1. F


    Hi everyone. I am an undergraduate from a state school and I was currently looking at my GPA through an AMCAS GPA calculator. I was disappointed and shocked when I saw my AMCAS GPA being a 3.54 when my BCPM GPA is a 3.74 and AOGPA being a 3.86. I know not much can be said without an MCAT but I...
  2. E

    3.4/509. Premed anxiety (nontrad)

    Quick question, I am nontrad student with a 3.4(UCDAVIS) with 509 mcat score . What are my chances for med school interviews?
  3. BaDing

    School List Advice (MD and DO)

    Hello! I was hoping to get some feedback on my list of schools. I haven’t used SDN before and after reading some I’m now getting a little nervous. Ill give some of my stats in case it matters, but I’m primarily interested in the schools, their reputation, any red flag schools, things like...
  4. medstudent1215

    Thank You emails following interview

    Is this something that is common to do? I had never even thought about it, or heard of it before my last interview where someone asked "is it okay if we send thank you emails to our interviewers?" The speaker knew what she was talking about and said that the school accepts them. How many people...
  5. G

    Thoughts on my school list/what are my chances

    I have a 502 MCAT and with 2nd attempt got a 500 (don't ask, literally don' know what happened on test day as I was averaging 510 on AAMC practice). Anyways, I have a 3.55 GPA & 3.3 GPA, a lot of leadership, clinical experience, research and volunteering. I'm a FL resident and have compiled a...
  6. G

    Advice or thoughts

    hi, I am hoping to get some feedback about how good or bad of shape I’m in in terms of setting myself up to get into med school. I have just finished my sophomore year of undergrad. I have attended a community college for my first two years. Now that that is done, I will be going to a local...
  7. G

    what shape am I in?

    Hi, I am currently finishing up my last semester of my sophomore year of undergrad. I attend a community college in Alabama, and I am going to transfer to the University of South Alabama this fall to start my junior year. It looks like my gpa is going to end up being 3.93(best case scenario) or...
  8. Mainiac

    Competitiveness of Maine Track Program

    Born and raised Mainer here. Went to undergrad in PA, but my family is in Maine and I am a Maine resident. I know the intent of the Maine Track program is for it to be a surrogate 'state' medical program for Maine, but is this truly analogous to having in-state status at a state medical school...
  9. P

    DAT Study Schedule During Summer Class?

    Hey I am taking BioChemistry this summer starting next week. The class is 5 days a week 11-2pm and goes till the week of July 17th. I'm planning on taking the DAT September 11th. I was wondering if anyone here would know a decent ratio of time spent on this course vs time spent studying for...
  10. M

    Low GPA

    This is my first time using this website, please excuse me if I post this in the incorrect area. I was wondering how hard will it be to recover from my GPA mistakes... and if there is any slight chance of getting accepted to med-school. Right now I'm thinking of majoring in french (I'm fluent...
  11. H

    DO Neurosurgery Chances

  12. K

    Question about taking Physics

    Hi Everyone, So this is the situation im in. I currently have Physics 1, Physics 2, and Biochemistry left for pre med classes. I am a second year and am finishing up orgo 2 this spring. I plan to take my MCAT the summer of 2017 and apply to med school that fall as well. How should I go about...
  13. T

    Gathering thoughts on application process

    Hey everyone, I am a first year DPT Student at Marshall University. I am gathering information on what students wish they had access to or could find online to help them with the PT application process, whether you are in the process right now or are already in grad school. This includes PTCAS...