, TPRH

    Books for sale: Berkeley Review (All are the newest 2015 editions) - BIO Part 1 and 2, CHEM Part 1 and 2, ORGO Part 1 and 2, PHYSICS Part 1 and 2 Examkrackers - BIO and VERBAL EK 1000's - CHEM, PHYSICS, ORGO The Princeton Review Hyperlearning Verbal Workbook Next Step PSYCH/SOC Practice...
  34. J

    For Sale $10 MCAT (TBR TPR), Harvard MD admissions guide, Interview books!

    Selling from NYC. PM me if interested! Everything is priced $10* per book but I will only sell TBR as a set. *Does not include shipping cost. If you live nearby, we can also arrange other delivery methods. ------- SOLD ** $80 for all 8 TBR books + shipping cost ** The Berkeley Review Set...
  35. L

    For Sale The Berkeley Review 10-Book Set (2015)

    Selling The Berkeley Review 10-Book Set (MCAT 2015 Edition) for $350 (OBO) + shipping out of CA. Disclaimer: The General Chemistry and Organic Chemistry books have writings on their very first chapter. All other pages in there and the rest of the books are essentially brand new-- Will also...
  36. kitkat13

    For Sale Selling BRAND NEW 2015 TPR books! inc science workbook

    Hi! PM me for any of these books! All are 2015 and unwritten in · MCAT 2015 In-Class Compendium -only comes with signing up for the class! -270 pages of passages + answers! (science & CARS) ·MCAT 2015 Science Workbook -only comes with TPR class -700+ pages of practice passages + answers...