Any NSUCOM Alternate List Movement??

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Feb 15, 2004
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Just curious if anyone has any scoop on alternate list movement at NSU. I've heard there are about 30 to 35 alternates still waiting but very little movement. With 2 1/2 weeks left before orientation, time is running extremely short. If anyone has any new information, please post.

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As an alternate, it is a lost cause. I have applied to schools in the carribean for the 2005 January term and already have an acceptance! It is disappointing that this year so many people applied. It sucks that they are taking so many non-Floridians. Relax and enjoy the summer.
If there was to be any movement, Dr. Chaffin would be e-mailing everybody thanking them for their continued interest in NSU. Obviously, he doesn't need to.
Powerdog, what Caribbean school did you get accepted to?
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I have been accepted to Ross Jan 05 and have an interview with St. Matthew's next week for Jan 05. Also applying to AUC for Jan 05.
PM me with your phone number and I'll give you a call! We can celebrate Aug 2 that we will be graduating with an MD degree!
Last week I was offered a seat at NSUCOM and I turned it down so I would imagine that seat will be coming available for someone. Also, this week I was offered a seat at AZCOM and I am still considering that option as I have really been planning on going to Touro.

Last week Monday I called AZCOM and they told me I was 68 on the waiting list and that they were currently only at number 30 something. By friday they had apparently got to 68 because I was offered a position.

Good luck and hopefully whoever is waiting will hear soon!!!
I can't believe I'm wasting my time going to this site!
Did you get any number of people on the list? It would be a difficult mind set to go to NSU now that I have planned for Jan 2005 and a nice two week vacation end of July and a Labor Day long-weekender!

Did you get an offer by e-mail? Which Touro do you want Las Vegas or Mare Island?

Best of luck to you! I appreciate your input on this question.
Both schools contacted me by telephone. (AZCOM and NSUCOM). Be aware, they can sound like telemarketers.

I know it would be hard to rush to class at this time so last minute. That was one of the many reasons I didn't go to NSU. It's too late now.

Have you phoned the schools and asked about your status? It is DEFINATELY worth a call if you haven't yet done so. That is if you want to go there yet this year.

Good luck
I just had my phone interview with St. Matthew's. I will know within 7-10 business days. It would be exciting to go to Grand Cayman and do years 3 and 4 in Orlando.

I don't think I was treated in a professional manner literally by any of the schools of interviewed with.

Perhaps I'll give a call to get my pint of blood.
I took your suggestion and called NSU. Some old upbeat story that anything can happen. Would I be available when it comes down to the wire? I responded that it is already down to the wire!(HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOO) They could call even after orientation!

Bottom Line; they can't guarantee anything! I couldn't get a number but it looks like everybody's number is up at NSU!

Whatever happens happens. At least I know I will be a doctor. Oh excuse me, physician so you don't have to expalin what a DO is!