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Aug 1, 2017
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hey guys! This is actually my first post haha. Anyways, I want to go to optometry school in the future, but I'm not sure which undergrad is most suited for it. My dream school has always been UCLA, but I've heard a lot about the cutthroat competition and grade deflation. Is it worth going there still, or should I aim somewhere else? I'm also considering Berkeley, USC, UCSD, UCI,UOP (but UOP doesn't have accelerated optometry program), etc
I heard that Davis is pretty good for premeds and the environment is a lot more chill and relaxed

Also are there any majors that would help increase my chances of getting in or increasing my gap (with easier required courseloads) I'm stuck between chemistry (I've always loved chemistry not sure about ochem though), biology, and biochemistry
thank you

These are my stats if it helps or if I can go into any other school
GPA: 4.0; 4.5 weighted with AP Chem (5), Calc AB (5), AP Language&Comp (5), and APUSH (4) junior year
senior year I plan on taking AP Bio, calc bc, ap Econ, ap lit,
SAT: 1480/1600 with 800 math and 680 English (LOL) superscore is 1500-800 math 700 English
770 sat 2 chem, sat math 2-? didn't take yet
Extracurriculars: student newspaper editor in chief(been in journalism for my whole 4 years), president of 2 clubs, vice of a one thats known across CA, and volunteered at a homing facility for mentally challenged adults, have also shadowed a nurse


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Apr 9, 2017
Wow! You have quite a resume! If you need help picking accelerated programs, I have one at NSU for their optometry school.
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