1. P

    WAMC- higher gpa low DAT

    Hi!! I need some advice as I took my DAT July 31st and scored below average. I rushed my studying as I overloaded my schedule this summer/ tried to take it to apply this cycle. Any advice helps. Thanks in advance!! GPA: 3.89 DAT: (1st time taking) AA 18 TS 17 PAT 16 QR 16 RC 21 BIO 17 GC 19 OC...
  2. V

    WAMC: traditional path

    Hi I am from California and a rising senior planning to apply to vet school for the first time. GPA: at community college 3.7, currently GPA at uni:3.35 Hours: around 700 hours at the vet clinic and emergency clinic for pets (paid) 74 hours volunteering at the humane society and nonprofit cat...
  3. 1

    Looking for advice

    I’m looking for advice on things I should be doing or maybe steps to take. I began college playing football so my first two years as a science major I only managed to obtain a 3.0 average. I ended up getting hurt and had to transfer where I changed my major completely and after 4 years I...
  4. S

    WAMC c/o 2027 application advice and feedback

    Hey guys I really just need some advice on my application. I am terrified I will not get in because my GPA. Here is a rundown of everything! I am extremely passionate about vet med, in particular surgery! 22, Female, NY Resident, Traditional, 1st time applying Schools applying - majority of...
  5. B

    MD Ortho WAMC - research year between M3 and M4

  6. G


    Hello everyone, I'm super anxious over this cycle so was curious what some thoughts are about my chances. Interests: Large animal, public health, mixed practice... not sure yet Cumulative GPA: 3.8 science GPA: 3.9 last 45: 3.7 Any degrees achieved: Graduating with B.S. in Animal Science this...
  7. G

    WAMC/ School List (3.9/508/URM/Disadvantaged)

    Hello! I applied end of June, am awaiting verification, and currently finalizing my school list. I feel like my ECs are solid, but not necessarily extraordinary, due to the fact that I had to work multiple jobs in undergrad as my parents got divorced during this time and my financial...
  8. S

    WAMC c/o 2026, decent experience at 1 clinic

    Going into my senior year at Oregon State University (Oregon resident) and I'm 19, so a first-time applicant that's also graduating a year early. I took AP classes in high school and bought the college credit for them hence the transfer GPA even though I technically never set foot on their...
  9. D

    WAMC- c/o 2026

    Hey everyone! Thanks in advance for any help I can get this cycle! I am a Pennsylvania resident applying for the class of 2026. Female age 24 and unfortunately this will be my fourth time applying. Schools: Illinois, Iowa, Virginia Maryland, U Arizona, Colorado State, Midwestern, NC State, LIU...
  10. amaastha

    Should I apply this upcoming cycle? 2.5 cgpa, 3.8 grad/smp gpa

    Hello everyone! I would like some advice regarding whether I should apply this upcoming cycle and if so, what schools to apply to? If not, what to do moving forward. I am currently in my last semester of an MS/smp program and will be ending with a 3.8 gpa. We also take the same class as the 2nd...
  11. S

    WAMC : I’m a nervous wreck!

    Hi guys, I applied this cycle to vet school and I’m just overwhelmed with anxiety about getting in. About: -Female, 21 -IS: Florida -I got to the University of Kentucky Applied to: Auburn, Mississippi State, Florida, Louisiana State, Purdue, Ohio, North Carolina, Cornell, Kansas State...
  12. D

    WAMC, Low Stat MD/DO, 511 MCAT

  13. D

    MD WAMC: Non-Trad, 511 MCAT, 3.5 cGPA / 3.12 sGPA

  14. P

    MSW or PsyD?

    First post here. I intend to apply to either an MSW or PsyD program in the fall. My personal therapist is an LCSW and she has cautioned me away from seeking a MSW in favor of the PsyD for the following reasons: 1. Over-saturation of MSW/LCSW's (especially in CA) 2. Diminished rigor of clinical...
  15. I

    WAMC at State Schools and other schools

    Hello everyone, I'm new to SDN and was wondering if I could get some feedback. So I am in my fourth year of college, and am staying an extra year to raise my GPA and take some more upper level science courses. Here are my stats/ECs/etc. Major: B.A. Biological Sciences Certificate Program...
  16. Purple&Gold7

    Thank you.

  17. E

    MD WAMC? 516/ sGPA 3.8/ cGPA 3.7/ FT employment

    This forum is so cool! I wish I had known about it a few months ago. I don't want to abuse it at the expense of people who really want answers, so disclaimer: I already submitted my apps and I think I can get at least one acceptance. I ask more out of curiosity at this point, so please only...
  18. H

    What should I do to get into med school at this point? Bad GPA.

    Hello, I am currently in my 3rd year of UG. I am a pre-med hopeful but definitely unsure but still very much wanna be a doctor. I was a great student in high school in the top 5% of my class and a great SAT score. However, I came into college as an engineering major and took core...
  19. A

    MD School List Advice

    My top choice is USUHS Academic Undergrad - Honors Biology Program with minors in Chemistry and Fine Arts cGPA 3.56 sGPA 3.4 Strong upward trend after freshman year. MCAT - Have not taken yet. Most recent AAMC practice test has me at a 513 Extracurriculars Clinical 50 hrs shadowing +4,000...
  20. A

    School list help?

    -Cumulative GPA: 3.81 -Science GPA: 3.78 -Graduated Summa Cum Laude; Class of 2016 Arizona State University -1,300+ hours of community service in underserved communities (various services) -1 year of neuro-oncology research at Mayo -Tutored at Arizona State for two years -Served as freshman...
  21. A

    What are my chances?

    -Cumulative GPA: 3.81 -Science GPA: 3.78 -Graduated Summa Cum Laude; Class of 2016 Arizona State University -1,300+ hours of community service in underserved communities (various services) -1 year of neuro-oncology research at Mayo -Tutored at Arizona State for two years -Served as freshman...