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Mar 23, 2020
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Hello everyone,

I was dismissed from my DPT program because of my mental health issues (Social Anxiety stemming from a birth defect). I tried to juggle bettering my mental health issues at the same time of being a DPT student, but I bit off more than I could chew and was dismissed from my program. I am taking a break to focus on my mental health issues and get to the point where my SA is managed and I learn to accept my appearance.

Once I feel like I am ready, I want to reapply for DPT programs again but I am scared that my history of being dismissed from a program will make me an unwanted or quickly rejected applicant.

For those who were dismissed or knew someone who was dismissed, were you able to get into another program? If so, please share your experiences so that people like me can still fight for their dream of becoming a PT.

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I can't comment on advice to immediately find another program, but I have concerns your results will be the same.
Not sure what focus you doing for her health, but I have one comment for you that may improve your chances.
All states have an impaired health care provider program for those with substance abuse, or psychiatric, or physical health disorders. The persons covered in the programs can be quite broad including providers in training. In Virginia, even funeral home directors are covered.
You can self report. This may not only improve your chances of future success in any career, but help you manage your mental health issues. Success rates for staying in your chosen field, the goal, are reportedly high with this non punitive program originally advocated by the AMA back in the 1970's.