1. F

    Transplant evaluations by psych residents in Clinic?

    Question, genuinely have no idea. Is it a appropriate for a resident in an outpatient setting to perform transplant evaluations and clear patients for transplants? To be clear, this is the full SIPAT stuff I am talking about, not just capacity. We do not have a transplant unit at our hospital...
  2. M

    Position Available Open Application Period for NYC Health + Hospitals Clinical Leadership Fellowship Program

    NYC Health + Hospitals, the nation's largest public hospital system, is now recruiting for our next cohort of Clinical Leadership Fellows. The Fellowship is a 12-month program designed to develop the next generation of clinical leaders in quality, population health, and health care...
  3. D

    Discounts for nurses but not residents...

    Anyone else keep running into discounts that exist for nurses or other medical professionals but NOT doctors or residents?? Ok ok I get that businesses are likely less inclined to give doctors, who are notoriously driving their cybertrucks to and from their billion dollar palaces a discount, but...
  4. K

    PEER IX Physician's Evaluation and Educational Review in Emergency Medicine Books FOR SALE

    I am an EM physician, just passed my Boards and I'm selling my PEER IX Question and Answer review books, the print companion. They are both in excellent, like-new condition. The price is $275+shipping. Description: PEER IX is the best content review and self-assessment study tool. The books have...
  5. A

    Is there any benefit for me staying in state? (Texas resident)

    Say for example I get accepted to both UIWSOM and LECOM (I currently have interviews for both). LECOM is WAY cheaper than UIWSOM which makes it pretty attractive. UIWSOM is about 56k per year tution and LECOM is around 32k. However, UIWSOM is in my home state of Texas, and im not sure if that...
  6. 5

    Scholl vs NYCPM

    I recently got accepted to both Scholl and NYCPM. I’m posting to this forum because I know that most of you are residents and physicians, and know more about the real world than we students do. I was wondering, even though both schools pretty much have the same education and curriculum...
  7. K

    Position Wanted PGY1 Internal Medicine in Chicago looking for position in Houston, TX or surroundings.

    Hi! I am about to finish my IM PGY-1 year in a very nice, university-affiliated-community hospital with a great working environment, 0 scutwork, amazingly manageable workload (minimum levels of stress), amazing nursing and ancillary staff, and even better faculty. Looking to transfer to...
  8. U

    Plastic surgery resident for collaboration

    I'm currently pursuing a project merging Artificial Intelligence and Plastic Surgery. I'm a R&D/Software engineer and I'm looking for a plastic surgery resident as an adviser in exchange for equity and publication material in case he/she deems the project of academic value. Can you guys...
  9. coribear09

    second year looking for advice on AEGD/GPR

    Hey I was curious about how competitive it is to get accepted into an out of state GPR or AEGD residency program?? I currently attend the OU College of Dentistry and don't plan to stay in Oklahoma City. My grades are good, I have a 3.7 halfway through second year and I help out with ASDA events...
  10. S

    Rate my Chances for Residency Please

    Hi, I was really nervous about the match so I wanted some feedback on my current application status. I'm a U.S. MD grad applying for psychiatry. Failed step 1 and did much better the second time with an average score. Step 2 CS and CK pending (I know I have to work hard on this) Otherwise...
  11. A

    Resident Dinner and Learns

    Hi everyone, I hope this is OK to post. I am a consultant/coordinator for a new medical company that is aiming to help residents that have completed or are close to completing their residency take their next steps. One of the things I would like to coordinate is free monthly dinner and learns...
  12. E

    Reality of this profession

    I'm a non-trad who completed a post-bac in order to apply to Med Schools. I've been drowning myself in SDN forums as well as talking to other physicians on their lifestyle after the arduous process of Med School + Residency. For me, this path is not about money. Making 250k vs 350k is no...
  13. R

    Anesthesia or Internal medicine?

    Hello everyone what i like about IM: the knowledge part is probably the most intriguing part for me in IM. the wide variety of cases and the patient care as well. and of course the wide spectrum of specialties in it ( like cardio,nephrology,gastro ) what i dislike about IM: probably what i most...
  14. 3

    Applying to only 4 year OMFS programs? Bad idea?

    I'm a D3 and starting to look into externships for OMFS. I've read countless threads and done my own research and on 4 vs 6 year programs and I've decided that given my currently family situation, age, and where and how I plan to practice, a 4 year program is the route I want to take. My...
  15. B

    Texas vs Ohio Residency

    I am a non-traditional applicant, and have been working as an engineer in Ohio until I get my MCAT score up to make myself a competitive applicant. I wanted to ask if anybody on here has any experience with the Texas Medical and Dental Schools Application Service. I have been looking to...
  16. Therapy_Rhapsody

    How to get paid as a postdoc in private practice?

    Hello, I'm planning to move to Oregon and join a group private practice. I will still need about 4 months of postdoc hours before getting licensed once I move to Oregon. Can I get on insurance panels as a postdoc resident? I'm willing to work with kids and I primarily want to work with adults. I...
  17. prehealthboi

    Experience post dental school?

    Hello, I am a prospective dental student and have been on the pre-med/pre-dental fence for a while now. I am going to start shadowing a general dentist next week but after doing some research on dentistry, I am starting to consider some other factors as in the demand and lifestyle of a general...
  18. D

    Stereo vision test interpretation

    Hi everyone. Way back before my residency i was tested for binocular vision and my result were Titmus test : 40 seconds of arc Synophthopore : divergent amplitudo 8 A Convergent amplitudo 28 A Do you guys have any idea about my result? Is it normal? Because I have...
  19. H

    Position Wanted Seeking PGY2 position in Family Med, Emergency Med, or Internal Med

    Seeking PGY2 position in Family Med, Emergency Med, or Internal Med. I am a US Medical Graduate, passed all of my USMLE steps on my first attempt. I also have another doctorate in health care. I received my PGY1 credit this past March 2018. I am also applying for my physician licensure but i...
  20. P

    [Australian Doctors] Insight into Emergency Medicine vs General Surgery

    I'm a current intern in Australia, but with resident medical officer positions beginning to open up, I am tossing up between which pathway to set myself up for in the future. I'm curious when and how you decided on your specialty/area of practice. The perspectives of various fields seem so...
  21. A


  22. S

    Every other weekend staffing

    Can any past or present residents give any insight on how draining it is to staff every other weekend without comp days vs. with? Also, what are your thoughts on programs without a research month in December (along with staffing every other weekend)?
  23. B

    Rebuilding Respect

    Edited to “delete”, as there isn’t apparently a way to do this. I was foolish and assumed this was anonymous, but @sb247 makes some very good points. Thank you for that. At the very least, I’ll bring this up at my next councilling appointment.
  24. G

    Deciding between being NY vs NJ resident

    I've spent all my life in NJ until college, and my family still lives there, but I have the option of moving to NY and becoming a resident before my application cycle. My question is where should I stay to optimize my chances of getting into a medical school? As some background, my cGPA is 3.6...
  25. S

    MD & DO Plastics and Global Surgery

    Please post Plastic surgery residency programs interested in Global surgery, mission work, overseas resident education, research, etc. Thanks!!
  26. M

    Dating a resident

    Do schools usually have/enforce any rules, suggestions against or discourage students on rotations dating residents in the same core clinical sites? Thanks.
  27. M

    Interns friending residents of Facebook

    Is it normal for interns to friend residents on facebook, especially in less than two months after starting rotations?
  28. V

    TELEPSYCHIATRY positions for residents, fellows, and attendings!

    Hello! I am a child and adolescent psychiatry fellow working for an AWESOME new company providing telepsychiatry services across the United States. Work includes ED consults, primary care integration, and outpatient work. There are VERY EXCITING OPPORTUNITIES available NOW if you are...
  29. L

    TMDSAS: Too late to apply ?

    I'm an Kansas resident, but I have family and have lived in Texas for a significant part of my childhood. I wanted to apply via TDMSAS, but have been struggling to finish my Optional Essay and Personal Characteristic Essay. Would it still be too late to apply to Texas schools? For reference, my...
  30. C

    California Licensed MD/DO for Surgical Wound Care Practice (Residents may apply)

    Expanding surgical wound care group practice seeking motivated physicians with unrestricted license to join on a part-time of full-times basis. Competitive pay, full malpractice insurance and required training. Inquire within for details.
  31. O

    Looking for non-categorical intern OMFS position

    Hey, if anybody out there knows of an open OMFS non-categorical position will you private message me? I have a friend that's looking. Thanks.
  32. pacpod

    AMA: Podiatry resident

    I figure it would be a good time to start one of these. I'm a third year resident in a university based program accepted into a fellowship after graduation. My clinical interests are functional limb preservation/salvage, diabetic limb, osteo, charcot, etc also with strong research interests as a...
  33. M

    Maimonides Surgery is very abusive and malignant. Avoid it at all costs!

    I read a post at SDN about how Maimonides medical center surgical residency program is abusive to its residents, and how it is so malignant. I wanted to re confirm what that person wrote and add to it. The original posting can be found here: Maimonides Surgery, Malignant Program? To start...
  34. 7

    Scared Surgeon

    Hello I've been an Ob/gyn resident for two months (in my country, a student who has already chosen a speciality is called resident), and I am scared! Don't get me wrong, I love ob/gyn, I love the OR, I love the speciality per sé. The problem is, there is this enormous pressure to learn, there is...
  35. P

    Base Pay vs. Take Home in Residency

    Could a couple interns/junior residents tell me how me how much they lose from their base pay through taxes etc.? If you feel comfortable, granted this is obviously anonymous, please state your gross and then the monthly take home amount. I am trying to get a feel for what I will be working with...
  36. O

    Out of State Applying for Texas Med Schools

    So I am a TN resident and I know that Texas med schools have separate applications. Do Texas schools primarily accept in state students? As in if I have a competitive application, is it worth also applying to Texas schools and having to fill out the separate application?
  37. A

    CII written by resident in hospital that uses Hospital's DEA#

    The other day I received an oxycodone 10mg script #360 pills. After putting it in our system, the system flags that the DEA # isn't matching to the prescriber. I checked PMP but couldn't find anything on the patient since the Rx was from another state. When I called the hospital, I found out...
  38. B

    Position Swap Anesthesiology Swap/Transfer

    I am currently a CA1 in an anesthesia program in the New York area and would like to swap for a program in Chicago, Philadelphia, Baltimore/Washington or Boston. That said, I am open to pretty much any program under the right circumstances. Available: PGY2 (CA-1), Anesthesia, New York area...
  39. A

    Texas med school as a resident?

    Hi, I am an international student with F1 visa, studying in one of Texas universities now. I graduated from Texas highschool, too. I saw somewhere(don't know where exactly) that if I went to highschool and university in Texas, I can be considered as a Texas resident. Since it is REALLY hard...
  40. D

    Residency Unions- Are they helpful or detrimental to the residency experience

    Was wondering what kind of experience that those of you who are part of residency union have? What are the positives and negatives. There is an opinion piece that was written called The Fault in Our Systems- On Physician Unions. Do you think it has any interesting points? Any thoughts?