Critical Care TOP Board Review Courses

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Jun 22, 2007
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Hi all ~

There are few threads on this forum that have replies in this regard but...

What are the best recommendations for board review for the Critical Care Medicine (ABIM) board exam? Q-Banks as well as review sources would be helpful. I'm currently investing in Pass Machine and Chest SEEK questions. Curious how other sources are. Would be great to keep a single thread for this purpose with different replies.


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All I did was Chest SEEK questions. I was worried about the number of questions being relatively low at 400+ but proved to be enough to comfortable pass in the end.
What about a review book??? I notice ATS has one (online PDF). I am so used to writing/highlighting on actual paper im struggling to just do questions
Hadn't been updated for a long while when I took my boards a couple of years ago. Plus didn't really have time for any other resources.