1. E

    AMCAS Reapplication

    I have recently started my first year in the four year program at RCSI in Dublin. Last application cycle, I was not accepted to any US schools. I received one interview from the med school in the city I am from (I am a US citizen), but no other interviews. Is it worth it to reapply to the school...
  2. H

    Dismissed from DPT program. Chances and Tips for getting into another program?

    Hello everyone, I was dismissed from my DPT program because of my mental health issues (Social Anxiety stemming from a birth defect). I tried to juggle bettering my mental health issues at the same time of being a DPT student, but I bit off more than I could chew and was dismissed from my...
  3. LindaAccepted

    Medical Rejected from Medical School? Three Tips for a Stronger Reapplication

    You worked your tail off as an undergrad to earn an amazing GPA, took MCAT review courses to get a high score, and engaged in many hours of clinical experience and community service, but you were still rejected from medical school! Where did you go wrong? How can you get it right next time...
  4. DocSherman


  5. S

    Advice for a possible reapplication cycle

  6. A

    Reapplying with a somewhat wasteful gap year

  7. LindaAccepted

    Medical An Accepted Student’s Advice for Reapplying to Medical School [Episode 408]

    A tale of med school reapplication success [Show summary] After getting rejected from medical schools the first time around, Nicole Stephens bounced back and reapplied. Now happily anticipating the start of med school, she shares her advice for fellow reapplicants. How to apply stronger the...
  8. C

    Waitlisted, now what?

    Hi SDN, please advise. ORM female, Colorado native, feeling like I'm hitting rock-bottom. I know that only about 40% of applicants get accepted in any given year, but still, I feel horrible and overwhelmed. I graduated from a top 10 undergrad in fall 2019. Hefty shadowing, clinical...
  9. Wayfinder

    Preparing for Reapplication: Feedback

    Thank you in advance to anyone who reads this, I know what I wrote below is long, it really does mean a lot. Current Stats 3.8 cGPA/sGPA : Biomed Major @ local state university 508 MCAT (127/124/127/130) Secondaries in the first week of September FL Resident, White, Female, first-gen college...
  10. LindaAccepted

    Medical Rejected From Med School? Make 2021 the Year You Get ACCEPTED!

    Medical school admissions are notoriously competitive. If you’ve been rejected, it’s natural to feel disappointed. But if you’ve got your heart set on a career in medicine, there’s no time for moping. If you want to unlock success in the next application cycle, you need to understand what went...
  11. R

    Please help me with my reapplication!

    Hi! I’m an ORM CA applicant, and this cycle was my first. I applied to 32 MD programs, but have not received any II’s. I do believe one problem for me was my school list; although I did apply to lower-tier programs, overall I shot too high! School list aside, I would really appreciate some...
  12. T


  13. Diverdude93

    Re-applicant chances / What to do

    Hello all! I am planning on applying during the upcoming 2019-2020 cycle. I applied during the 2017-2018 cycle and received 2 interviews which turned into waitlists and then rejections. Here is my initial application stats: Undergrad - Biology Major, Hispanic Studies Minor cGPA - 3.52 sGPA -...
  14. B

    Academic Dismissal - options after?

    So recently quite a few students were academically dismissed from a Big 3 Caribbean school due to grades (they set the passing grade differently each semester using some algorithm and the Hofstede theory supposedly, no one really knows how they determine it). So curious to know if time is taken...
  15. F

    LOR for reaaplicant

    I am currently preparing to reapply and I need some advice! For letters of recommendation, I am planning to get two new LORs and use two old LORs from the last cycle and ask my professors to update those. Also, should I ask my professors to update just the date or should I ask them to revise the...
  16. D

    Questions about Reapplying this cycle (Thread post/ Add your questions too if you have one)

    Hi, I'm a fellow predental who applied the last cycle in 2017 but had no luck with the cycle, so I have been taking some classes and am going to retake DAT soon to prep for this upcoming 2018 cycle. I just have couple questions that I wanted to ask you guys who applied more than once to the...
  17. D

    DO acceptance but considering reapplication for next cycle

    Hey guys, this is my first post on here but I just wanted to get some advice. I was fortunate enough to receive an acceptance to AZCOM this cycle and a waitlist at NYITCOM, but circumstances that have come about recently have made it in my best interest to not go to med school far away (I am...
  18. LindaAccepted

    Medical Planning to Reapply to Med School?

    The Reapplicant’s Guide to Med School Acceptance is now available free on demand for anytime viewing. This webinar covers the most common reasons for med school rejection (and what you can do to improve your profile); how to evaluate your primary and secondary applications objectively to see...
  19. mscandy

    Would A Post-Bac or Master Help? Any Advice Appreciated!

    Hi my fellow SDNers, One of my friends applied last cycle and did not have much luck. She is very determined to pursue medicine and is willing to spend a year improving her resume. She will apply to both MD and DO schools next cycle. Her stats are: Major: Chemistry from a state school. cGPA...
  20. LindaAccepted

    Medical Why Were You Rejected from Medical School?

    You worked your tail off as an undergrad to have an amazing GPA, took MCAT review courses to get a high score, participated in hours of clinical experience, and still were rejected from medical school! Where did you go wrong? How can you get it right the next time? Here’s some advice for you...
  21. LindaAccepted

    Medical What Went Wrong with Your Med School App This Year?

    They say that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over again and expecting different results. If you were rejected from med school this year and are planning to reapply, you can’t realistically expect a good result if you simply do the same thing over again. Instead, you need to...
  22. LindaAccepted

    Medical What Went Wrong with Your Med School App This Year?

    They say that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over again and expecting different results. If you were rejected from med school this year and are planning to reapply, you can’t realistically expect a good result if you simply do the same thing over again. Instead, you need to...
  23. LindaAccepted

    Medical The Dreaded Med School Rejection: What Now?

    “Dear Incredibly Hard Working Premed and Hopeful Doctor, Our admissions committee has met, and we regret to inform you that you were not selected as a student for our entering class. There were many qualified blah blah blah…” Ouch. I worked hard. I shadowed. I volunteered. My GPA was great...
  24. T

    Help with Reapplication/Waitlist

    Hi guys, So currently I'm sitting on four waitlists (one high priority the others unranked) and no acceptances. I applied to around 11 schools this cycle. Seeing as it is already March, I was wondering if I should begin preparing for reapplication. But I'm not sure if I should reapply this...
  25. LindaAccepted

    Medical Rejected? How to Make Next Year Your Year

    It’s a fact: med school admissions are extremely competitive. If you’ve had an unsuccessful application season, it’s natural to feel disappointed. But if you’re still dreaming of a career as a physician, you can’t spend too much time moping. To boost your chances of success next year, it’s time...
  26. LindaAccepted

    Medical What if Your Child is Rejected from Medical School?

    While we always hope for the best, sometimes life does not go as we plan. If your child has received rejections from all of the medical schools that they applied to, it may seem like the end of the world. Here are 4 tips to help your future physician overcome this devastating experience: 1...
  27. LindaAccepted

    Medical A PA’s Positive Outlook: If At First You Don’t Succeed, Try, Try Again

    This interview is the latest in an Accepted blog series featuring interviews with medical school applicants and students, offering readers a behind-the-scenes look at top medical schools and the med school application process. And now, introducing Jazmine Kwong… Accepted: We’d like to get to...
  28. S

    Readmission after Dismissal and SMPs

    Hi all. I hope you all are doing well. Was just dismissed from medical school earlier in June due to academics. I strongly feel that my mistakes are fixable and I would like another shot at medical school. I am wondering if readmission is possible if I were to: Retake my MCAT and get a...
  29. M

    rejected 2 cycles, trying to figure out why, any advice?

    Hi Everyone I've applied to 20+ medical schools for the 2 cycles with no luck (only 2 interviews) I think I have strong stats... couldn't figure out why I was not even getting interview invites I am reapplying one last time this cycle, since my MCAT score is expiring and I don't want to waste...
  30. LindaAccepted

    Medical Should You Reapply to Medical School?

    You’ve taken the MCAT, completed all the pre-reqs, and maybe shadowed a physician, done some research, and volunteered. Now it’s time to make sure you’re all in for the last legs of this long journey. In this series, we’ll discuss how you can continue to navigate your way to a med school...
  31. KPstudent


    Hello SDN Team! I am at the very end of the 2016-2017 cycle and its looking like I might possibly have to reapply. I hear back from one other school this week post interview and am on an additional waitlist, but I figure it's time to start thinking about how to improve my application. My...
  32. LindaAccepted

    Medical How to Improve and Present Your Experiences for Med School Reapplication

    In the final section of our Medical School Reapplicant Advice: 6 Tips for Success series, we’ll discuss how reapplicants should improve, and then present, their experiences. One last factor that can seriously hurt your chances is a lack of substantive, ongoing experiences. Medical schools want...
  33. LindaAccepted

    Medical Improve Your MCAT Score for Medical School Acceptance

    In the next section of our Medical School Reapplicant Advice: 6 Tips for Success, we’ll move from increasing your GPA to improving your MCAT score. Fortunately, it’s easier to tackle a poor MCAT score than a poor GPA. While you should not retake the exam too many times (don’t bother retaking if...
  34. LindaAccepted

    Medical Presenting Yourself to Medical Schools: Other Communications

    With the multi-staged admissions process, applicants can make an impact at each step – or be weeded out. Your assessment continues by looking at other ways you communicated with the admissions committee, and whether or not they helped you past the next hurdle. Secondaries: Your secondary...
  35. C

    Should I assume I am reapplying?

    So... I know a lot of people are struggling with this. But, here's my situation. Undergrad at NYU 515 MCAT 3.8 GPA 1.5 years of research in behavioral neuro lab 1 year of research in computational lab 6 months volunteering in a hospital volunteered for a couple weeks in Costa Rica I have been...
  36. ankle_bearer80

    I'm a first-year DO student, applying to MD programs.

    I am currently in my first year of DO school and I am applying to MD programs. Will this make me look bad to the MD schools? What should I say if asked to explain why I've chosen to do this? My GPA was 4.0 in undergrad and my MCAT was 507 the first time. The second time, I got a 515.
  37. M

    Need Advice - I want to get into a specific medical school based on its location. Help!

    Hi there! If you are looking at my thread then you know I need some advice. I am female and have been dating my fiance for four years. He is spending time abroad this year while I work full-time as a medical scribe and apply to medical school. Originally, I submitted my primary application to...
  38. C

    Retaking Courses in PostBac

    I posted this in the PreMed D.O. Forum but realized this may be a better location for this. Hello. So my situation is as follows: I was, am, in a Post Bac program. It is a 2 years masters program. I applied to DO schools last year, while I was in my second year of the program, but I sent my...
  39. W

    Reapplicant question

    Hello, So I'm reapplying this year and I've started getting secondaries. Some of the schools I'm reapplying to have checkboxes about reapplying or have questions along the lines of "what's different about your application this year" but some don't. Do the schools that don't ask still know that...
  40. L

    Apply twice to the same schools, or wait for a stronger app?

    Hi Everyone, I saw a few threads that were somewhat similar to this, but couldn't find a case that exactly matched mine, and there didn't seem to be a definitive answer as some threads contradicted others. I'm wondering if applying to schools in one cycle, then re-applying in the next cycle...