Combined Anatomy and Physiology sequence vs separate?

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Mar 1, 2018
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I am looking at my school's PT pre-reqs, and for the A&P sequence, there is an option to take either:
Human Anatomy (4 credits), then Human Physiology with lab (3+1), and also a separate anatomy lab (1).
Anatomy & Physiology I + lab (3+1), then Anatomy & Physiology II + lab (3+1).

I imagine the separate, 9-credit sequence would be more rigorous than the combined one, but since most schools seem to take either sequence for admissions, is there a reason to take one over the other? Will they look down upon taking the 8-credit sequence instead of the 9?

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You should be fine with A&P I and A&P II (8-credit sequence). As long as you ace those courses, you have nothing to worry about.
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You can take either and they will count. I took the combined section and got B’s in both. But then I decided to retake them and I personally liked the separate courses. It was a lot easier to focus for me and I got A’s in both separate classes. It honestly just depends on your learning style. I liked learning the structure first then the function later on.
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Most schools should be fine with either, but a few schools I applied to would not accept my sequence (A&P then Human Physiology). I talked with some of the program directors about this and they were under the assumption that my Anatomy skills would not be sufficient compared to students who took A&P 1 and 2. I think these schools are definitely outliers, though. Confirm your decision with your top schools ahead of time just to be safe, but you will more than likely be fine with either sequence.
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