1. I

    NSU KPCOM (Davie) vs WVSOM

    I have 3 more days (Friday) to decide between the two schools and still can’t decide. I think they’re both good options. Talked to current students from both schools (3 from wvsom, 2 from nsu) and they of course all had good things to say about their respective schools. More about me to...
  2. L

    TUNCOM vs WVSOM vs LMU-DCOM vs (EVMS - maybe)

    I really need advice. Please help! I have been blessed to be accepted to three osteopathic schools: LMU-DCOM, WVSOM, and TUNCOM. I am waiting to hear back from LECOM. I did my post-bacc at EVMS and was interviewed by them and am on the "mid-tier" of their waitlist right now. EVMS is my top...
  3. aspiring_physician123

    KCU-COM (Joplin) vs WVSOM vs VCOM-Louisiana

    Hey guys!! So I've recently been accepted to three pretty amazing schools, feeling incredibly blessed, but the first deposit is dawning on me, and I'd greatly appreciate y'alls insight on how to best go about choosing between these schools: KCU-COM (Joplin) Pros P/F Curriculum No mandatory...
  4. T

    Help me decide: KCU-Joplin vs WVSOM vs Nova

    Hello, I could really use some knowledgeable insight to help me make my decision. I am planning on going the IM route for residency and would like to end up in or as close to DC as possible, as that’s where my partner will be. Not sure how much the school (in my case) impacts that possibility. I...
  5. nicejewishboi


    WVSOM: Pros: -Older and more established -Non-Mandatory attendance -#1 for rural Primary care (want to do IM) -Big school, lots of students (and lots of alumni) -Beautiful campus, big SIM lab -Happy students Cons: -Far from home -Rural state = smaller hospitals -Expensive to fly home -More...
  6. C

    9 interviews with a 500 MCAT

    Hi I just wanted to write a quick post to any premeds because when I was in your situation I read tons of different posts on this website that made me feel like garbage and that I would never get in because of my lower GPA and MCAT. I scored a 500 breakdown was 127/125/123/125. My gpa was a...
  7. J

    Position Wanted Seeking PGY1 Family Med Residency Position

    Hi My name is John. I am a 4th year medical Student at the West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine pursuing a career in Family Medicine. I am contacting you to inquire about available OMGE year 1 positions. I am ready to begin training after graduation in May 2018 and have passed all...
  8. bdavis23

    Wvsom vs. pnwu

    hey guys, I’ve been accepted at wvsom and could interview at pnwu next week. I’ve been really set on wvsom but pnwu advances my interview and said they still have openings in the class, not just waitlist. It has higher pass complex first time pass rates. Im from the west so staying out seems...
  9. bdavis23

    WVSOM vs NYITCOM Arkansas

    This quesiton keeps me up at night. I have an acceptance at both. I think west virginia is much more beautiful but that NYITCOM may possibly be better? or perform better on boards... TBD. Any thoughts or advice?
  10. TentativelyHopeful

    Insights choosing a school?

    Hi everyone, As the first of my deadlines are approaching, I would just like to get some feedback on some schools. I got accepted to LUCOM, WVSOM, CUSOM, LMU-DCOM, KYCOM, MUCOM, AND RVUCOM. I still have an interview at KCU and PNWU-COM, but I don't think I can afford the plane tickets to fly...
  11. G


    Hi everyone! I could really use some guidance here. I already paid my deposit at WVSOM back in December but I was recently accepted to VCOM-VA and loved it there too. I am so torn! Please help. Side note: I will be keeping an open mind about what field I want to go into until clinical rotations...
  12. D

    WVSOM vs. MUCOM... Oh jeez another one of these...

    Ok I know these threads are annoying and the differences are probably negligible but I would love to hear some opinions. Here's a list of things that are important to me and which school is currently in the lead with each category. First time complex 1 pass rates: MUCOM is listed as being...
  13. NurseCapitanKirk

    Advice for a ED nurse applying to medical school?

    I just wanted to see what you guys think of my chances of getting into an osteopathic medical school, and based off my scores, where I should be applying. I received my bachelors of Science in Nursing from The University of Alabama (ROLL TIDE) and have been working as a registered nurse in the...
  14. SDA122

    Help me decide between WVSOM, AT STILL and TUNCOM please

    Hi, I need to some advice on how to make a decision between these schools. I am researching all of them, however some insight from all of you fine, wise people would help. Thanks!
  15. B

    Is it too late to submit secondaries to these schools?

    I haven't heard back after submitting my secondaries to the nine schools I applied to: ATSU, WesternU, DMU, MWU-Az, MWU, Rowan SOM, MSUCOM, NYIT, and KYCOM. I have been considering submitting secondaries to other schools as well: KCU, WVSOM, LECOM, UNECOM, Nova, OSUCOM, OHUCOM. Do you guys...