1. Hassani

    Can't certify and submit

    I finished My ERAS application, and when I try to submit it says you can't submit while required fields are left unfilled. Under the education tab it says that a required field is unfilled, even though I chose none to higher degrees (as I am an IMG) PS: all the circles on the left are green with...
  2. B

    Retaking Dual-Credits for Medical School??

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if I could have some advice. I have been so frustrated by this dilemma! I am going to be a university freshman this upcoming fall, but I got an Associates from my early college high school through a community college, so I am technically a sophomore. Nevertheless...
  3. Jorge Genis

    Vaccine against cancer: a progressive solution.

    The proposal of vaccines against cancer is presented in three stages, the first stage covers the research published by Moshe Reuven et al in the American Chemical Society in which a immunotherapy prevention is created, that, by using antigens and glyconanoparticles created by a biomimetic...
  4. J

    what major should i major in as I like chemistry and biology more?

    Hi, I am a freshman at community college. I graduated high school with a GPA of 3.8. At the high school, I got a C in chemistry, then A in honors math classes such as algebra, geometry, Algebra II. My first semester at college I had taken the below courses so far. I will start my physics classes...
  5. A

    freshman year schedule questions

    Hello, I'm going to be a freshman in the fall with the intention of being an IMS major, most likely pre-med. I just wanted some opinions on my schedule, because I have quite a bit of uncertainty regarding what classes to add, or which would be better to drop. I feel like I'm not doing enough...
  6. C

    **ASAP**School List Help/Input- 15 Schools total

  7. L


    I am planning on attending the wolfpacc pass program in april for 6 weeks for usmle step 1. I have done Kaplan videos and books, uworld once, first aid twice, pathoma once. I want to improve my score from and NBME of 210. Will I benefit by attending wolfpacc? I plan on taking the exam at the end...
  8. rosyrisu

    URGENT:Today is Last Day To Drop out of Classes,my bio prof said that withdrawing is bad for premeds

    I need to make a decision ASAP to withdraw from my intro bio class. I may get a B in my gen chem 2 course this semester (and I'm fine with that). I'm stuck with getting a C in intro Bio 2 and I am debating if I should drop it (withdraw) or just take the C. I already have a C in intro to bio 1 &...
  9. M

    CAN'T complete english pre-req before matriculation

    Hi guys, I wish I found this forum earlier because I am in serious deep trouble. I was accepted off waitlist last week and the class starts in August. Because I was almost certain I need to re-apply again after the interview and I know I would not do too well on English, I did not plan to take...
  10. Yamhead

    URGENT! Is having a medical transcription degree valuable to Medical School Admissions?

    URGENT! Is having a medical transcription degree valuable to Medical School Admissions? I'm a freshman and I'm looking to make my profile more competitive. I know there are other ways to make it competitive like a phlebotomy degree etc. But I'm asking about Medical Transcription. Is it a plus to...
  11. jk222

    Help!Urgent! Need to know Procedure to get Medical certificate from rguhs!

    Hey everyone, I finished my MBBS degree from Kolar (SDUMC) in 2011, I transferred back to the states for my internship (im a US citizen). After 3 years MCI FINALLY gave me NOC for my transfer. Rguhs wouldn't give me my degree without that NOC. Now I need to go apply for my MBBS degree...
  12. D

    letter of recommendation conflict HELP

    I asked the physical therapist that I interned for to write me a letter of recommendation as I really looked up to him and thought we had made a good relationship in the 4 months I spent at his clinic. He respond very quickly and sent me the letter about a week later. I was very happy with...