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  1. S

    Intake Process Best Practices - Private Practice

    I have an out of network private practice. I'm trying to make my intake process more efficient and streamlined. I am very interested to hear how everyone else does it. Here is my process: 1. Get an inquiry from a potential patient (email, call, referral, etc) 2. Brief screening phone call with...
  2. N

    Pros/cons of working with a Dental Specific CPA while in residency

    What are people’s thoughts, experience on this? Waste of a few hundred bucks having a dental cpa file their straight forward tax return or is there a greater purpose establishing this relationship early on..
  3. N

    Entrepreneurial dental residents game plan re student loans

    Food for thought- how would you think a GP/ortho/perio/endo/pedo resident looking to own a practice at some point post associating would triage their debt as opposed to a resident planning to associate with no desire to be an owner..
  4. SpecialistMD

    Specialist OTD trying to work in private- Australia

    Hi, I'm an overseas trained specialist, holding a limited registration for postgraduate or supervised training (specialist recognition) from the AHPRA. They have limited my areas of work as per my contract and my employer is in private sector. After relocating to Australia with my family, my...
  5. B

    Private Practice in Ophthalmology

    I am interested in Ophthalmology, but I saw on medscape that the majority of ophthalmologists in 2018 were self employed (I think it was something like 70%). This seems like an absurdly high number given that only 25% of physicians in total are self employed. I also couldn't seem to find any...
  6. S

    Medical degree plus MSW or better to get PHD/PsyD

    Hi, I have a medical degree ( DO) and having hard time getting into psychiatry ( super competitive) . But really only thing I really enjoyed in my current family medicine residency is counseling others. However the thought of the all the years I have to spend in Phd or the amount extra debt I...
  7. Biggytooth

    Is Corporate Dentistry Less of a Threat to the Specialties?

    Hey all, I am in the midst of determining what dental school I will be able to attend this coming fall. I have an offer of admission from an expensive private school and am still praying to get into my state school. The entire situation has me thinking about my future quite a bit, as well as...
  8. A

    FM practice setup sustainability?

    Hi all, I work as a scribe for a PP family practitioner. So far, it's been great and I continue to see myself as a family doc in the future. However, something that confuses me are the different ways physicians in the practice have set up their schedule. So far, it's been about half seeing ~25...
  9. SterlingMaloryArcher

    Would it be feasible for a doctor/plastic surgeon to split time between hospital & private practice?

    Either because he wants to, or, if you just opened a practice in a new area (don't join one) you will likely start slow and need to augment your caseload somehow. Do many surgeons (or other specialists do this?) I guess it would be like practicing two separate kinds of plastic surgery since...
  10. neuroguy91

    Curious about starting a private practice

    I've been curious about different career opportunities in ophtho, and it seems like if you are someone who enjoys having control over how you practice, living in a rural area, getting away from the bureaucratic BS, and really taking home what you kill (and you enjoy business to some extent)...
  11. A

    Which journals should a new PP Rad Onc subscribe to? (ie. How to stay current outside of academia)

    Hi all - Can anyone comment on which (if any) journal subscriptions are a) vital or b) nice to have for a new rad onc in private practice? Are there any bulletins, email listservs or groups you can join for major study updates short of monitoring major meeting updates? For fun, I'll list the...
  12. teal.gem

    Which career path is the best to become a clinician?

    Hi everyone! I will be applying to grad schools this fall for the first time and I am confused because I don't know which path after graduation would be worth my time and energy the most, and would be able to give me the most ROI. A little about me: I will be graduating this Fall with my B.A...
  13. teal.gem

    Do LCSW's have any difficulty getting clients?

    Hi all! I am in my final semester of undergrad and I am considering getting either a Ph.D. in Clinical/Counseling Psychology or a MSW (to become a LCSW). I live in Texas and it seems as if the Psychologist to LCSW clinicians in private practice ratio is 50/50, however, I have been wondering if...
  14. PellsBells93

    Internships & Residency for Internal Medicine

    I am a third year vet student looking for advice on internships and residencies in internal medicine in academia vs private practice. What are the pros and cons? Thank you!
  15. gokro

    Lucrative Rheum Job Opening in Sunny Miami

    A great area to raise your family in a safe and supportive community, enjoy 300+ days of sunshine per year, work with a terrific team. Single specialty (rheumatology) private practice seeks fun, upbeat BC/BE rheumatologist looking for healthy work/life balance. Be busy from day one. Strong...
  16. D

    Postdoc at a private practice

    Long story short, the private practice where I am is significantly changing from what we had originally signed up for, so as a preventive measure, I have started to look into alternative placements to complete the second year of my fellowship, should this be needed. I wonder if anyone has had...
  17. Therapy_Rhapsody

    How to get paid as a postdoc in private practice?

    Hello, I'm planning to move to Oregon and join a group private practice. I will still need about 4 months of postdoc hours before getting licensed once I move to Oregon. Can I get on insurance panels as a postdoc resident? I'm willing to work with kids and I primarily want to work with adults. I...
  18. Brownskinladae

    General liability insurance?

    Hello everyone, My colleague who has her own private practice just mentioned to me that she has both malpractice insurance and general liability insurance for her business (an LLC). I'm only familiar with malpractice insurance. Others out there in the private practice world, do you advise...
  19. bcsuccess

    Dental Business Question (Multiple Practices With Associates)

    Hey Everyone, Just wanted to ask a question about private practice in dentistry. I want to be an orthodontist hands down, because I like how they operate. Straightening other people's teeth by aligning brackets and other things, but having a staff that does basically all of the hands on work...
  20. P

    Experience post dental school?

    Hello, I am a prospective dental student and have been on the pre-med/pre-dental fence for a while now. I am going to start shadowing a general dentist next week but after doing some research on dentistry, I am starting to consider some other factors as in the demand and lifestyle of a general...
  21. whosnisarg

    Fun Little Question! (Florida Dentistry)

    Hey, guys! Just wondering - what are your thoughts on private practice ownership in Florida (specifically in/near Miami) for mostly cosmetic cases? I was thinking about where people care most about their looks and I've already heard NY and CA are pretty saturated but haven't heard much about...
  22. H

    Clinical Psychologists in private practice

    How are you doing financially if you're in private practice full-time? If you take insurance, how much do insurance companies pay? I'm a psyd student and hope to end up in private practice full-time a few years after I get my degree, and wanted to ask any psychologists here in private practice...
  23. Brownskinladae

    Best location for private practice in the DMV?

    Hello everyone, I am planning to start a private practice in the DC, Maryland, or Virginia area. I am undecided about whether to start a fee-for-service or insurance-based practice. I am leaning towards trying my luck with fee-for-service initially. It would seem that I would need to find an...
  24. dillonkor

    Green card + job after residency

    Dear Colleagues, I am a foreign national, who is an AMG on an H1b visa with a couple years left in my average anesthesia residency program in the northeast. My goal is to focus more on my family after the training, so I would like to explore my options to get a job and obtain the green card...
  25. F

    Private practice vs hospital employed

    Hey all, Third year in med school hopefully entering the ortho field. My question is about private practice vs hospital employment. How exactly does that work? Is it still common for ortho docs to be in private practice (haven't found anything recently discussing this)? If possible, it would...
  26. D

    Profitable Practices

    The #1 fear of early career therapists is often, "How do I get clients?" They've learned how to do great therapy, now they just need to know how to build a successful private practice where they can let their skills shine. Dr. Chloe Carmichael is a successful clinical psychologist whose practice...
  27. F

    Canadian Optometry Income

    Hello all! Sorry, for the long question, but I hope some can lend an ear and give me some insight. I have been researching Optometry for a very long time, and of particular concern is the income of ODs. The problem is, the vast majority of the stuff I have seen is American Statistics. Canadian...
  28. F

    Canadian Optometry Income

    Hello all! Sorry, for the long question, but I hope some can lend an ear and give me some insight. I have been researching Optometry for a very long time, and of particular concern is the income of ODs. The problem is, the vast majority of the stuff I have seen is American Statistics. Canadian...
  29. O

    Looking for pain physician to open private practice Los Angeles Area

    Hello, I'm looking to meet fellow pain physicians in the Los Angeles Area, interested in partnering up to open an interventional pain management practice. I have over 2 years of experience working in multiple outpatient pain practices and have learned the ins and out of the clinical and...
  30. I

    Neuropsychology Private Practice Percentage Split

    What is the typical percentage split when joining a group neuropsychology practice? I have heard numbers such as 60%/40% and 70%/30%. I recently interviewed for a position that has a 50-50 split. They provide office space, furniture, testing materials and protocols, admin support, and send you...
  31. ab2844

    PhD/PsyD Postdoctoral Fellowship Announcement/Private Practice

    Hi there, I am currently a postdoc at a private practice in NYC and we have a position open for next fall. It would be ideal for anyone who would like experience working with high functioning adults and the opportunity to experience not only private practice, but also NYC life and standards...
  32. NuclearDust

    Building a outreach client base - what happens if you leave a group?

    Okay so no one take this the wrong way, but I have a question about building an outreach client base in a physician-owned private practice general path group that has never taken interest in advertising or building anything to speak of in terms of outreach clients. If I were to put a lot of...
  33. Z

    GPR vs A Family Owned Practice

    Hi eveyone! Just looking for a bit of advice. I'm a D3 and I had originally intended on coming straight out of school and joining a practice owned by my parent. But after going to school and being in the clinic I am starting to wonder if I am going to feel confident enough in my skills to...
  34. P

    Lab fees- pre or post tax?

    Hey all, Just a question for my wife who is a dentist. She says at her last 2 jobs (which were both corporate) her lab fees were deducted pretax. However, now she is in private practice and they are taking her lab fees post-tax. Is this common? Thanks.
  35. SoCalTime

    Can I be on an insurance panel and not accept insurance?

    Hello! I'm new to this forum, nice to meet all of you - thanks up front for reading this. I have an interesting question I have trouble finding a clear answer for. I'm starting my own psychiatry practice and do not want to accept insurance - I'm fortunate to be in a city where most...
  36. IncognitoCats

    Psychotherapists out there in private practice, ahoy!

    Generous people - I am navigating my way into your profession, and would love your advice on the questions in boldface below. I am 40, I have a BA, MA, PhD, postdoc fellowship, and a university career at an Institute for Advanced Study, all at top 20 world-ranked universities in the UK and...
  37. L

    Surgery Center Buy-In

    I have the opportunity to buy-in to a free-standing ASC that i operate out of and was wondering if anyone had experience in doing this? How was the buy-in structured? Are there any pitfalls to look out for? What questions should i ask? This is all very new to me and I have found very little...
  38. foreverbull

    Commonly-Offered Test Batteries for Private Practice?

    For those of you who provide psychological testing (private practice or otherwise), what kind of batteries do you offer and how did you decide on the tests that comprise them? I know there are lots of neurospsych folks out there who do neuropsych testing, but I'm curious about the testing that...

    Organizing own overseas volunteer work

    Does anyone have experience organizing a dental service trip overseas outside of the organizations already established? I am doing an independent study (pre-dent student) about establishing a charitable foundation component of a private practice where one goes to an underserved area for a week...
  40. H

    Optical store vs. private practice vs. commerical

    Hi, I am interested in pursuing a career in optometry but I had some confusions/questions I wanted to clear up! I did my research online, but I am still struggling a bit. What exactly is considered private practice and what is commercial? I know there are several modes of practices for...