1. R

    Advice Needed - UK/US PhD

    Hello all! This fall, I will be applying to psychology doctorate programs in the US and UK. Unfortunately, I've encountered what seems to be a big stumbling block: In the US, students must commit to a school by April 15th. In the UK, it seems as though schools don't release decisions until...
  2. T

    Holistic studies and choosing a career

    Hello all, I am in the midsts of figuring out what I want to invest my time and money into studying. I have a bachelors of psychology and environmental studies but would like to get back to school. I have been going back and forth between a masters of psychology, clinical social work, nursing...
  3. B

    USC vs. UCSF

    I would whole heartedly appreciate any input anyone has on which of these physical therapy programs I should attend. I was accepted to USC with a 10k scholarship but of course, UCSF cheaper still, but not by much since I am out of state. They differ in about 30k for me. Any input and explanation...
  4. P

    Temple (IS) vs. Maryland (OOS) vs. Touro

    Maryland gave me a little scholarship to start with. not enough to overcome the amount it is for out of state tuition. temple is my in state school. - but seems like i would have to apply for scholarships and i would not find out until much later. I would like to be a general dentist, not...
  5. W

    Duke vs. Penn vs. Yale

    If you could do a ranked choice vote, where would you place each one, and why? I generally try to hold my cards close to the vest regarding what I’m thinking because I don’t want my own perceptions to influence people’s responses. (At least at first) All I will say is, you can take cost out of...
  6. P

    ICO Decisions

    Has anyone heard back from ICO for the last round of interviews?
  7. M

    I Don't Know if I Have What it Takes

    I'm a high school student and I start applying for colleges this summer. I'm so scared because I've been reading about GPA deflations at my dream school, Johns Hopkins. Granted, statistically, I most likely won't get in, but it's got me thinking about whether I should really go through with...
  8. futurehealthcarecompanion

    Brown vs. Rochester

    Hello! Long time lurker here. Grateful to be in a position of having options. As the deadline looms, I am having difficulty making my decision, and I would love some insight on Warren Alpert (Brown) and Rochester. I found during my interviews the two schools to be very similar and enjoyed both...
  9. J

    Decision To Make Between Pharmacy Schools. Help!

    Hello everyone! I am done with interviews finally and hearing back from schools. I unfortunately did not get into my top choice so I must decide between the remaining choices. Anyone have any thoughts on Manchester University in Indiana? Marshall B. Ketchum in Fullerton, CA? Northstate...
  10. J

    Choosing Summer Research

  11. J

    Washington State University College of Pharmacy - Class of 2022

    Hello everyone! For those of you who interviewed on Feb 9th and did not receive an acceptance letter on the day of the interview, have you received any admission decision yet? It has been over a month. I heard they extended their application deadline until May 1st. More applications while my...
  12. T

    Anyone Else Interview for UT Pharmacy Class of 2022?

    Hey everyone, Just getting super anxious waiting to hear back from UT Austin's pharmacy program. Apparently several applicants have gotten accepted since our interview date and I'm really frustrated/puzzled as to why I haven't heard anything yet or why I might not be accepted. I scored in the...
  13. J

    Pharmacy School In-State vs. Out of State? Differences?

    Hello everyone, I live in California and applied to a variety of in-state schools as well as out of state schools. Apart from costs and networking for a job, what are the differences between going to pharmacy school in california and out of state?
  14. S

    This year or next?

    So I am simply looking for advice. I have wanted to pursue PA school since the begininning if junior year. I have worked hard academically, gained much clinical experience, and volunteering. However, I just recently shadowed my family doctor and she may have convinced me to just go for the MD...
  15. S

    General Admissions & OTCAS MSOT or MSW

    Hi everyone! I hope this post finds you well. I am truly in a dillema! All you replies will be truly appreciated. I did my undergrad in Psychology. Graduated from a private university with a massive amount of debt and a 3.6 GPA. The medical field has always been my passion. I had inteded to...
  16. S

    UGA vs Mercer Pharm School?

    Hey guys, I'm currently doing my undergrad at UGA and, up until a couple weeks ago, UGA was my first choice for pharmacy school. After touring Mercer and talking to some alumni, I am now thinking that Mercer would be a better fit for me. For people currently attending pharmacy school at...
  17. A

    Worth finishing masters?

    Hi everyone, I'm starting a Clinical Psychology PhD program at the end of the month. I've been debating whether it's worth it for me to finish a Master of Liberal Arts degree (Psychology concentration) from Harvard Extension School. I'm going to get a masters en route to the PhD anyway...
  18. CanadianCounselor

    Counseling V. Clinical Psych (CPA or APA?)

    I am sitting on a big decision here and would love some help :) I am a dual citizen (US/Canada) working as a school counselor in Canada. I was recently admitted to a CPA accredited PsyD program, but may want to work in the US one day (perhaps NY, CA, FL, MA). I have my MA from a non-CACREP...
  19. CanadianCounselor

    CPA-accredited PsyD Program

    I am sitting on a big decision here and would love some help :) I am a dual citizen (US/Canada) working as a school counselor in Canada. I was recently admitted to a CPA accredited PsyD program, but may want to work in the US one day (perhaps NY, CA, FL, MA). I have my MA from a non-CACREP...
  20. CanadianCounselor

    CPA-accredited PsyD Program

    I am sitting on a big decision here and would love some help :) I am a dual citizen (US/Canada) working as a school counselor in Canada. I was recently admitted to a CPA accredited PsyD program, but may want to work in the US one day (perhaps NY, CA, FL, MA). I have my MA from a non-CACREP...
  21. A

    Einstein vs. SUNY Downstate

    I was just taken off the waitlist at Einstein and am conflicted. 28 y/o M non-trad moving from SF to NYC. Background in software sales and real estate before making the switch. Any and all input would be appreciated! Downstate Pros -- Live off campus in a fun part of New York = better...
  22. 0

    Honest Question about Mt. Sinai Early Assurance Program

    UPDATE: Thanks for everyone's help so far. I can't express my appreciation of how thorough and prompt people's replies have been. I was able to obtain the match lists for Sinai, and it seems they do place decently into pretty much everything. There is definitely a heavy coastal bias to the...
  23. J


    I'm deciding between NYU's MPH program and BU's MPH program, and I can't arrive at a decision! Does anyone have any advice? I'm just wary that NYU's College of Global Public Health is new, even if its program isn't.
  24. Y

    Albert Einstein versus Feinberg (Northwestern)

    Hello! I am having trouble deciding between two schools (Einstein & Feinberg), and the deadline for choosing is fast approaching! My dilemma is that I want to go to Einstein because it is close to my family and where I grew up (and also because I just like it), but some people have advised me...
  25. F

    Berkeley vs Cornell vs CMU vs UNC Chapel Hill for PreMed

    Hey everyone! I'm a high school senior that has been accepted into the following schools. I am interested in pre-med and I'm torn between my schools. I want to become a well rounded person and so I don't just want STEM classes. I have listed some pros/cons I have discovered from reading other...
  26. giggle_bot

    Deciding an Undergraduate School... need clarification

    Hi, I just joined SDN and I am a senior in high school in Cincinnati, OH. I recently received all of my decisions from all of the colleges I applied to. I need some help deciding which colleges will prepare me best for my medical career goals. My goal is to get into a top grade medical school...
  27. B

    Career advice, please help!

    Hey! Brand new member here:) So here's the situation: I'm a 16 year old junior currently enrolled in full time PSEO which means I take college courses at a college for college credit and high school credit at the same time for free. So by the time I graduate high school I will have an AA degree...
  28. DoctressM

    Drexel MBS vc BU MAMS

    Hello Non-Trads, Please help. I have applied to med school twice to no avail. My grades are too low (3.0/ 27 MCAT) and although I have tons and tons of experience, nobody seems to care. I have accepted that is a numbers game and nothing else weighs as much (highly disappointed by this). Let...
  29. Marina91

    MD & DO Picking a Residency

    I'm currently a MD3 student and I've been stuck in the black hole of information on the internet when searching for residencies. Does anyone have any tips on how to find programs that you like? When I read the descriptions, they honestly all sound the same to me and I cannot figure out how I'm...
  30. T

    Confused about what career I want

    For the past few months I've been panicking and stressing out over career choices. I'm 27 years old and hold a BA in psychology and art. I went to college completely uninformed about a lot of things. I wanted to do animation at first, but that quickly went away. At some point during college I...
  31. R

    NYU vs SUNY Downstate

    I've been accepted by Downstate and waitlisted by NYU. The problem I'm having is deciding which school is the best fit for me. Both have dual MD/MPH degrees which matters more to me than lab based and clinical research They both prepare their students really well when it comes to their...
  32. S

    USC or Tufts or NYU

    Hi, I've been accepted to USC, NYU, and Tufts and I really need some help with making my decision. I'm from Southern California and I love living here and being close to home but, I don't know if I like PBL at USC. I liked Tufts and I NYU seemed nice too. I appreciate any input :)
  33. T

    Rochester v. UMass v. GW

    Hi all, I'm trying to decide between Rochester, Umass, and GW. Interest in IM and Psychiatry. Leaning away from GW because they give grades during Preclinical. I'm also on the Waitlist at NYU, and am curious if I should hold out for that and/or put a bunch of effort into trying to get off the...
  34. S

    MSTP applicant, need to make decision- accepted Mount Sinai

    Hi all, First post so bear with me! Been interviewing at MSTP programs, specifically for genetics/human genomics/developmental biology. In terms of medical fields, considering ophthalmology. Super excited to get an acceptance from Mount Sinai :) My question now is: of my remaining interviews...
  35. S

    Medical vs Dental pros an cons

    It has always been my dream to get into medical field until someone suggested dentistry instead. Now I'm reconsidering it and honestly I think I'm falling more towards on dental right now but I'm not so sure if that's truly my passion. I know both fields are very different and require a lot of...
  36. M

    When must I commit to medical school?

    I'm a high school junior right now and I plan to major in either chemical engineering or biomedical engineering in college (depending on the school). Medical school is an option for me, but I'm not 100% sure that I want to commit so much time to becoming a physician. I've heard that bio/chem...
  37. orthogenes

    Choosing a specialty: What do you want to be when you grow up?

    If you did not know what kind of medicine you wanted to practice before med school--how did you decide? I'm halfway through third year and still trying to figure it out.
  38. S

    Pitt, Temple, Maryland, and Louisville

    Very happy to have a decision to make. Just having a hard time making said decision. Being from PA, I have instate tuition at both Temple and Pitt, so these schools would be a lot cheaper for me to attend, with Pitt being slightly cheaper. However, the location of Temple is better as it is...
  39. C

    To be md or not to be...

    I've been trying to decide between MD VS RN for some time now. About a year. And I go back and forth every few months. Factors in my situation: 1.) I am two years sober off of meth, heroin and alcohol(6 years, hopefully, by the time I begin medical school.) I have some felony drug charges that...

    University of Maryland (In-State) vs UPenn (Dean's Scholarship)

    Hi everyone! This is my first post on SDN and I need help! There are plenty of posts out there like this one but none that are recent. Upon hearing back from schools yesterday morning, I'm left with an extremely tough choice. I am a Maryland resident and was lucky enough to receive acceptances...