1. Master Bone Wizard

    Is becoming a certified medical scribe a "significant" application update?

    Recently I passed my scribe test and became a certified scribe. Given that and one of the schools I am applying to is Wayne (who seems the sending out one last batch of interviews before thanksgiving) I figured maybe I can pull a Hail Mary and just send them my scribe certification to remind...
  2. R

    Application updates for schools with no upload?

    Hi! I am a current EY2022 applicant who graduated in May 2021 so I am doing a gap year. Due to COVID-19 my plans were extremely tenuous at the beginning of the application cycle so I put down one of my degree plan options on the primary (Plan B), and then both of my possible options on all of...
  3. C

    Worth an update letter?

    I know that there are a lot of these threads floating around on SDN, many of which I have read through, so thank you in advance to anyone who takes the time to read and give me feedback on this! I have had a rather uneventful application cycle (complete to all schools mid-July to early August...
  4. 7

    Application updates to bring name to top of pile?

    I have seen several applicants making posts to the effect of "send an application update in order to bring your name up to the top of the pile," so you'll be more likely to get an interview. Is this commonly done? I know, I know, don't send an update unless you have something meaningful to...
  5. elloL

    The Berkley Review - updated?

    I am currently ordering supplies to start studying for the MCAT, and I have seen many favorable reviews for TBR content books. I went on their website to order, but some of their stuff is from 2018 and some from 2019. I looked for the newest versions, but could not find them. Are these the most...
  6. C

    Update school now (and maybe give them another update in a month) or wait one month before updating?

    Hello everyone! Like the title says, I am wondering if it makes sense to update medical schools now (and maybe update them again in another month) or wait one month before updating? Recently, I have been very lucky to receive a travel grant for a conference. Next month, I should hear back from...
  7. M

    Should I update the schools I applied to?

    Hey everyone! So last week I went to the Southeastern Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society (SERMACS) and I presented my research (its educational biochem research). There were 1400 abstracts submitted (idk if this is something worth mentioning). My whole trip was sponsored by...
  8. S

    How to properly cite publication

    Hey, y'all. Incoming dumb question. I was fortunate enough to recently receive notice that a co-author manuscript of mine was accepted and subsequently published. I'm currently crafting updates for my schools. My main question pertains to the authorship portion of the citation. I am a fourth...
  9. C

    Should I email a school updates if I have already done so on AADSAS? (Waitlisted)

    I got waitlisted at MWU-AZ, and am not sure if I should email them updates about me acquiring my x-ray license and continuing to assist at a dental office for the past 8 months, as well taking an anatomy course right now. I updated AADSAS to reflect these changes a month ago, but just wanted to...
  10. slowthai

    Clinical Hours Worth an Update?

    I had relatively few clinical hours when I applied (not even close to enough). I have not heard from the majority of schools I have applied to (about 7/36), with 1 pre-II hold and 6 rejections. I now have 200+ additional clinical hours. Is it worth sending an update to whichever schools allow...
  11. T

    Should I tell med schools I've been accepted to about other offers?

    Hi everyone, I just logged into the portal of a medical school I've been accepted to. There is a section of the online portal that says "In this space, you may update the admissions committee with other offers you may have received." It isn't required. Is there an advantage to be had if I tell...
  12. Franzliszt1

    Updating adcoms the proper way

    Dear SDN, Hope you are all doing well. I have an update to give to adcoms as I joined a new research lab. The update process for some of these schools is to upload a document. i.e. "choose file." I'm wondering if anyone has any tips on formatting these word documents for upload. Obviously, I...
  13. F

    sending updates while on waitlist

    So i have been waitlisted at school A (top choice) and currently waiting to hear back from school B and C. I also have an acceptance to a DO. I understand i can write a letter of intent to school A, but only after i get accepted to school B or C so it would be convincing (I believe). question...
  14. mdfaithful

    Update letter - Worthwhile or not?

    Hi everyone and good luck to everyone else in this year's application cycle! I have applied to many schools this cycle and have completed the application relatively early (ranging from mid-July to mid-August). I have not heard many of these schools back. No holds, no rejections, no anything. The...
  15. AdenineThomasPhosphate

    Update medical schools with change of plan?

    I was signed up to continue my fire education with a second class from September to November and I mentioned this in my AMCAS application and many of my secondaries for the "what're your plans" prompt. I've very luckily received 4 interviews as now. I couldn't schedule them so I wouldn't miss at...
  16. Fishy fish

    Update the School or Nah?

    I recently got a research assistant position at an ivy league school. I'll be doing some pretty cool work. Is it worth submitting an update to my top schools to let them know about this? Or won't make much of a difference?
  17. N

    Academic update.. does it make a difference?

    Hi I was wondering if the academic update made a difference whether you submitted after summer classes or after fall semester? I think the only downside of my application is my GPA so should i take a lot of summer courses and get those in or wait for after fall and submit those grades with my...
  18. earlgrey7777

    update or wait?

  19. meowmeowmeowmeow

    Worth sending Letter of Interest/Intent?

    I've been fortunate enough to receive a couple acceptances, but I haven't heard from my top choice. I wanted to send in a letter of interest with a couple of updates. I was recently hired to continue as a TA for the spring semester (didn't mention this in my app), have had some research progress...
  20. D

    Post-Acceptance Update

    Is it worthwhile to update a school I am already accepted at? I recently had my first author publication accepted and I have been nominated as volunteer of the month in the local free clinic I participate in. I have a lot I could share regarding these updates and it might aid my argument for...
  21. AutoclaveGuru

    Update Help! Is sending GRE worth it?

    In the process of submitting an update with the following 1. Fall Grades 2. Publication 3. New Volunteering hours 4. GRE score?? Before the cycle started I took the GRE in case I didn't secure any acceptances and needed to apply to some SMPs. Is it worth submitting my GRE Score to medical...
  22. D

    Academic Update

    Hi SDN, I totally messed up and was so excited to enter my new grades for the academic update that I forgot to post my planned courses for spring.. and I already hit submit. Would this be detrimental to my application? Should I send each school the courses I will be taking in spring? Thanks in...
  23. M

    Send in Fall Grades..?

    I recently received my final fall term grades. I updated my transcript automatically in AADSAS. Is there anything else I should do? Will schools see the change I made? Thanks
  24. R


  25. Rainbows&Waterfalls

    Sending updates/letters of intent

    One of the schools that I was waitlisted at is adamant about sending updates and expressing interest. I interviewed there mid-September and was waitlisted mid-October. I am just curious about what the format of these updates should look like, along with what an appropriate length is. Plus, how...
  26. chappikachu

    Update timing?

    I recently found out that my abstract has been accepted for a moderated poster at the International Stroke Conference, which will be held at the end of January 2018. I am first author and will be presenting. I've read on previous forums that this kind of thing is worthy to mention in an update...
  27. F

    Do people update Rad Onc programs they applied to with new info ?

    I'm currently co-authoring a review paper with 2 attendings at my home institution about a novel immunotherapy for pediatric leukemia. Not quite related to Radiation Oncology, but I'm interested in immunotherapy as a cancer treatment and wanted to get involved in research or publication with it...
  28. FrostyPod

    preinterview update/interest letter format

    Hello I was considering sending updates to schools that accept them about my recent volunteer activities that were not listed on my amcas and a promotion for one of my existing positions in a non-profit. Volunteer activities were a weak part of my app when I first submitted and I was wondering...
  29. hubbsbubbs

    Can I send this as an update?

    I just got word that my manuscript has been accepted by a journal! The editor sent me a list of revisions including the following message: " I have decided that your manuscript can be accepted for publication after you have carried out major revisions as suggested by the reviewer(s)." If a...
  30. amg_la

    Letter of Interest -- Application Update

    what is the criteria to send letters of interest to schools. If i have not heard anything (interview/rejection) from a school when is too soon to submit a follow up letter to a medical school. as for content in the letter, if there is nothing new to update on my application that isnt already on...
  31. kaymellow

    Pending publication(s)..how to tell PI to hurry???

    Soooo I'll be an author of two publications, both of which my PI says are "in the works" but have yet to be submitted.... I am applying this cycle with SUPER BORDERLINE stats and pretty good ECs and would LOVEEE to be able to add at least one publication as an update during this cycle.. How do I...
  32. M

    Brief Update Letter

    I took 3 classes over the summer and just got my grades back for them a couple days ago and did well (A, A and A-). I don't have anything else to update schools with though. Should I send an update to every school I applied to that I got those grades on those classes or wait until I have more to...
  33. Senescence kid

    Listing Letter Writers and should I ask for them to update old letters.

    My school has a committee which holds all my letters of recommendation for me. SO this is my question, should I have one LOR request form on my AMCAS that lists my PreMed Advisor and specify its a letter packet OR should I have a LOR request form for each letter writer and hand those in to the...
  34. H

    Started Job at Big Tech Company-How to Send Update?

    A large part of my personal statement was how my work experience in my field will make me a better medical student/doctor. I changed jobs/started at a Big Tech Company (think Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Google) at the beginning of the year. I want to inform the school I was waitlisted at...
  35. B

    Creative Update Letters/LOI

    Hi guys, so I've heard at a few of my interviews students have been accepted after sending creative update letters and LOIs (e.g. one kid sent in a scrapbook with letters from his friends and family on why he should be accepted). What is your guys' opinion on this? I have heard both positive and...
  36. DocJuan

    Grade Change After Interview

    I updated a bunch of schools with the final grades from my grad program and have since received an interview invite from one of the schools I updated. Recently, I was made aware that an "A" I received was meant to be recorded as a "B+": all of this AFTER I already sent my updates. Obviously I...
  37. R

    Should I send in an update letter???

    Please Help! I know I am over thinking this but I'm not sure if its worth sending out an update letter. I wanted to let schools know what I have been up to during my gap year. I've been volunteering with an organization that provides supportive housing to recently homeless populations. Since...
  38. P

    Changing Job

    I've been working at the same job for about 7 months now since i graduated undergrad, applied, and was accepted to medical school. On my application I said I'd be continuing at my current job until July 2017. However, I'm feeling a little burned out with this job (also, it's very low paying) and...
  39. S

    Sending an Update? Timing?

    So I was wondering whether I should send an update to schools about graduating (one semester early), new grades (increase my GPA a bit), and the job I'll be working until matriculation? For context, I have already sent an update about an accepted publication about 2 months ago (a bit premature...
  40. W


    hello, during the update period. Can I add to my hand skills. I have not idea why, but I never put down an impressive and unique skill set I have with my hands (and body).