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Jul 1, 2020
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One of my classmates who got the 2yr AF HPSP had childhood asthma.
Hi all,
I am a sophomore predental student who is hoping to apply to the HPSP scholarship for dental school. Ideally, I would like to serve with the Air Force but I recognize how competitive it is and am planning on applying to all three branches. I have been searching through forums and am finding conflicting information regarding serving with previous childhood asthma. Growing up I got pneumonia twice. I had asthma and had to go in for breathing treatments several times. It was not exercise-induced, however, and I played competitive sports throughout childhood and into college. I haven't dealt with asthma in probably 8 years as it no longer affects me but I have refilled an inhaler prescription just incase up until this year.

Does anyone know what the process is for getting an asthma waiver and the likelihood? It truly does not affect me and hasn't for many years but I recognize how this will look to recruiters.
You'll need documentation from a physician that you no longer need treatment but it should be waiverable. Subject to change.