1. williamsmateo

    How hard is my semester?

    Hello, I am a pre-dental student. I am entering my 3rd year and I am taking Ochem II, Genetics, and Analytical Chemistry. How hard is my semester going to be, ball park? I passed Ochem I with a C and struggle to understand the material.
  2. J

    I’m in a pickle, could use some advice!

    So with Covid, things are interesting. I took a semester off during Covid because of some personal stuff but upon returning last fall things were different for sure. I didn’t take any sciences this past fall but taking orgo II, biochem, microbio and a writing this course this semester in...
  3. B

    Goldman Sachs Internship Vs. Research Junior Summer

    Hey, this is a throwaway account and I am in no means trying to brag, I'm just really confused. A little bit of background: I am a student concentrating in Applied Mathematics-Biology and Chemistry or Computer Science (figuring it out still) at Ivy League (Non HYP). I received an offer from...
  4. V

    Help a confused student

    Hello all! I just got my college acceptances back for my undergraduate schools! Right now, I'm stuck between two different universities and was wondering if any of you guys could help me with that. I know that the UCs aren't typically good pre-med programs, but I was wondering which of these...
  5. A

    Premed Research opportunity/ CV assistance

    Hello everyone, So Im (premed) currently filling out applications for summer research opportunities and they all require a CV. I’m a sophomore and am not completely sure what add on it. Really want to make myself a great applicant but afraid that my lack of research experience will not help...
  6. J

    Griffith Medicine 2020

    Hello! Just got into the class of 2020 medicine at Griffith University, just wondering if anyone is also in the same class? I’m coming in from Canada so I won’t know anyone.
  7. P

    4 year to community college to 4 year

    hey so I’m at a four year school right now on a dance and academic scholarship, but I want to be a pre med and I can’t really do that at this school and keep my scholarship for dance. I was going to go back to a cc and take classes to transfer to a four year because it would be cheaper. Will Med...
  8. Sunna12

    Community vs. University

    Looking for some honest advice: I've enjoyed both university and community programs so far on the interview trail and I haven't yet figured out what type of setting I want to end up in after residency but I do like to keep my options open. Does training at a community program for residency...
  9. M

    Program-Specific Info / Q's Augusta University 2019

    Hello all! Has anyone else here been accepted? If so, are you attending? I'm so excited!!!!!
  10. F

    I need advice on my non-traditional path to Medical School.

    Hello all, I have a question on the path I am having to take to get to medical school. I am an adult student and had to start college at 24 instead of 18 years old. I started my collegiate career at a community college in my home state. I received mostly A’s and B’s but I did not finish...
  11. Punished Angeleno

    Forced to Take Prerequisite at Community College

    So, the only prerequisite left for me is physics. I've been planning on taking it at the only local four-year university that allows non-students to enroll in its courses. That's what I put as "planned/in progress" on my AADSAS application. However, it sure looks like the seats will fill up long...
  12. D

    Taking classes outside of your curriculum

    I'm a second year neuroscience major and I have most of the mcat/med school pre-requisites in my curriculum except for biochemistry (which I intend to take). However, I have quite a few classes (outside my curriculum) that I want to take to be more prepared for the mcat and med school classes...
  13. Mt. Fuji

    I'm Japanese student. PLEASE HALP ME!!

    Hello everyone, I'm Japanese graduated HS in Japan and living Japan now. I'm 20 years old. I want to enter a community college and transfer a university. Afterwords, I want to enter medical school. I'm going to enter a community college in California so I want to know: Which community college...
  14. T

    MD Appeal letter for dismissal from University

    Hi, I just dismissed from University due to GPA below 2.0, and except diagnosed with cancer, the other part of the reason is that my final paper for my writing class last quarter involves Academic integrity and I receive an F for that course (which I suppose to get an A)...Should I also include...
  15. N

    UF vs UVA

  16. B

    Rutgers University MBS Fall 2018 - Piscataway

    Greetings everyone, I was accepted into Rutgers University MBS program at Piscataway. I was wondering if anybody else accepted and are going to this program? Has anybody completed this program and have any tips or want to talk about their experience? THANKS!
  17. D

    What Internship Should I Pick: Children vs Adult's Hospital

    I've been fortunate enough to be offered two pharmacy intern positions as a P0 starting this summer. Here are the essential differences between each position: > Primary Children's Hospital (SLC, Utah): Starting pay is $17.72/hr and I would obtain experience in Central Pharmacy Infusion...
  18. D

    Advice for New Graduates: A Recap

    Here's a recap of our "Advice for New Graduates" series. Tag your favorite soon-to-be graduate! Advice for New Graduates: A Recap
  19. S

    NYU or Maryland?

    Hello everyone. I'm having a hard time deciding between NYU and UMB. I'm a Maryland resident, so yes large cost difference. However, I don't like Baltimore and if it doesn't negatively affect my education or cripple me with debt in the future, the extra $ may be worth it for me to live the last...
  20. darkpauladin

    Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) VS Rush Medical College (RMC)

    I am currently trying to decide between VCU and Rush and find myself flip-flopping every couple of days. What do you guys think? Long-term Career Goals: Competitive Specialty (preferably Ophtho/Otolyn/Rads/EM) West Coast Residency (prefer CA) Leave the door open for academic medicine/research...
  21. S

    Medicine In Ukraine

    So, I'm a medical student in Ukraine's V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University. I'm persian so I left Iran and came to Ukraine to study medicine. With all respect to Ukraine and it's citizens, I am not satisfied with the status here. I really don't know if it is worth staying here and getting...
  22. K

    George Fox PT Program

    Hi! I've been looking at DPT programs to apply to this year, and George Fox is up there on my list. Or at least it was, until I heard some interesting stories from a coworker that got her undergraduate degree there. George Fox is a Christian university, and I am not religious but I have no...
  23. AlexBS90

    Marist DPT

    Good day to all, I am looking to gain insight to anyone who has heard of the Marist University DPT program starting in 2019. I applied and I am waiting on hearing back in regards to interviews and what not... 2018/19 will be their first year and I am curious to hear the opinions of others that...
  24. U

    Forced into dental school by parents. In third year. Depressed and lost. Any advice?

    I never actually wanted to be a dentist. When I was young, my Asian parents enforced the importance of getting good grades. They would always get extra help (tutors) for my brothers and I, even when we did not need it. I excelled in my class and consistently got top marks because it made me feel...
  25. C

    Biochem with Pre-Med Track at Illinois Wesleyan vs. Loyola Chicago

    Hi, I'm a current high school student who got accepted to Loyola University Chicago and Illinois Wesleyan as a biochemistry major on a pre-med track. I can't really decide between the two schools because both are great in their own way. If you went to either, why did you choose that school...
  26. J

    Manchester University (Indiana)

    Hello Everyone, Does anyone currently attend Manchester University Pharm in Fort Wayne, Indiana? How do you like it so far? Also, if you got accepted for Fall 2018, what are your plans?
  27. D

    The Rough CaRMS Process for an IMG

    As a fellow Canadian Citizen who is born and raised in Canada. The system to comeback into a residency is extremely difficult. The next little bit will outline the grotesque nature of the system and how convoluted and unfair it is towards IMGs despite their BS guidelines. Get some popcorn...
  28. P

    Florida or Maryland

    Deciding between Florida and Maryland for dental school. I'm a Florida resident but very interested in going out of state. Has anyone else been tossing between these two schools? What tipped your decision from choosing one over the other? Any input is greatly appreciated!
  29. YoungMoneyMint

    Should I attend a UC, or a low-ranked school

    Hi guys, So my brother (who is a transfer student a California Community College) has just finished applying to schools, and is making a list of what schools he would most like to attend, should he be accepted. He's a good student (3.8 GPA with 60 units completed), and he has some pretty...
  30. S

    Like med but not pre-med culture?

    So I'm just a freshman at my college and I have a love hate relationship with the idea of medicine. I hate how everyone I talk to, when I ask them why they want to pursue med, say they want to do it for the money and for the prestige. I hate how people think that other careers in science are...
  31. M

    Switch to in-state tuition at SUNY Upstate?

    I have been accepted to Upstate Medical University, and I really like the school. But I'm out of state and tuition is crazy high: $66k. I have read around the internet that it may be possible to switch to in-state tuition after your first year, which is a much more reasonable $45k. Can anyone...
  32. ginjjji

    Good schools for pre med

    Where is good to go to school for pre med???
  33. C

    University-> CC-> University Q's

    Hi I'm currently enrolled in a Respiratory Therapy program at a local CC. I had a couple of questions on what would be the best path to medical school. I recently just finished talking to the pre-med advisor at the university i initially attended to discuss different paths for med school and...
  34. D

    Do I stand a chance?

    So to start off, my highschool GPA was horrendous. Quite frankly I had no intention to go into post secondary after highschool and generally had no interest in school; I hardly graduated. Upon doing some upgrading i got into university but my plan was software engineering. During the first year...
  35. C

    Midwestern MBS Downer's Grove 2017-19

    Hey everyone! Just wondering if anyone else was accepted/accepted their seat in the 2017-2019 program? Haven't really found any threads or FB groups so figured I'd start one!
  36. D

    **Official Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) Class of 2022 Interview/Acceptance Thread**

    Greetings and Salutations all! The new application cycle has started, so I have started this thread for those who will be applying to VCU. I applied last year, so if you are new to the whole application process and have any questions, feel free to ask. Best of luck, everyone!
  37. 1

    Too early to start?

    Hello! Let me introduce myself: I'm a Romanian starting 10th grade(out of 12) in a few months. I've been thinking about going to a medical university in the US. I've been looking at the MCAT study plan (the one to study in 3 months). I've been thinking to buy all the required materials to start...
  38. T

    Anyonr accepted from Waitlist?

    Hey I was waitlisted to 5 schools and was wonder if anyone has been acceoted off a waitlist yet. its coming down to the last few mo ths before the new cycle and was hoping anyone had any news from their schools yet.
  39. W

    Tufts vs. BU

    BU: Pros School seems mission-driven, strong commitment to the underserved BMC is a safety net hospital, has level I trauma center More research funding Cons Hard to reach via public transportation Very expensive Tufts: Pros Student body very happy, good balance of school and other...
  40. L

    Dentistry or physical therapy?

    Hi, I'm an italian student in the last year of high school, my dream is to live in Canada or USA and I enjoy health care jobs , I have to choose in few days but I can't decide between dentistry (5 years) and physical therapy (4 years) degree.. I'm not so rich to open a private practise , so I...