1. S

    Clinical Volunteering/Underserved Communities

  2. Pier

    Radiology as FMG/IMG: Visa comparison long term

    I'm currently studying medicine in Italy, second year (our of six), graduating in 2025, and preplanning* my hop across the pond to the US. Currently I'm investigating the possibility to get into radiology (diagnostics in particular). One of my concerns is the peculiarity of rads' path, with its...
  3. _Kvothe_

    MD Thoughts on Triple Boards - underserved areas?

    I just wanted to gather people's thoughts on programs like Triple Boards and their utility in underserved areas. I currently live in a state that's mostly underserved, and I see myself practicing here in primary care. When I talked to my FM preceptor she mentioned that she rarely refers patients...
  4. found_cat

    IHS Doc

    What is it like to be a doctor in the IHS? I have read plenty about the frustrations military doctors go through (bureaucracy, poor leadership, lack of resources, etc.), but I couldn't find any IHS physicians' perspective. Do you have the support you need? Decent working conditions? A...
  5. cCypheN

    Volunteer ideas to show commitment to the underserved

    Hello, I was wondering what the common volunteer positions are that show medical schools that we have some sort of experience/commitment in serving the underserved. I am looking to get involved in a couple volunteer areas next semester and I am having trouble trying to find one that I can...
  6. A

    Food Drive Volunteering

    Hey everyone! So I just recently signed up for Food Drive Volunteering once a week to collect food for those who need it most. I am applying next year, but was just wondering two things: 1. Would this be considered Underprivileged/Underserved Volunteering? If not, what would it be considered...
  7. A

    Underprivileged/Underserved Volunteering Opportunities

    Hey everyone! So, I am planning on applying to medical school during next year's cycle and had some questions on Underprivileged/Underserved Volunteering. 1) How many hours do med schools like/want for this type of volunteering? 2) How many types of activities do med schools perceive as...
  8. MMF84

    Wasn’t expecting a secondary, now what?

    I had already applied to several schools this year before my MCAT score had been released and unfortunately I absolutely bombed my MCAT. 487 to be exact. A close family member passed away a few days before my test but I chose, rather unwisely, to attempt the exam. Obviously I had already...
  9. U

    It's Complicated

    As the title states, this is a complicated situation. I just completed an SMP this month, I didn't do well. I received my degree, but with a 2.96 cumulative gpa. I was working full time as a research associate, 40 hours a week. Currently in the middle of a clinical trial with one of the top...
  10. F

    Checkbox mentality

    *A long post... You might want to get a glass of Coke and popcorn to enjoy while reading this*:laugh: Hey fellow SDNers! I've recently spent a lot of time contemplating what new ECs I should start and I wanted to discuss it here with all of you! So here's my thing; I want to start something...
  11. F

    EC dilemma: do what you like vs what looks good

    Hello my fellow SDNers! As the title says, I have a dilemma. I'm planning on starting to volunteer at a new place but can't decide where. To begin with, I live in Los Angeles and thus my dream med schools also are based in LA. I've been in between homeless shelter/underserved community and some...
  12. 7

    Underserved population experience ??

    I am in the process of working on my secondaries essays. On the question of why do you want to come to our medical school or how does their mission reflect my values, etc.... Many school always stress their focus on doing community outreach and serving the underserved populations and this is...
  13. H

    Medical Schools with an emphasis on underserved population experience?

    How do these type of schools educate differently? In terms of residency, is there a limited number of specialties people generally get from going to these type of schools?
  14. M

    ER Physician Needed in AZ for Underserved Population (IHS)

    Caduceus Healthcare has an exciting opportunity for an Emergency Room Physician at the Whiteriver Indian Hospital located in Whiteriver, Arizona, that offers a rewarding and unique healthcare opportunity to serve the Fort Apache Indian Reservation community. Education and Experience: • MD/DO...
  15. L

    Do you stop practicing medicine when you start pursuing public health research with an MD/MPH?

    I'm currently interested in an MD/MPH, but I wasn't sure what a future career with this dual degree looked like. If I'm interested in later helping form health policies or doing public health research for the underserved community, am I able to do this while still being a practicing physician?
  16. HopefulDoc91

    International underserved areas in personal statement

    I've been trying to decide what to write about in my personal statement. The way I take it, this is the one portion of the application where I should stand out while explaining why I want to be a doctor. I want to write about a study abroad trip I took during my undergrad. Although the purpose...
  17. Q

    Position Wanted Looking for PGY 1 FM position starting July 2017

    US-IMG 2017 graduate with US clinical experience. My board scores are, Step I 217, Step IICK 213, CS: Pass. Will have ECFMG certification and PTAL after graduation in June 2017. I am searching for a family medicine residency and eventually hoping to serve and mentor in underserved communities. I...
  18. K

    Let me know if I'm out of my mind?

    I'm going to try to keep this as concise as possible despite having, what I feel, is a unique non-trad background (I'm sure everyone does ;)). Every year or so, I get stuck on the idea of going to med school. Near the end of HS, I dismissed the entire idea because I so strongly believed I was...
  19. OrbitalOverload

    Research in a slum

    Hey SDN, I was recently offered an opportunity to conduct some clinical research in a 'slum' in India where I previously lived and volunteered before coming to medical school this year. The four week slot is basically a tabula rasa, and I am trying to think about the most feasible and useful...
  20. 8

    Lack of primary care or lack of doctors in underserved areas?

    Hello, I was hoping to get some discussion going and some different opinions on this. At different schools as well as just from other students I keep hearing the need for primary care doctors especially in underserved areas. I plan on working in the underserved communities but I was wondering...
  21. NYUyankeezfan

    Rural/Underserved Rotations - Long Island and NYC

    Does anybody know of a decent Rural or Underserved rotation on Long Island? Thanks!
  22. shield349

    Low GPA Graduate Engineer

    I am an Engineer, currently 27 with a BS with a 3.18 GPA and MS with a 3.45 GPA hoping to get into medical school. Don't have an MCAT score yet but will post it as soon as I do, which should be in a week, I don't expect a good grade. I am already studying for retaking it. I am U.R. with...
  23. L

    PhD/PsyD How to get a job that doesn't exist?

    Hello, Long time lurker, first time poster. I'm currently a postdoctoral fellow in neuropsychology, and I'm starting to prepare for the post-fellowship job hunt. I have a specialty interest in working with a specific underserved population, and I have done research/clinical work with this...