letter of intent

  1. Asclepius293

    Too late for letter of intent?

    Hey all, I’m currently applying for FM residencies through ERAS. I was initially advised against sending post interview communication, and now I’m worried because I didn’t send my number one a letter of intent. I have sent updates regarding step 2 ck scores, thank you’s, and attended all their...
  2. Master Bone Wizard

    Does it look bad to send both a letter of interest and letter of intent to the same school?

    So my story is like this. School A interviews me and offers me a position on the waitlist in October 2021, I graciously accept and shortly after send them a letter of interest. Time passes by and I hear back from other schools. At this time, School A is my first choice and I want to let them...
  3. TheOnlinePharmacist

    Can't put my fingers on exactly what area I am interested in...is it a bad look for letters of intent?

    I am a 4th year pharmacy student currently in my 6th APPE block and starting my journey applying to Pharmacy residencies around the country. As of right now, I have not been able to narrow down my interests to just one area; however, I am currently interested in managed care, infectious disease...
  4. D

    letter of intent dilemma

    Hi everyone! I recently interviewed at a school and i fell in love with the school. I wanted to know if it would be acceptable to send a letter of intent in a month, before dec 1st decisions are made. So far it has been my only interview and i will be more than happy to attend the school if...
  5. P

    LOI early in the cycle

    Hi friends, I've been really fortunate to interview at 3 schools now, one of which being my top choice school. Between cost, programs offered, and vibes at the interview, I am confident that I would commit to this school over any of my others, even if I got accepted anywhere else. I know the...
  6. M

    Letter of Intent

    Hi all, In April, I sent a letter of intent to my top school (School #1) that I was on the waitlist for. A few days into May, I was accepted into my second favorite school (School #2). At this point, if accepted to School #1, I will undoubtedly go. My question concerns when I essentially (and...
  7. R

    Letter of Intent after Update Letter

    Hi everyone, I was recently waitlisted at my top choice school and I wanted to send them a letter of intent to reiterate my immense interest. However, on my interview day, the dean of admissions said that the committee looks very favorably upon update letters and encouraged us all to send an...
  8. M

    Unique Letter of Intent Question

    Hi all, This is my first post! Anyways, I am currently applying to MD/PhD programs. I am a reapplicant. I was fortunate enough to be invited to interview with one of my top choices (top 3 or 5 schools). I'm preparing for this interview every day leading up to the interview, but I digress. So...
  9. Cracking Med Admissions

    Medical It's Not Too Late to Get Off Waitlists - Read Our Letter of Intent Blog!

    Read our popular blog about submitting Medical School Letters of Intent: Medical School Letter of Intent and Update Letter: 4 High-Yield Tips The blog even has a sample medical school letter of intent. If you have questions with your medical school letter of intent, message us or email us at...
  10. Cracking Med Admissions

    Medical Update Letters and Letters of Intent

    Have you interviewed at a medical school and still waiting to hear back? Or are you waiting to hear from a school, period? It's a good time to send them an update letter! Read our two very popular Cracking Med School Admissions blogs on update letters. 1) 4 Tips for Medical School Update...
  11. CES5

    Letter of Intent Confusion

    Hello! I am in the process of writing a letter of intent to a school that I got WL at (WL came about a month ago). I have significant updates I am planning on including in my LOI and know for a fact I want to go to this school in particular. What I am confused about is whether or not to list...
  12. nostra_damus

    Letter of intent and scholarship

    Happy new years, SDN folk! I am wondering about letters of intent and scholarships and I am looking for constructive advice (if you are going to tell me not to write one, please don't reply to this thread). If you write a letter of intent, how might that impact your ability to get a scholarship...
  13. L

    LOI to program director or contact?

    Quick question, if the program contact (on ASHP website) is different than the program director of a certain hospital, to whom do we adress the letter? Thanks!
  14. nostra_damus

    Letter of intent question

    Given that financial aid will play a large role in my decisions to matriculate somewhere, how should I write a letter of intent (before hearing back)? As I'm wrapping up on my interview cycle, I have a pretty clear idea of which school is my top choice, but whether or not I matriculate there...
  15. B

    Letter of Intent even more useless with new AMCAS protocol?

    Have LOIs become even more useless now since schools can't see how many acceptances you hold in February? Whats to stop someone from lying on a letter and saying they hold other acceptances? I feel like adcoms will be very wary about LOIs since they do not know whether or not they actually do...
  16. F

    sending updates while on waitlist

    So i have been waitlisted at school A (top choice) and currently waiting to hear back from school B and C. I also have an acceptance to a DO. I understand i can write a letter of intent to school A, but only after i get accepted to school B or C so it would be convincing (I believe). question...
  17. T

    On hold pre-interview and calling admissions

    Hi guys, I was put on hold pre-interview for my top school last week:(. Since I haven't had an interview yet I felt it was a bit premature to write an LOI at this point but I've pretty much made up my mind that I am going to call the admissions office this week to hopefully boost my chance even...
  18. L

    Advice for those on Waitlist

    Hi, Could some med students who got accepted of the waitlist advise a fellow waitlister? Just wondering how much I should be annoying admissions, I want to seem eager but not pushy. I interviewed 3/29, was waitlisted 5/11, and turned in a letter of intent on 5/15. (University of Toledo) Still...
  19. B

    Question about etiquette and letter of intent and med school admissions

    I received admission to one school and am on the waitlist to another school. Is it proper to email the waitlist school and ask them to expedite my decision based on the other acceptance. Basically saying something like “I was accepted I need to know my decision to your school as soon as...
  20. I

    Second letter of intent? Help!

    So I got an interview to a school back in January and was waitlisted in February. I loved the school and sent a letter of intent because of all the schools I had interviewed at, it was definitely my first choice. BUT, then I received an II from my absolute favorite school that was a reach and I...
  21. H

    Letter of Intent Proofread

    Hey guys! I was just wondering if anyone would be willing to proofread my LOI for me? Is that a thing that can be done here? I just want opinions on if I'm writing too much, too little, or just any other criticism in general. I've been put on the hold list for a school this year (no other...
  22. lovehate

    Waitlisted at Pitt. What to do now?

    So I am really grateful I got multiple acceptances this year. However, after interviewing at pitt, I fell in love with the school. I know I want to be there for the next four years. They put my on waitlist yesterday. I am guess I either didn't interview well, or they didn't believe I would...
  23. H

    Letter of Intent advice, subject line

    Hey all, just had an interview at a school I liked a lot last week. Pretty much my top choice now. They actually did explicitly tell us that if we don't contact them they won't necessarily assume we're interested in them, so of course I want to send them some sort of contact pretty soon...
  24. M


    I have a question on whether it would be wise or not to mention my struggle with substance abuse on my application/ letter of intent. I believe it may be beneficial, however others have advised me against it (None of which are pre-med students or advisors). There are many factors involved in...
  25. P

    How to address RPh in Letter of Intent

    I'm writing a letter of intent to a residency director who is not a PharmD, she is an RPh. Do I address her as Ms. or try to find out if she's married or not and put Mrs.? Also, I'm writing a supplemental essay. Is there a special heading I should put for supplementals?
  26. begoood95

    Heading for LOI

    So I'm writing a Letter of Intent to a specific school which stated clearly that they appreciate and take into account such things when making appointments. I'm trying to keep it under one page, but I'm literally 2-4 lines above (and I've already made it as concise as possible [don't comment on...
  27. Rainbows&Waterfalls

    Sending updates/letters of intent

    One of the schools that I was waitlisted at is adamant about sending updates and expressing interest. I interviewed there mid-September and was waitlisted mid-October. I am just curious about what the format of these updates should look like, along with what an appropriate length is. Plus, how...
  28. T

    letter of intent

    Does anyone have some advice on how to write a letter of intent? Also, is it recommended to write one this early in the application cycle? For most of the schools that I applied to, I just recently completed the secondaries about 3-4 weeks back and am waiting to hear back from them about...
  29. annieb985

    When to send Letter of Intent?

    Hi all, I know it's still fairly early in the cycle, but I was wondering when it would be appropriate to email schools a Letter of Intent expressing my interest? Would it be jumping the gun to email them before hearing back if they even want an interview from me? Is a monthly letter excessive...
  30. partypantss

    Have 1 Acceptance/ 5 WLs, When to Send Letter of Intent?

    Hi all, so I'm fortunate enough to have an acceptance to an OOS private school and am on 5 waitlists for various other schools. One of those schools is one of my state schools that I consider my top choice. If I want to send that top choice school a letter of intent, should I do it around now or...
  31. B

    Creative Update Letters/LOI

    Hi guys, so I've heard at a few of my interviews students have been accepted after sending creative update letters and LOIs (e.g. one kid sent in a scrapbook with letters from his friends and family on why he should be accepted). What is your guys' opinion on this? I have heard both positive and...
  32. MDPHDhopeful07

    Notifying first choice school of other acceptances, post II

    Hello, Best of luck to everyone still waiting to hear back from schools! A quick question: I've so far received acceptances from multiple MSTP programs, and am still waiting to hear back from many more. While I'm thrilled about these offers, there is at least one school that I haven't heard...
  33. turtles43

    Question about Letter of Intent

    Hello! I was wait listed at my top choice that has a lot of wait list movement, but I have also been accepted to a few other MD schools that I would be very happy attending. My question is- if I write a letter of intent to my top choice, how late in the game can they really hold me to that...
  34. KPstudent

    Is it worth sending a letter of intent after interviewing?

    Hi everybody, I am having an internal debate about whether or not I should send a letter of intent to Duke at this point in the process. I cannot seem to find a straight answer or good advice from anyone. Here is the situation. So far I have only interviewed at two schools, Duke being one of...
  35. thisischelsea

    When should I send a letter of intent/interest?

    Hey everyone, I just recently got waitlisted from one of my medical schools (one of my top picks right now) and I was wondering how early should I send in a letter? I was thinking to send a short one now and after my fall grades come in, I'll send another one with my updated transcript + a...
  36. Slippers

    Should you give your letter of intent for residency to the profs you choose to write your rec letter

    What if one of the people you want to write you a rec letter works at one of the programs you are applying to (and could potentially be involved in the selection of candidates there)? And, my letter of intent won't be 100% complete when/if I give it to my potential recommendation letter...
  37. C

    Who you gonna call?

  38. J

    Letter of Intent for dental schools?

    Just curious as to what people think! Should we send a letter of intent to our top choice dental school? I'll create a poll, but if you'd like to elaborate as to why you chose what you chose, that'd be great!
  39. GrinningAlpaca

    Do updates really help at all?

    It feels like they just don't really go anywhere and no one looks at them, especially for waitlisted applicants. The adcom likely does not reconvene for things such as updates.... I have no doubt that they may go seen at some schools but it seems like the vast majority don't take them into...
  40. TheCruelOne

    When should I send my update letter to Drexel? (Waitlisted)

    Hey guys! I'd really appreciate any and all possibly input, especially from those who may have previously been waitlisted at Drexel (or at other schools) and eventually were accepted. First of all, I knew from the get-go that I was probably not the strongest applicant for MD schools (you can...