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Mar 20, 2016

I'm a current senior looking to take 2 gap years. Unfortunately, due to some personal circumstances and poor planning, I bombed quite a few classes during my sophomore year --- a no-pass for Orgo I, C in Biochem I, and C+ in a Development/Behavior class. Retook the Orgo and Biochem classes during my junior year but still got B-'s, and Biochem II was taken in a mandatory P/F quarter in which I got a P. Besides that, I took lots of other upper-level BCPM courses in my junior/senior years and have gotten A's/A+'s (overall upward trend). Likely to end with a 3.65 cGPA and a 3.62 sGPA through the AMCAS calculator.

On the clinical side, I also did not get a lot of hours in (~50 clinical volunteering hours and 30 shadowing hours).
400+ research hours, 500+ non-clinical volunteering hours.
Taking the MCAT this summer.

My current plan is to focus on bolstering my clinical experience through a full-time Clinical Research Coordinator position at my school or fellowship at a community health center for the next 2 years. Concurrently, I was hoping to take a few DIY post-bacc courses in another institution during the evenings for their upcoming two remote quarters (summer and fall).

My questions:

1. Given my situation, is my plan primarily focusing on clinical experience reasonable, or should I place more emphasis on post-bacc courses instead?

2. With my academic record, how many units of DIY post-bacc courses do I need, and for how long? I'm wondering if I could limit my post-bacc classes to the upcoming two remote quarters because working a full-time job while taking in-person classes might be a bit much for me to handle. Since I've already taken so many units during undergrad, I can't really *significantly* improve my GPA (because it likely would not budge much) but am rather looking to prove my aptitude in these science classes. Maybe this is all wishful thinking, though.

Would really appreciate any input. Thank you!
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