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May 14, 2018
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I am a prospective dental student and have been on the pre-med/pre-dental fence for a while now. I am going to start shadowing a general dentist next week but after doing some research on dentistry, I am starting to consider some other factors as in the demand and lifestyle of a general dentist---in specific the business aspect of this field. I eventually would like to open my own practice one day, (however I know many go into corporate dentistry) but I am wondering as a general dentist, the limitations of my field, even with certain CE courses I could take. In addition, I saw someone mentioning that the "golden age of dentistry" is over because of the increasing competition amongst dentists/practices (practices within a mile of each other) and lower reimbursement rates from insurance companies. I'm not sure how true this is, but I started to ponder realistically about how often an average person may need a root canal, filling, or crown procedure, etc. versus the biannual checkup because growing up, I always had decent oral care so I could never properly observe what dentists actually did growing up. Essentially, what I'm saying is I don't want to go into a field where the demand is dying or even where the reimbursement/compensation is becoming stagnant or worse and worse for new dentists trying to practice. I do not want to spend 4 years in dental school and residency, coming out with debt and struggling to make a high enough income (with paying off the debt, etc.) or have a successful practice/engaging day to day work ethic--(which is why enhancing my scope of practice through CE would be ideal as I would have more diversity and room to practice) I just want to know some of your personal experiences and recommendations you may have for me before I 100% commit to this field as yes one may have a desire and passion to help others, especially when it is hands on and results are immediate but one must also must think about the other side of things as well.

Thank you!

Please excuse my ignorance about the field and the business related aspect of it all, I am still learning as I go, so please forgive me if any of the information I said comes off as misinformed

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Jul 6, 2008
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plenty of demand. just because you have good oral hygiene doesn't mean others do. everyone likes to talk about the big sexy stuff they do in dentistry to flex there dicks at each other. the bulk of what i do all day is routine restorative (direct fillings)
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