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Dec 25, 2016
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Hi all!

I think it would be helpful to have everything* that is useful in this forum put together in one easily accessible thread for everyone to use. I'll also be adding links to products so people know what sorts of materials are helpful for the DAT.

Signing up to take the DAT:
1. Read these information packets: 2022 DAT Guide, DAT FAQ
These have all the info needed, such as what the DAT covers, how much time you get, how you get your scores, etc.​
2. Register for a DENTPIN: DENTPIN
This pin is needed for the boards and the ADAT, so keep it safe! You'll also need this to log in to check your official scores.​
3. Apply to take the DAT: Apply to Take the DAT
This checks if you are eligible to take the DAT, and you pay your testing fee here (~$475). This gives you an eligibility ID number. Also, send your scores to every school, even if you're not sure about applying to it! This will save you money later on.​
4. Schedule your test: Prometric: Trusted Test Development and Delivery Provider
The test sponsor will be the American Dental Association. Here you use your eligibility ID number and schedule a date. The DAT is administered almost every day of the year. Look at Yelp reviews of Prometric Centers before picking a location!​
5. Study for your DAT- see below!
6. Take it and ace it :D

About the DAT:
It's about a 5-hour test, and the order is as follows:
Tutorial- 15 minutes
Survey of Natural Sciences- 90 minutes for 100 questions
Biology- 40 questions​
General Chemistry- 30 questions​
Organic Chemistry- 30 questions​
Perceptual Ability- 60 minutes for 90 questions
Keyholes- 15 questions​
Top-Front-End- 15 questions​
Angle Ranking- 15 questions​
Hole Punching- 15 questions​
Cube Counting- 15 questions​
Pattern Folding- 15 questions​
Break- 30 minutes
Reading Comprehension- 60 minutes for 50 questions
Quantitative Reasoning- 45 minutes for 40 questions

Optional Survey- 15 minutes (mostly about your experience)
And then....BAM your scores pop up on the screen.
* Refer to pages 4-6 from the DAT Guide to see the exact topics that are tested in each section.

Studying for your DAT:
Commonly used materials, in alphabetical order, with a brief description and the subjects they cover:
Bootcamp Biology Notes - Free PDF
Extensive biology review; expanded version here.​
Chad's DAT Prep Course - $60 per month
Chad's DAT specific videos with practice tests. Can purchase practice questions ($30/month) or tests ($20/month) separately.​
Biology, Gen Chem, Ochem, and QR
Cliff's AP Biology 3rd edition - Free PDF
Edition most relevant to the DAT​
DATBooster - $299 for a 90 day subscription
Practice and full-length tests, videos, tutoring, and guides. Also includes subscription to PATBooster; some free content​
Biology, Gen Chem, Ochem, PAT, RC, and QR
DAT Bootcamp - Pro is $497 for a 90 day subscription, Plus is $897 for a 180 day subscription
Practice and full-length tests, (Mike's) videos, and generators; some free content​
Biology, Gen Chem, Ochem, PAT, RC, and QR
DATCrusher - $299 for a 90 day subscription
Specifically for the Canadian DAT. Includes a subscription to PATBooster. Contains practice tests, videos (for MDT), notes; some free content​
Biology, Gen Chem, PAT, RC, MDT
* DAT Destroyer - $174.95 for a book
Tons of practice problems with their solutions​
Biology, Gen Chem, Ochem, QR
(Destroyer's) Dynamite Biology Review - Free PDF on FB Study Group, $99 on website for a hard copy
Extensive biology review​
DAT QVault - $199 for a 100 day subscription to all subjects OR $99 for a 90 day subscription to one subject
57 subject tests; free biology test available​
Biology, Gen Chem, Ochem, PAT, RC and QR
Kaplan Blue Book - $66.38 for a book
Gives you a foundation/has notes for every subject and includes 2 full-length tests​
Biology, Gen Chem, Ochem, PAT, RC, and QR
* Math Destroyer - $99.95 for a book
13 QR practice tests with their solutions​
PATBooster - $159 for a 90 day subscription
Many practice tests, videos, generators, and strategies; some free content​
PATCrusher - $9.99 for a 30 day subscription
Many practice tests, generators, and strategies; some free content - 1 PAT Exam, few generators, videos and strategy guides.​
* DAT Destroyer & Math Destroyer can be bought together as a combo for $199.90 *

Study Schedules:
Ari's (Bootcamp's)- 10 week: Ari's Study Schedule
DentalWorks'- 6 week: Sample DAT study schedule
Bentley13's- 3 week: 3 Week Study Schedule

DAT Breakdown Collection! 2017-Present
DAT Breakdown Compilation Thread (future test takers, look here!)

I'll try to update this as frequently as possible! If there's anything you think I should add, PM me or post a reply.

Enjoy :)

-- prices and details updated 7/9/2022 --

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