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Sep 23, 2015
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I took the MCAT last august and scored a 506
Chem/Phys: 127
CARS: 125 :(
Biological: 126
Psych/Soc: 128

I graduated from University of Florida with a 3.83 Overall and 3.79 BCPM and I am a New York State Resident.
I have a lot of hospital volunteering, Peru medical mission trip, shadowed Oncologist, shadowed Chief Anesthesiologist (writing me a letter), research assistant in a genetics lab, certified EMR, EMR TA, EMT school and working as an EMT for my year off, was a member of a lot of extracurriculars, etc.

I am applying to over 25 MD schools (all over the U.S) and I really don't know if I have a shot or not with my current MCAT score. Please help :( I'd appreciate any feedback


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Apr 26, 2011
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High chance if you plan on applying to DO as backup. MD you are right there but you will need strong LOR's and well written essays. Probably won't get into a "top ranked" medical school, but you'll get in if all other things are in line. If you wanted to retake, make sure you can score in the high 5 teens (> 515). At that point you'll have your pick. The choice is yours.
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